Tuesday, March 31, 2009

#5 - I Don't Think That I'm A Very Good Driver...

My 100 random things about me list is actually proving to be most useful. I realized that if I'm in need of an idea for a post, I can always go back to my list and write about any of my random things. Ironically, and sadly; shortly after that post, I proved #5 - I don't think that I'm a very good driver ...in full effect.

Now luckily I haven't endured that many accidents; unless you consider 5 in 24 years many. Of the 5 only 2 were my fault (one weather induced, and the other ~ well you'll see;) and the other 3 people hit me. Now it's not like you have to fear driving near me when I'm on the road, or even be afraid to drive with me; I mean I have kids for god's sake; I'm a SAFE driver, but maybe just a little overly cautious and like most things; I KNOW THIS ABOUT MYSELF.

Anyway, I was driving to my office on a Friday morning, a few weeks ago. it was just after 6am, I was on the highway and it was still dark out. I was in the most right hand lane and ALL OF A SUDDEN out of nowhere there was a VERY big object in my way. I had no idea what it was, but it was like the size of a roll of carpet. I couldn't tell if it was hard or soft; all I knew was that I was going to have to hit it, because if I swerved to get around it, I would have gone in someone else's lane and possibly hit them or got hit myself. I hit the object (whatever it was) and I think it went under the car; but again; it was dark. I immediately got off at the next exit and pulled into the shopping center that was there. I got out to inspect my vehicle and much too my surprise I saw no damage. I couldn't believe it. I felt blessed; and confused - so I bought a bagel and went to work.

Several hours later, I went out to my car at lunch time and was shocked by what I saw. I called Luis and tried to explain what happened. I told him that I hadn't mentioned it earlier in the day, because I hadn't seen any damage. (Remember, it was still dark at the time.) I really expected that Luis would be mad at me; but instead he just said "well that's why we have insurance;" and boy was I relieved.
When I got home I showed him the damage and called the insurance company. Allstate assured me that I did the right thing by hitting the object and I felt a little better, but not entirely.
The car was repaired in record time, and luckily nothing was hurt except my ego.
Till next time...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Let me get this straight"

As much as I complain about my job; I know that I am very fortunate to make my own schedule. Because I AM the Queen of COLLECTIONS; my boss doesn't seem to care if I work at 4AM or 9PM as long as I work 40 hours a week and the money keeps coming in. During the school year I try not to stray far from the schedule that I've made for myself. I start work at 430AM, stop at 7 to get Nicky and Lyndzi ready for school; work again by 8 and on Monday and Wednesday I stop at 830 to get Kelsie ready for school and resume work by 930 (Tues & Thurs I can work form 8 on.) Throw in a trip to the gym and / or store; pick up Kelsie at 1:15, Lyndzi at 2, Nicky at 3; and I'm usually done working for the day by 430PM.

Enter - Spring Break, and my schedule goes out the window. So, last Monday I thought "if the kids sleep in, I can just work from 5-12 and be done for the day." I wanted to go to the gym, the library, Sam's Club, Fry's, Walmart and/or Target; and YES, I know that's a lot for one day; but that's how I roll. Queen of PACKING AS MUCH IN AS POSSIBLE; that's me!

As the morning started to pass by, I decided to re-evaluate my plan and make some slight modifications. I was going to postpone the gym till later in the day (which by the way, NEVER proves to be a good idea;) give the kids lunch and then go to the library. Since we had to be out and about, I told the kids that we could have lunch out. Nicky and Lyndzi both wanted Del Taco but Kelsie wanted a grilled cheese from Sonic, and as both are near the library (and by both are near the library I mean, I'm a sucker;) I agreed to go to 2 different places.

As we pulled in to the Del Taco shopping center, Kelsie noticed that there was a Subway and asked if she could have that instead. I explained that I wasn't getting Subway today because I had coupons for there but I didn't have them with me; and as Kelsie is the Queen of NOT TAKING NO FOR AN ANSWER; she did her best to try to change my mind; but I stood my coupon loving ground; and pulled up to the Del Taco drive thru. As I was approaching the menu, I made the mistake of remembering, OUT LOUD; that I also had coupons for Del Taco, which of course, I'd forgotten; and Kelsie wasted no time before she said "So let me get this straight;" (and when a 5 year old starts off with "so let me get this straight; you KNOW you're in for some trouble.) "You don't have coupons for Subway; so I can't have Subway; but you don't have coupons for Del Taco and Nicky and Lyndzi can still have Del Taco?" Precocious little thing; isn't she? So what could I say but "well, you've got a point there; but that's just how it's got to be today." (But what I really wanted to say was "Yes, you've got that straight so just go ahead and add that to the list of complaints that you're going to be giving your therapist about in 20 years or so;" but she probably already made a mental note of it.) See what I mean; Kelsie's mind is like a steel trap; so half day kindergarten ~ I don't think so.
Anyway, I explained that even without a coupon Del Taco is still a lot less expensive than Subway; and then I bribed her by telling her that she could have a pretzel at Sam's Club.

We went to the library and discovered that Lyndzi had a sore throat. We ran a few errands but she just wasn't up for the big shopping fest that I'd had in mind; so we cut our day short, and I'm sure that I don't have to tell you, Kelsie reminded me about her pretzel quite emphatically. Again I had to let her down and explain that I wasn't going to Sam's because Lyndzi wasn't feeling well. I offered to ask Luis to stop at Sam's on his way home and she was appeased. OK; so why should this day have gone any way I planned? Although Luis always calls me on his way home; on this day he didn't and so he arrived home sans pretzel. I had plans to get a pedicure with my friend Arlene, so I didn't give Sam's another thought until my cell phone rang at 9pm and it was Kelsie asking if I'd gotten her pretzel. I gently told her no and promised that we could get it on Tuesday; which we did ~ OY!
Kelsie believes that she wants to be a "Dentist - girl" and a rock star which in and of itself is hysterical considering how I fear the dentist; but I think she'll have a real future as a litigator or an actress - the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree ya know.
Till next time...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Educating Arizona

Two weeks ago; after much anticipation I registered Kelsie for Kindergarten. It was a little bittersweet as due to impending budget cuts, full day Kindergarten may be discontinued; and there is no way that a half a day of Kindergarten will cut it for Kelsie; as SHE is a sponge who is READY to learn. I've been trying to make arrangements to insure that her educational needs are met, just in case a half day kindergarten is unavoidable; so the budget cuts are certainly a HOT topic in my home.
When I got home from work last Friday, I checked my email and found the following from Lyndzi's teacher:
I am sorry for the short notice on this, but I felt you as parents may want to know about this.
As many of you know, the state of Arizona is scheduling MANY educational budget cuts for the 2009-2010 school year. Some of these cuts may mean the loss of over 400 teachers in the Peoria district alone. In addition, it means an increase in class sizes, the loss of junior high sports, and a possible loss of our specials classes (music, art and P.E.). Please join Sky View Staff this Saturday to distribute information to all Sky View parents and community members. Please bring your children to walk with us and show that education is important to Sky View!
Dear Friends,
This Saturday, March 7th, we, as a Sky View Staff and Community will be meeting at 8:30 a.m. Our agenda is to hand out flyers in the neighborhood, door-to-door, informing our parents and neighbors about the budget concerns. We will gather in the parking lot at Sky View.
Please plan to be there and donate one hour of your time for the sake of our Sky View children and Sky View staff who will suffer as a result of these potential cuts.

Well you know me; I can't say no when it comes to volunteering for a worthy cause ~ and WHAT could possibly be more worthy than my children's education? So on Saturday morning I woke Nicky and Lyndzi and we went over to their school. We were greeted by Ms. Berg, Sky View's Political Action liaison. Ms. Berg shared the news of all the proposed budget cuts and they were just staggering; so rather than repeat all that she shared; I'm going to post the letter that I emailed to all 3 of my district legislators.
Hello (fill in name here);
My name is Paige Ramos and I am a voter in your district. I am contacting you today as I am EXTREMELY concerned about the proposed budget cuts for education as I have 3 school age children.

At this time I would like to URGE you to allocate all of the money that we receive from President Obama's stimulus plan and apply it towards eduction; as I believe that the proposed budget cuts would be detrimental to my children's education; as well as to our economy, the future of educators and the future of our country. I myself have witnessed first hand the benefits of a full day kindergarten program as I spent time in both my 9 1/2 year old son's class when he attended a half day Kindergarten and my 7 year old daughter's class when she attended a full day last year. I can say factually that the difference in the class performance as a whole was astounding. My son was able to read when he finished kindergarten, but he was an exception; whereas, EVERY student in my daughter's class was reading by the end of the year. I also have a 5 year old daughter who due to a late birthday will attend Kindergarten next year, and I can tell you that a half a day program would be a great injustice to her. Unfortunately I am not in a financial position to afford the additional $250 a month that it would cost me to have her attend full day; and I'm certain that I am not alone in this situation.

I feel very fortunate to have my children attend Sky View elementary even though people say that schools in Arizona are not the best. I believe that my children have been receiving an excellent education from teacher's who care about them and serve each and every one. I fear that the proposed cuts will increase my children's class size which would have a profound effect on the teacher's ability to function as effectively as they have been.

If you ask ANYONE in this country, they will tell you that teacher's are underpaid. We should be insuring that people who choose to serve our children and our community are not penalized for this choice but rewarded. They should be making a lot more money than what they do; not be threatened with making less money and possibly losing their jobs.
Just as we have spent money to install all those photo radars; which in addition to saving lives, generate a lot of revenue for our city; we should be investing in education; as the children ARE our future, but they need to be thought of RIGHT NOW!

I implore you (fill in name here,) when you are voting on budget cuts to education, think of the children whose lives you are effecting. Think of the long term effects that limiting educational services will have on our state, and our country. If there is a legislator out there who is not convinced that all day kindergarten is a necessity or a worthwhile program; then I suggest that they spend some time with the children whose lives you will be changing forever. I encourage you to sit in on a first grade class that has eighteen students, and then visit another that has 26 and tell me that you don't recognize a great disparity in the progress of the children in the smaller class. . I invite you to attend a class with Project Ideal students; and see for yourselves what our gifted children are capable of; as one day they might cure cancer, or find a way to establish world peace or balance the budget. Our gifted children (my son included) look forward to attending Project Ideal; where they're being taught critical thinking skills and have studied subject matter that would never have been offered to them in a traditional 3rd or 4th grade class.

Yesterday I walked door to door with my daughter's first grade teacher, and attended a meeting with our school's political action representative. I was moved to tears over their concern for our children, their concern for their co-workers and the LACK of concern of our Legislators. I implore you (fill in name here,) contact me if you have NO doubts about voting to cut the budget; because I welcome the opportunity to change your mind.
Paige Ramos
Mother of Nicolas (9 1/2,) Lyndzi (7) and Kelsie (5)

OK, so I wrote to my legislators, and thus far I have received exactly what I expected ~ NOTHING! So, I have agreed to go to the State Capitol on March 25th to present them with the petitions that we had signed when we went door to door; and to try and impress upon them, that education is valued and necessary. As I often try to use "TBR" as a catalyst for change, I want to implore you to get involved. You don't have to write a letter; (although you may feel free to copy mine if you're so inclined - just sign your name;) you can call your reps, or even just send a postcard; as they have to count EVERY piece of mail that is received. Although it's possible that my efforts may ultimately cause no change whatsoever, one thing is for certain; if we do nothing, we guarantee that there will be no change. If you are at all concerned that 40-45 children in an upper grade is TOO much, or that your school may be losing some of its best teachers because they are only a first or second year employee, or simply that the children will NOT be getting the education that they deserve; then I encourage you to let someone know. And of course this is not just limited to Arizona; I'm sure that every district in every state will be facing some type of proposal to cut something in the educational budget, even if it's not as much as is proposed in bright and sunny Arizona.

It's absolutely amazing to me how people can bury their heads and pretend that this won't effect them. When Lyndzi's teacher and I went door to door we came upon a lovely home with a metal carrot on the wall. YES, I said metal carrot on the wall. (It was actually quite adorable.) It was serrated and painted, and it just seemed like a whimsical thing to have. Both Sarah and I actually commented to each other about how cute it was; and then it's owner came to the door. The woman was probably 35-38 and she had her daughter with her, who was probably 6 or 7. They leaned against the door jam and the woman had a VERY disinterested look upon her face as Sarah expertly explained about the proposed budget cuts. When Sarah finished speaking, the woman informed us that her daughter didn't go to Sky View, but to a charter school (about a 1/2 hour away) and that there were already 35 kids in her class. Sarah said "The budget cuts are going to effect charter schools too; although I don't have all of those details; but if you'd like to get on our email list, we could certainly get you more information;" and the woman said "No, I don't think so;" and shut the door. Sarah and I were shocked. I mean OK, it's your prerogative NOT to sign a petition or email list, but we didn't understand how someone with a school age child could just turn a blind eye. No one was home at the next house; and then we came upon another very cute home with lots of seasonal decorations. The garage door happened to be open and on the wall there hung a sign that said "Distributor of Sweetness and Light." I very enthusiastically said "Oh look Sarah; she's a distributor of sweetness and light," to which Sarah replied "Great! So what do you think that means?" And I said "I think she should be kind." Optimistically we strode to the door, and as soon as we approached; the door opened and through the screen the Distributor of Sweetness and light firmly announced "NO SOLICITORS," and shut the door in our faces. So much for signs. Yes, Yes, I completely understand that solicitors can be a pain in the neck; lord knows I get my fair share; I just thought her sign did not coincide with her actions; and you know that's the kind of irony that I enjoy.

So what more can I say? Get ready Governor Brewer, the Queen is coming to the Capitol; and I'm NOT happy! Stay tuned riders; it's once again time for me to put my money where my mouth is; and if anyone would like to join me, just let me know.
Sending SWEETNESS and LIGHT your way.
Till next time...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon - Challenge #1

When I wrote my last post; "100 Random Things About Me;" #18 was: I excel at Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. (Feel free to email AsktheQOE@gmail.com to challenge me.) Well, I am SO excited to say that someone has taken me up on my offer, and this morning I was delighted to find my very first Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Challenge; submitted by none other than the wonderful, Michelle (I guess I'll just have to call her)K. Now, for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about; (even more so than usual;) let me explain. There is a trivia game called "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" and according to Wikipedia "it is based on the concept of the small world phenomenon and rests on the assumption that any actor can be linked through his or her film roles to actor Kevin Bacon. The game requires a group of players to try to connect any film actor in history to Kevin Bacon as quickly as possible and in as few links as possible."

I believe that I first played this game in 1997 and took an immediate shine to it, as given my capacity to retain an extraordianry amount of useless information pertaining to all things entertainment; it is the perfect way for me to showcase this "gift," which by the way I have NO IDEA how I've come to acquire.
Anyway; it has been said that high self-esteem is associated with solid problem-solving skills; and since I can always use a self-esteem boost; I'll play this game any chance I get. LOL

Now, I'm sure that Michelle thought good and hard about this as I know that as much as she loves me; she'd love to stump me; so her email simply read "Six Degrees challenge - Roddy McDowall." And so here goes:
Roddy McDowall to Kurt Russell in "Overboard" (Which by the way, I LOVE.)
Kurt Russell to Meryl Streep in "Silkwood"
AND Meryl; Streep to Kevin Bacon in "The River Wild." Ta DA!!
I really do LOVE this game!!

So there you have it, nice and brief. I thank Michelle for indulging me and CHALLENGING me. Roddy McDowall (GOOD ONE!) If you'd like to get in on the act and feel like boosting YOUR self-esteem then I would love for you to play too. If you have a different path to share, or if you can take fewer steps than I did to join the actor to Kevin Bacon; PLEASE post your answers in the comments. I don't think pix will be possible; but it sure would be fun to get something going. PLEASE feel free to email me at AsktheQOE@gmail.com if you'd like to challenge me (us). If you don't want me to post your challenge, just let me know; and I'll email you my response. Otherwise, you'll find your answer here. Also,My offer is also still open to accept advice questions, if you think I might have something useful to share.
Till next time...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

100 Random Things About Me

Continuity, continuity, continuity; oh and by the way, did I mention continuity? So just as I like to celebrate my birthday all weekend; OK all week long; I also want to enjoy the fact that I have reached a real milestone on "The Bumpy Ride" by posting 100 blogs. Now, being the Queen of Fairness that I am, I had to work through a real dilemma last week, as last weeks post was Bumpy Ride #100; however, since I deleted a post (NEVER to be read again - God willing;) it actually appears as if up until today there were only 99 posts. So what does this mean, you ask... Right, that THIS is TECHNICALLY blog # 100 - WOOHOO!

Now, if you happen to have read my post entitled "You Asked For It;" (The one with all the photos of GC,) then THIS post would be the one, previously referred to as #2; but hopefully you won't think it's #2 - capiche? And so, for continuity's sake I decided to bite off of a recent forward (if you will,) that has been going around Facebook. During the past few weeks people have been sharing 25 random facts about themselves. When I first received someones, I was a little perplexed because it invites you to share your 25 random things and I'm such an open book, that I honestly didn't think that there were 25 things that people DIDN'T know about me. After thinking about it for quite a few days (surprise, surprise ) I posted my list but later realized that I had forgotten to use some of the "good ones" that I'd come up with; so I got to thinking - "In honor of my 100th blog, I'm going to challenge myself to post 100 Random things (including some of my original 25 - I mean give a girl a break.) Now these 100 random things will also include random thoughts as hey, thoughts are things; AND, say it with me "I'm all about the greater good."
I've really been looking forward to this post, and I've had my list comprised pretty much since I previously referred to it as #2. I decided that I was going to take a break from work in the morning, and get this weeks post out early. I found my little picture (above) and I started typing away. I was ON A ROLL; until, I couldn't find my handy, dandy notebook where I had written the 75 things. I won't say I searched frantically, but CLOSE TO IT. Finally I gave up and went back to work. I emailed Michelle K, and let her know about my road block and she kindly suggested that I pray to St. Anthony as her Grandmother swears by it. Since I was desperate, I thought it couldn't hurt. I told her that I would do it, but I drew the line at crossing myself. I went from room to room saying "St. Anthony St. Anthony look around; something's lost and must be found" but alas, no notebook. So when I picked Kelsie up from school I told her that I had a very important job for her, and I asked her to look for my notebook and bribed her with the $1.00 Jr. Candy Sundae that she has been after from Sonic. Well, this was a deal that Kels couldn't pass up, and after being in the house about a minute and a half, I hear "I GOT IT!" And sure enough SHE DID. It was in the playroom, don't ask me why. My little artists probably needed a piece of paper and helped themselves to Mama's special book; but I DON'T care. I got it back and now I can get started. I wrote to Michelle and let her know that Kelsie had found my book, to which she replied "Great, maybe now she can find me a job." LOL I assured her that for the price of a Sonic sundae anything might be possible. AND while I'm on the subject; I just came back from getting Kelsie that Sonic Jr. candy sundae and I have to say - it's PERFECT! If you are trying to watch your weight, but desire a little treat, for $1.00 you get a small portion of vanilla ice cream with your choice of M&M's, Oreos, Peanut Butter Cup or Butterfinger, whipped cream and a cherry. I didn't get one for me, but definitely made a note to self, for those low self-control days, I am heading to Sonic.

And, so without further ado; I present my VERY random list.1. Luis and I fell in love at first sight in Puerto Vallarta;. We were physically together a total of 4 weeks during the course of 6 months, (before he came to the U.S on a fiance visa;) and we'll be celebrating our 15th anniversary on July 2nd. (Full story still to follow at a later date.)
2. My kids are the best thing I've EVER done..
3. I ache to become a professional writer. (I actually feel it in my bones.)

4. I've always wanted to live in Chickapin Parish ala "Steel Magnolias".

5. I don't think that I'm a very good driver; EXCEPT for on the highway in Mexico.
6. I am not very religious; but I love being Jewish.
7. I totally miss New York Diners. Seriously, if there is anyone with some restaurant savvy, and you're looking to strike it rich ~ move to Arizona and open a Good, Old Fashioned, everything from Omelets to Crab stuffed flounder diner, and you will make a Gold Mine.
8. ABBA music makes me happy!!
9. I'm a very good organizer( but you would never be able to tell that by looking at my house.)
10. I love going to the movies; but I rarely go.
11. I could eat Sushi every day.
12. Michelle Kalka (still getting used to that and I know SHE is too;) IS the best speller I know.
13. I have never been to Oregon, but I just have a feeling that I would love to live there.
14. My parents and paternal Grandfather all died at the age of 43 and that WON'T be me.
15. I love Broadway Musicals.
16. I do a pretty good Cher impression.
17. My favorite physical feature is my eyes (Yes, boys; my eyes.)
18. I excel at Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. (Feel free to email AsktheQOE@gmail.com to challenge me.)
19. I don't like scary movies because I have a VERY vivid imagination.
20. "Silence of the Lambs" was the scariest movie that I've ever seen and I still check the backseat of my car before I get in; so I can make sure that no one is hiding in there to abduct me (proving #19 right there.)
21. I am terrified of dying and leaving my children.
22. I don't speak fluent Spanish; but I have a very good accent.
23. I'm not always the person that I want to be.
24. My friends are my family.
25. I have severe wanderlust.
26. I ALWAYS wake up in a good mood and raring to go - NO matter how tired I am.
27. I gave birth to all 3 of my children without any drugs or and epidural and I'd gladly do it that way all over again.
28. I'm a pretty good public speaker.
29. The 3 best meals of my life were all eaten with my husband, "My Sister" Michele and her husband, Tony.
30. I've never smoked pot or taken any other illegal drugs.
31. I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue.

32. I used to smoke cigarettes; and I loved it.
33. I don't like heavy metal - never have.
34. I LOVE iced coffee and even drink it when it's cold. (It TOTALLY reminds me of my mom, and she would just be tickled at how many places serve iced coffee now; let alone all of the varieties.)
35. I wish that we spent more time with my brother.
36. I believe intelligent conversation can be a thrill.
37. I've always loved award shows. (But now, I keep it down to the Oscars, the Tonys, The Emmys and The Golden Globes; oops, And SAG and Critics Choice.)
38. I believe that Jackie Teale would give you the shirt off of her back.
39. I am grateful for my husband and I LOVE him beyond words.
40. I'm great at returning things - even things that shouldn't be returned. (Yes, I'm THAT woman.)

41. I LOVE Frozen margaritas, without salt and only if you can't really taste the Tequila. (Yes, I know that's called a lime slushie - but humor me.)
42. I want to learn to make Matzoh Balls.
43. People tell me that I'm a good cook but I have a limited repertoire.
44. I love to make plans.
45. I'm very good at arguing (even when I don't want to.)
46. I wish I had a singing voice like Judy Leff, Michele Quigley or Stefanie Schanzer Melillo.
47. I don't think that people should wear slippers to the store.
48. I prefer fountain sodas to bottles or cans and the bigger THE BETTER!
49. I wish Bath & Body Works would sell Holly Jolly Mistletoe Antibacterial hand soap (or any evergreen scetnted soap) ALL YEAR LONG
50. I still LOVE to dance.
51. I can't resist movie theater popcorn. (With butter)

52. I will miss James Spader and "Boston Legal" terribly.
53. I have NEVER watched an episode of Star Trek.
54. I think Rachel Kaufman is a marvel. Her entrepenaurial spirit is contagious.
55. If my handwriting doesn't look neat enough to me (even if it's just a list;) I'll rip it up and re-write it. (I know what they call that; you don't have to tell me...)
56. I know nothing about wine, but I admire people who do.
57. Lori Butler is the MOST exceptionally, organized person I know.
58. I HATE being late; though all too often I am.
59. I hate calling in the order for take out; and I don't really like picking it up either. ( I think it has to do with being fat.)
60. I love Olives - ALL kinds.
61. I find slot machines tedious.
62. Sour Patch Kids / Sour gummy worms are my new faves.
63. I prefer chocolate if it has something in it - like peanut butter or nuts; hell, even a raisin.
64. I love the way Bobbi Hahn accessorizes.
65. Every day I try to be a better person.
66. I can't resist a "Real World Road / Rules Challenge"
67. I have learned that when someone shows you who they are - BELIEVE THEM.
68. I can't wait to go camping again. (I KNOW; can you belive it?)
69. I love to sleep in the car (when someone else is driving - of course.)
70. I love to look at the ocean but I've always hated sand.
71. I think Disneyland pales in comparison to Disneyworld.
72. I love mushrooms with EVERYTHING. Eggs, pasta sauce, steak - YUM!
73. I think crab legs are a waste of time. Not enough meat for the work; BUT, I really like crab.
74. I'm a big Johnny Depp fan.
75. I probably take too much Ibuprofen.
76. I have pee anxiety. If we're going somewhere I HAVE to go to the bathroom EVERY chance I get, for fear that I will have to go and then there won't be a bathroom available.
77. I love Victorian homes.
78. I've always wanted a porch swing (which I guess would mean I've also always wanted a porch.)
79. I am thankful that I come from New York.
80. I should have changed my major from Pre-Law to English and NOT Sociology / Criminal Justice.
81. Since I try not to eat carbs at dinner, Chinese food has lost it's appeal.
82. Hollie Castro is the most ambitious person I know; and I think she is truly awe inspiring.
83. My feet are way TOO BIG.
84. I wish that Nick Mitchell / Norman Gentle, would have made it into the wild card round of American Idol. ( I mean wouldn't you rather watch a few weeks of him, then say someone like Sanjaya?)
85. Serendipity is one of my very favorite words, (but I rarely get to use it.)
86. I believe that money can't buy happiness but it can buy peace of mind.
87. I am committed to building my home in Puerto Vallarta (for someday.)
88. I love to stay in nice hotels. (Which is to say - I love to stay in hotels; as long as they are NICE!)
89. I don't like to spend time alone.
90. It's very unusual for us not to have plans on a Saturday night.
91. I am not fond of cilantro.
92. I can defnitely fly by the seat of my pants.
93. I once went to the airport with a friend, and just got on a plane and went to Orlando. We had nothing with us, and just bought a few things when we got there.
94. I have recently learned to believe that just becasue someone thinks something about you; it DOESN'T mean it's true. (YES, I only JUST learned this.)

95. I believe that Robert Downey Jr. and John Travolta will both win Oscars one day.
96. I know Most KISS songs by heart; thanks to my brother. I hated them growing up, but over the years they've grown on me; and yah I REALLY LIKE THEM.
97. I think forgiveness is the best gift that you could give or receive.
98. Lesa Guth's lemon bars are good for what ails ya. (You'll just have to take my word for this one.)
99. I believe that I'll be paid to write one day. (hopefully sooner than later.)
100. I try to give more than I take.

So there you have it. What more can I say ~ REALLY? I know that these tidbits may seem rather self-indulgent, but I guess that's why it's MY blog. Although as I've said a million times before, I am EVER so grateful to those of you who chose to read it. And EVEN more grateful to those of you who tell your friends about it. LOL

I am optimistic that my next 100 posts are going to be even better than the first; and I am actually going to attempt to do 2 posts a week in order to get in a more regular writing groove. Maybe a pro wouldn't say writing groove; but hey, I just gotta be me.
Till next time...