Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What Have I Become?

I'm actually a day ahead of schedule this week. I've committed myself to writing my blog every Wednesday (at the least) but as the 29th is The Big Guy's birthday; and by The Big Guy I mean Luis - I thought I'd try and get this out today.
So now, I'd like to call your attention to the photo above. This photo, God help me; is actually a picture of my feet on our last camping trip (Columbus Day weekend.) "And the chorus gasped!!" And by the chorus I mean ANYONE who knew me prior to my first camping trip in June 08'. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. In my day; and by my day I mean the 80's, 90's and heck - present day; I'd like to think (barring this faux pas;) I was quite the good dresser. Some might even say JAPPY; OK; yes, some did say JAPPY. But as I liked to say back in the day (College, mostly) I had JAPPY clothes but not a JAPPY attitude. And just as a refresher, for those of you who do not remember or are not familiar with the term JAPPY - it is a derivative of JAP - Jewish, American Princess.
OK, so I'm sure you must be wondering (because HELL, I am) what in the world would possess me to wear socks with these flip fops. And the answer is.... The Big Guy, decided to wear my Hot Pink Crocs, and it was cold. Necessity was the mother of invention and hey, it worked. My feet were comfy (and warm.) I was so appalled by myself, and the fact that I even considered this footwear, that I HAD to take a picture to share with you; because you all know how much I LOVE making an ASS out of myself in public. Rest assured that I did remove the socks in the car, BEFORE we went into the local Sam's club. God knows, I wouldn't want anyone in the real world to see me attired like this. Luis on the other hand planned to wear my Hot Pink Crocs into Sam's until I mentioned what a real man he was for doing so; and he thought better of it and decided to trade back with me. Yes of course ALL of this means that Luis and I can share shoes; just yet another pathetic part of my life - The curse of the extraordinarily, long feet. (Yes, I know - at least I have feet...) Too bad The Big Guy isn't a cross dresser; then I might actually get to wear some cute shoes. And the crowd just gasped again "Did she say - Too bad her husband isn't a cross dresser?" In theory people, in theory - it's too bad. I'm actually VERY thankful that he is the lovable, Hunky, Big Guy that he is. We had a GREAT camping trip with the Kalka's. That would be Michelle ( The other day I did hear her trying to convince her husband to change his last name to hers in stead of her becoming legally) K's family. (God I crack myself up sometimes.) We went to Lake Pleasant; which is about 35 minutes from my house; but it was PERFECT. We saved on gas; it was clean (that's right, I said clean.) It was rocky, as you can tell from the picture, so we were not NEARLY as dirty as when we camped up north. We did trade in some scenery for some cleanliness; but I'm all good with that. We're talking flush toilets people; and no one had to hold the door open so you didn't pass out from the stench. True the camp host could have done a little better job making sure the flush toilets flushed at all times - but I am NOT complaining.
We relaxed, we played Bingo, we made smores - Life was good; until...

I heard my cell phone ringing at about 315am on Monday morning. It was all the way across the tent, and by the time I realized what it was - it stopped. But then, an hour later it rang again "Zip a dee doo dah", Zip a dee ay" I heard; and realized it was the alarm. I got up to turn it off, and I heard something outside our tent. I was FROZEN with fear. I said "Luis, honey, there's someone outside our tent; going through our stuff." And then what I heard, astonished me, It was a loud voice, and it said "Go!" And then it said "Hey, that's ours, leave it alone!" And it took me a second to realize that those sentences had been uttered by my husband. I was shocked. Not because he said them; but because he said them in a deep, white guy voice. White guy? What happened to my "Ricky Ricardo?" I had never heard him sound like this before. I also never saw him get up so quickly before. Usually it takes an act of Congress to wake this man up. Anyway, he started looking outside the windows of our tent. I was SCARED; truly SCARED and then he said...
"It's a skunk. A BIG skunk." Whew- was I relieved. Partly because it wasn't a person rifling through our stuff; and partly because there WAS something out there; so I didn't look like a complete, raving, lunatic.

Just as I never would have thought that I would EVER put my feet into an ensemble such as the one pictured above; I never thought that I would like camping. BUT I have to say it - I LOVE IT!! I LOVE the quiet. I Love the fresh air. I LOVE being with my family; uninterrupted by the TV, or errands and I love getting back to basics with my family and friends - cooking on the fire, and playing games, making smores (Yes, I know that's the second time I've mentioned them- the smores that is - notice no weight loss reported in this blog - hahaha) For me it was heaven. I would have stayed longer if we could have. I know that this confession is a shocker to my Oldies but Goodies; and by Oldies but Goodies I mean my friends; but hey, the times they are a changing and I'm changing with them.
I wish my wonderful, Hot Pink Croc wearing, husband the happiest 38th birthday EVER
Till next time...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Look Who's Talking...

OK, I'm gonna keep this brief; because it's not really what I have to say here that's important today; but you HAVE to check out this video. Why? Yes, say it with me "Because I'm all about the greater good." My THANKS to Rachel for sharing this video with me; and helping me to bring it to you because as we all know; I am definitely NOT the Queen of ANYTHING TECHNICAL!

If you can't see the video above, click here but be patient because it will take a minute or so to load; but it's DEFINITELY worth the wait.

Till next time...


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Guilty Pleasure

Disclaimer: Rest assured, this is not becoming an all scrapbooking blog; nor is it becoming an all Maks loving blog and while I'm at it - it's not becoming an all anti-Palin blog - yet all will be mentioned here and now...

This months theme for The "Scrapbooking from the Inside Out" kit club is JOY. Now, since it's "Inside Out," you're encouraged to explore your feelings. Everyone knows my kids bring me joy, and my husband brings me joy; so we try to delve a little deeper and for me I didn't have to dig too far to be able to say "Maks brings me JOY!!" OH BOY, does he bring me joy. As soon as I decided to scrapbook the picture of me and Maks; I knew what the title would have to be; so I now present to you;
my "Guilty Pleasure."
When I made this lay out, it took a lot of thought before I finally came up with my Garden of Eden theme.

The journalling reads:
I've had a shameless crush on Maks from "Dancing with the Stars" for a few years now. I know it's beyond ridiculous; but what can I say - looking at him is like looking at a piece of art. To me, he is PERFECTION; and undeniably MY GUILTY PLEASURE.
As much as I LOVE to admire Maks; seeing this picture of us together DELIGHTS me NO END. I smile from Ear to Ear every time I look at it because he brings me JOY.

I know - I've said it before, "I just can't help myself." Hello, my name is Paige and I'm a Maks addict.  I JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH. In fact; you know you have a problem when you rewind the intro of "Dancing with the Stars" just so you can see Maks on the screen one more time. Yep - a PROBLEM; I know. BUT, I do have a new goal, OK, fantasy - whatever. It goes something like this (English accent - Announcer's voice) "And now dancing the samba (and you have to say it like him; Sam - like the name; Samba,) "AND now dancing the Samba, Observational Humorist, Paige Ramos and her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy." Ahhh! I can hear it now. Maybe if we all visualize it enough; it will come true. What? Weirder things have happened.
I could make a breakthrough; just picture me in that Samba costume - LOL

Now, while I'm on the topic of guilty pleasures; I'd be remiss if I did not mention Facebook (again). OK I admit it; I'm LOVIN me some Facebook. In just a couple of weeks I have reconnected with several people from "The Condo," (The development where I grew up. Hey, I was even invited to join the alumni of the New City Condo ASSOCIATION; and ya, know I did.) Then there's my pals from Elementary school, High School x 2 (The school I should have gone to because of my address & the school that I went to because I LOVED IT!) College, The Pines (And ya know that if Speedy Garfin wants to be my "friend," I'm DEFINITELY sayin YES.) LOL

Facebook has helped me reconnect with people who were REALLY important and special to me. Yes me; Queen of MAINTAINING FRIENDSHIPS OVER LONG PERIODS OF TIME (not to mention Queen of LONG ASS TITLES) it has even helped me. So I highly recommend that you join up; and then add me as your friend (if you haven't already.)
And so we move on...

Oh what would my blog be these days if I didn't take a jab or sixteen at Sarah Palin. So under the category of "Let me state the obvious" - Just because Sarah Palin went on "Saturday Night Live" (under the guise of) showing what a good sport she is - it still does not and I mean DOES NOT qualify her to be the Vice President of the United States. Sorry Sarah but the last time I checked; being a good sport wasn't a criteria that people looked for in a VP - sorry, not gonna buy it. Now, I thought that would be the only comment that I was going to make about her - but wait... there's more. How fortuitous that I've taken to writing my blog on Wednesday's (have ya noticed?) Because now, I have more fuel for my fire. Like the fact that Gov. Palin doesn't even know what the job of the VP is; and if she does, she got REALLY confused when she tried to explain it to a class of third graders. I'm SURE that you've already heard that she told them that the Vice President is in charge of the Senate... Um, NO Governor, the VP is NOT in charge of the Senate. You need to get that nasty little idea out of your head. UNLIKE me &; my " DWTS" fantasy, no mater how many times YOU say that - it's not going to come true. God forbid you were to win, you are not and yes; I REPEAT; NOT going to be in charge of the Senate. You'll only break a tie vote if and when you have to. Deja vu - haven't I explained this before. And of course, I must mention the $150,000 that the Republican National Committee spent to make over Hockey Mom; Gov. Sarah Palin. Oh, she was EXACTLY what they were looking for. EXACTLY the person that America was going to relate to. But I guess Ma and Pa sittin around the table just couldn't realte to her unless she had a new $150,000 wardrobe; so the RNC went on a spree at Neiman Marcus for a mere $150,000 and bought her one. Yup - you read me. Oh and she wasn't the only one who got outfitted. Baby Trig got (The EVERY Baby needs one) pacifier from Neiman's now ain't that real down home?? What do ya think of that Joe Six pack?? OY!
Till next time...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Observational Humorist

This weekend we have been enjoying a long overdue visit from Rachel. So Friday night after shopping for food, making dinner, playing Bingo with the kids, and generally catching up; Rach and I sat down to watch the first episode of the new series "The Starter Wife" with Debra Messing, (that I had DVR'd the week before.)

Rach and I were really enjoying the show (and if you have yet to see it, I totally recommend it; but the point is, Debra Messing's character is a writer.) Anyway, she had gone to a writing workshop and the teacher told her that he thought he knew of the perfect job for her, as there was a magazine that was looking for an "Observational Humorist." Well, I immediately looked at Rachel, and said "THAT'S Me." To which she replied "Yes it is." So there we have it. I now have a direction; so all of you potential publishers out there - look no further, here I am ... YOUR Observational HUMORIST.

Now what would a weekend be for Rachel and I if we didn't scrapbook at some point? So of course we went to a crop (scrapbooking get together for all of you non-scrappers) at Michelle (I heard her husband giving her a hard time the other day because she still hadn't become legally) K's house. We were having a fabulous time, enjoying the DELICIOUS chili that she had made, as well as the Cheese "crack;" (don't even ask) and the yummy pumpkin muffins with cream cheese frosting (Yes, I'm still friggin going to the gym - don't let the menu fool you;) and somebody brought up the show "17 Kids and Counting." OK, now for those of you who have NO IDEA what I'm talking about, let me explain. Michelle & Jim Bob (Yes, I said Jim Bob) Duggar reside in Arkansas with their 17 natural born children, and she is pregnant AGAIN.

This family has had several specials on PBS which is how I knew about them to begin with. I think I actually saw them first on "13 and Pregnant again," (which I thought was going to be something altogether different than what it was;) but out of sheer curiosity you just HAVE to watch it; and NOW they have their own show on TLC. OK, so if having 17 kids and one on the way, doesn't make you DIFFERENT enough. Let me tell you that ALL of their kids names start with the letter "J" not that there's anything wrong with that; it's just one of their little endearing quirks. They are all home schooled, they watch one hour of TV a month and they have minimal (supervised) use of the Internet. They travel in a tour bus with 15 beds; and they're basically your modern day freak show. I say this because Michelle and Jim Bob seem to have capitalized on the oddity of their family and you can now see them all over the place. The Today show, The Arkansas Peabody Hotel for the duck parade, Branson, TLC etc. etc. OK, so while we were discussing the Duggar's I felt compelled to share something that I had "OBSERVED" when I was watching their show the other night. So get this. As I told you, they point out in the opening of their show, that they watch VERY LITTLE TV; and in the episode the other night, they had another family (16 kids with one on the way) visiting them for 2 weeks. So Pa Duggar decides it would be fun for them to all go play paintball. They divide into two humongous teams, and run off, and all of a sudden I hear one of the little boys say (in a pretty authentic "Tony Montana" accent) "Say hello to my little friend." "Say hello to my little friend..." Did I just hear that right? I couldn't believe it. I waited, and watched with baited breath to find out if it was ACTUALLY one of the little Duggar boys who said it, or one of the visitor kids, but NO, low and behold, it was said by a Duggar. Hmm, 1 hour of TV a month my ass. How in the world would this kid (who could not have been more than 10) think to say that, and with that accent, if he had never seen "Scarface?" (one of the most violent movies of our time.) Hmm, something smells rotten in Arkansas. This is just about as suspicious as Sarah Palin. Well, after sharing my little Duggar tale, I KNEW that this was the PERFECT blog for an OBSERVATIONAL HUMORIST. I just don't think I can let this go. So Duggars; AND THE REST OF THE WORLD - I'm puitting you on notice. You've now been warned - Paige Ramos (Queen of EVERYTHING) Observational Humorist; is ON THE JOB!
Till next time...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Lord Giveth...

And the Lord Taketh Away.
The other day I received my (I don't know what #) invitation from a friend to join Facebook. Luis was out at the movies and I needed a little break from my garage sale prep; so I joined up. Within 24 hours I had reconnected with some old friends from High School and years gone by - so I was pretty excited.

Facebook is a lot of fun; AND it's especially fun because you can also make new friends; and guess who my NEW friend is? OK, I know most of you (not including the ones who already know or are on Facebook) have given up; so I'll tell ya... It's MAKS. Yup; you read that right. Maks from "Dancing With The Stars" is my friend. If you go on my Facebook page - "Paige Howell Ramos" You'll see him there - Tee Hee And every time he posts new pics - I'll see them (AHHHH!) Yes, Oh yes; I KNOW I have a problem (maybe this should have been a "You know you have a problem blog...") but he is my guilty pleasure - I just CAN'T help it.

Anyway; because Jackie was in the entertainment business, she has a few "friends" on Facebook who are actors, and ultimately she became friends with Maks, so I thought I'd throw caution to the wind, and see if he wanted to be my friend too. He confirmed; but honestly, he has about 2000 friends, so I think he confirms EVERYONE. Nonetheless, I was so excited to have such access to him (one might say I was blissful - just don't say it to Luis - haha, no, he already knows.) But, then it happened... yes, just as I was enjoying my state of euphoria; Lesa called to warn me that she'd heard that Misty May-Treanor (Mak's partner this season) had been injured and she was going to have to leave the show. SAY IT ISN'T SO! But, unfortunately; it is. SO you know what that means. No more 2 nights a week of Maks. My eye candy is gone; (at least until a pro number, group number or next season - which just isn't enough for me, I tell ya.) Well, at least I have my FRIEND, and all the glorious pictures that he posts.
See what I mean, The Lord giveth; and the lord taketh away.
Till next time...

Friday, October 3, 2008


This morning, Jackie and I were emailing each other about the debate. I was almost done with my email when I realized "I just wrote my next blog." I even mentioned that to Jackie as I signed off, and when she replied she said "funny after reading about 2 lines, I thought this should be your blog." So here it is. I feel compelled to share my impressions of Thursday's debate. We only have a month to go till election day and then my political blogs should disappear for the most part; so please just indulge me. You know I'm Queen of_____________ Right, THE GREATER GOOD; so I HAVE to write about this...

In my honest opinion, Sarah Palin did well for HER in as much as she didn’t screw up. So if that that was all that SHE had to do to be viewed as doing well - her bar was set REALLY low. And of course that begs the question: Is our only expectation of a VP, that they DON'T SCREW UP? LOL That CERTAINLY was NOT the only expectation for Joe Biden last night and aren't both candidates supposed to be held to the same standards?
Although all politicians have their own agenda none have ever made this is clear as does Sarah Palin. She didn’t answer most of the questions as they were asked and when Joe Biden tried to point that out, she VERY arrogantly made a point of saying that she "might not answer his questions or the moderators questions;" she just wants to speak to the American people and let them know who she really is and what she's about. OK, well she had the chance to do that before; it was called the Republican convention. Last night it was called a DEBATE. I mean isn’t that the point of a debate; to answer questions? Otherwise if you're just talking about what you want to talk about, it's called a speech and this was not supposed to be a speech! She was supposed to answer the questions. One of the questions that she avoided answering was about the Achilles heel. She averted the question and again talked about what she wanted to talk about. Biden; however, made SURE to answer the question and I thought he did so very well.

Here’s her game as I see it. She wants Ma & Pa America to think that she relates to them, she’s one of them, she get down and dirty with them; oh she’s gonna help them, she’s gonna fight for them, and all her stories about soccer moms, and her down home speak is supposed to make you relate to her; BUT the truth of the matter is, that once she’s in office, she’s not going to be talking to us. Excuse me, but how often does the VP give a speech to the people or have any thing to do with THE PEOPLE? She’s going to be talking to Washington; and people in Washington DON’T talk like that. Nor do the world leaders that she’ll have to meet with to discuss foreign policy. All, she did was memorize some facts and numbers, but they were the same #’s and false facts that McCain tried to use in his debate and Obama disputed them when he tried to use them, and proclaimed them to be false.

Sarah Palin does not have relevant experience for THIS job and Joe Biden does. How can she oversee the Senate when she has never even been to the Senate? Biden on the other hand has been IN THE SENATE for 25 years. She is also looking for more power in the Senate (just like Cheney) and that is EXACTLY what SHE said. "Just like Cheney." Anyone who likens themselves to Cheney – well, there’s another red flag right there. Biden explained that the only job the VP has in the Seante is to breaka tie vote if their is one. But Sarah Palin sees the Senate as a way for her to have MORE influence. She will not just be a tie breaking vote if she has he way; she'll be in control.

Gov. Palin is a narrow minded, puppet. She rehearsed the lines they fed her at Camp McCain in Sedona, and then when she got to the Debate (NOT speech) she was unable to answer any questions that she hadn't rehearsed; which is exactly why she can't get through an interview without showing the world what a moron she is. Is this what we want, a Vice President who can't think on her feet? Let's face it, she may be the Greatest Mayor that meth filled Wasilla has ever seen; heck, she may even be a good Governor if you don't mind a self-righteous, right to lifer who blames sexual abuse victims for their attacks and forces her knocked up 17 year old daughter to marry the self proclaimed Red Neck, Hockey player who got her that way AFTER he listed on his MySpace page that he DIDN'T WANT CHILDREN. (Guess he didn't until the Republican party told him that he did...)

Bottom line - Sarah Palin is a DANGEROUS woman; because ignorance and intolerance are DANGEROUS.
I urge you to vote Obama / Biden on November 4th and do all that you can do to encourage others; just like I am trying to encourage you. Our future depends on it.
Till next time...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Living a Joyous Life

I LOVE going to the bookstore AND the library. I am in awe of the quantity and diversity of the books and I am inspired. I ALWAYS think to myself "one day, I will have something sitting on these shelves;" (and not just my purse while I peruse the books - haha just kidding.) I don't think the purse part, that was just for your benefit. I also have to say (and this always seems to come as a shock every time I say it) I love the QUIET. The whispers. The experience.
Anyway, a couple of weeks a go I was in Barnes and Noble with a friend of mine. She was in the self-help section; so I started skimming the shelves. I was amazed at how many of the books applied to me. I was actually starting to get a little worried - I mean if I could use all of the self-help books that I thought I could use; I must be a friggin mess. LOL OK, so I continued skimming and never actually picked up a book to purchase (I guess I didn't think that I was really that far gone in the long run. Either that or it was the prices that deterred me - you choose.) I rounded a corner and I saw some books on spirituality and all of a sudden it hit me. Like if I would have been a cartoon, you would have seen the light bulb over my head. What I REALLY needed in order to get my act together (a little more) was a book on Judaism. I am VERY proud to be Jewish, but I was not brought up in a very religious home; so for me, being Jewish is a lot more about culture and traditions, (and the Pines) then it is about observance. Luis and I had always agreed that we would teach the kids about Judaism and Catholicism and ultimately one day they could decide for themselves what they believe. I know that's a tall order for kids, but as neither of us is giving up our religion, it is the only fair thing to do. As long as the kids grow up with faith, I think the doctrine that they believe is not as important (at this stage of the game;) but that's just me.
So why suddenly Judaism, who knows? Maybe I myself need more faith. Maybe I need to know more about where my people come from, why we believe as we do and how to be a better person. Gotta be after my greater good too ya know. OK, blah, blah, blah so I scan the shelves and take many, many I mean MANY books with me, and I sit down and I start checking them out. And, yes, I'll admit it, the price was what kept me from actually purchasing something - but I did make a promise to myself that I would make it to the library ASAP and borrow some books on Judaism.

I finally made it to the library on Sunday, and I am currently reading "Living A Joyous Life - The True Spirit of Jewish Practice" by Rabbi David Aaron. I also borrowed, "Judaism for Everyone - Renewing your life through the Vibrant lessons of the Jewish Faith;" by Schmuley Boteach (another Shmuley; just what I need.) And while I was at it, I also checked out "On Becoming Fearless" by Arianna Huffington, and"We are Our Mothers' Daughters" by Cokie Roberts - Am I on a voyage of self discovery or what? Good thing these loans are 3 weeks at a time and I can typically renew up to 3 times.

And now we take a curve: Nicky went to pre-school for 1 year. The school was OK. Their premise was "learn through play." OK; so he was my first kid to go to pre-school and the price was right (because they gave you a discount for aiding in the class and provided free childcare for your other kids while you aided; so learning through play it was.) Lyndzi then went there for one year as well. During the year I aided A LOT; partly because the school was so far from my house, that it just made more sense to stay there, and partly because of the discount. I was there so much that I was approached about joining the board. Well, I thought that I liked the school well enough, so I went to the meeting; and I swear these women seemed more like a sorority then a school board. Their biggest concerns were their Big Sis / Little Sis program, gifts for the teachers EVERY WEEK and their retreat. Nonetheless I was ready to forge ahead (because one of the perks of being on the board is getting your child into the class that you want.) I knew exactly who I wanted for Lyndzi for the following year, and guess what, because I couldn't sleep in the parking lot to be one of the first on line at registration, Lyndzi wound up on the waiting list. Long story short, I told the President of the board and the director of the school EXACTLY what I thought - Queen of STANDING UP FOR MY KIDS (that's me.) But now I was left with the task of finding a new school for Lyndzi just a few days before school would start. Luckily my friend Kara told me about Work of Heart.

I'll never forget my first conversation with the director of the school. The school is housed at the Peoria Church of the Nazarene (well. the other school was at a church too, but it had no religious affiliation.) I asked if there was an affiliation with the church and she said "No, we have all different denominations here;" (Ya, all but Jewish.) I think Lyndzi was probably the only Mexican, Jew the school had ever had. We went to observe the first day of school and the first order of business was the morning prayer. I wasn't really prepared for this, but I took it in stride. After going to the puppet show and hearing about zoo phonics I was sold. Religion be damned (well, you know what I mean) Regardless of the religious aspect, I thought this was the best school for my daughter.

Lyndzi's teacher was very nice, and really seemed to like her. I had to explain about me being Jewish when I opted to make her a pig costume for the Christmas show (well, she was supposed to be a barn animal and they said buy sweat pants and a sweat shirt and I thought she'd definitely use pink again; so how was I supposed to know that there was no pig in the manger - being Jewish was my only defense.) Now call me paranoid, or crazy but do you think that it's a coincidence that on Mom's day at school Lyndzi's job was to be the Prayer helper? OY, she sat on the teachers lap; bowed her little head and said "Dear Jesus..." (Not that there's anything wrong with that - just for me it was a hard pill to swallow.) A few weeks later Lyndzi had a speaking part at her graduation. She had to say something about his light and his path or whatever. I didn't really understand it, so it wasn't quite as bad. But I could just picture my mom turning in her grave as Lyndzi sang about Jesus.

Since Lyndzi did SO well in this program, it was a no brainer that Kelsie would go there too. She went last year, and apart from an occasional prayer with the pastor; I was able to cope.

So fast forward to today. I bring Kelsie to school and as I'm about to walk in the door, the director says "May I speak with you for a minute?" Oh my god, I got a knot in my stomach, I thought to myself, "What the heck could she want?" I mean with Kelsie, it could be just about anything. And then she said "kelsie has a speaking part in our performance so I'd like you to help her learn her lines. She's doing very well, but the show is in a few weeks and she'll need to practice." (Let me just say it's their annual fall show with a western theme. I had to send in a red bandanna and soup can for something they're making) And Kelsie will say "Yippie! - We sure have fun learnin' about Jesus out here on the trail. Here is our first song."

Oy Gevalt! What more can I say? I AM living a Joyous Life.
Till next time...