Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I Love Colonel Angus

A few months ago Michelle (STILL not yet legally) K, told me about the most wonderful Saturday Night Live skit ever - and it has brought me hours of laughs and entertainment; so upon her suggestion, I am sharing the joy with you.

Now I know that when you hear the name Christopher Walken, you don’t immediately think “comedic genius;” but trust me when I tell you that Christopher Walken’s “Colonel Angus” is the all time funniest thing that I’ve EVER seen on SNL. Now, I’m not sure that my description will really do the skit justice, but if you haven’t seen it; basically Colonel Angus is a civil war colonel (played by Christopher Walken) and when you say “Colonel Angus” it sounds as if you’re saying cunnilingus and everything that they talk about, when talking about “Colonel Angus” is just hysterical. ie: A young woman is out on the porch and an older woman is in a rocker. The younger woman says “Tell me about Colonel Angus and the older woman says, “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Colonel Angus in these parts. Or “I’m not particularly fond of Colonel Angus…” Later the Colonel says “Don’t believe everything that you've heard about Colonel Angus…” I know; it’s a little juvenile, but I never claimed to be the Queen of Maturity and Colonel Angus makes me laugh,(well, not if it’s done right – haha) I hope that Michelle (not yet legally) K wasn’t the only one who got that.

Michelle (Not yet legally) K and I love to get together and talk about Colonel Angus; and since I am prone to being the Queen of Beating the dead horse, we can just go on and on all night - Colonel Angus is like that. When it's good, and fun, you just don't want to stop; and since Michelle and I are in full agreement that Colonel Angus would be a great name for a dog; we have amused ourselves for great lengths of time coming up with different scenarios for Colonel Angus. Now I don’t have a dog, nor do I plan on getting one anytime soon, so we started referring to Michelle’s dog Lady, as Colonel Angus - mostly because we thought it would be a riot if her son had to write something for school. He might say: Last night Mom told me to take a shower and Colonel Angus tried to jump in with me. Mom told me to get the dog out of the shower, because the shower was no place for Colonel Angus. Or how bout; Mom doesn’t like the dog to lay on our beds; she says Colonel Angus gets too many hairs on our bed and the floor is a much better place for Colonel Angus. She even bought a special pillow for Colonel Angus. HAHA… OK, you’re either laughing your butts off or you’re completely repulsed – SORRY!

Now, if you think you might enjoy Colonel Angus; let me warn you that It’s not so easy to find Colonel Angus anymore. I first viewed Colonel Angus on You Tube but now you can’t see Colonel Angus on You Tube, since it’s been taken off at SNL’s request. But if you’re determined and persistent, you may be lucky enough to find Colonel Angus and if you do, I guarantee that you are going to enjoy it. Colonel Angus always brings tears to my eyes and I hope it will do the same for you. Oh my god; I just can’t stop. See it’s addicting. It’s just too funny and I hope that you smiled.

And lastly,with Thanksgiving just a few days away, and the holidays rapidly approaching; let me just say that I am thankful for Colonel Angus (Oh boy, am I thankful.) I am thankful for my family, my friends and my readers; as well as for the opportunity to share my insanity with you.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Till next time…