Thursday, July 10, 2014

They've Poked The Bear...

Well, the Emmy voters have done it!  They've poked the bear... They've awaken me from my blogging slumber; as I now feel compelled to write about the injustice that has been done to James Spader!

Those of you who have been "Riders" for a while, know of my long standing adoration for this fine actor.  In fact before today's post, I've mentioned him in blogs, at least seven other times, lol.  But today, I am enraged that the academy failed to include James Spader in their Best Actor nominations; because as Raymond "Red" Reddington, on "The Blacklist", he is absolutely BRILLIANT!!

I'll admit, I started watching "The Blacklist" simply because I knew that Mr. Spader was cast; but from the first monologue that he uttered, I was captivated and became a committed viewer.  I believe I've said this before, but other than Robert Downey Jr.  there is no one in my opinion, who rivals the talent of James Spader.  He could sell ice to an eskimo, sand in the desert, and he can repeatedly get away with murder; (well, on TV that is.)

If you haven't seen it, "The Blacklist" is very fast paced and I'll admit that I often get lost while watching the show.  Thankfully, Luis always watches it with me, which is extremely unusual because our TV appetites are vastly different.  After watching the first episode by myself, I knew that Luis would be just as charmed by "Red" as I was; so I encouraged him to watch it with me and he loved it.  On a side note, (because this cracks me up)  I'll tell you that Luis refers to Mr. Spader's character as "Rojo", (the Spanish word for Red.) But I digress...

There is no doubt that Rojo's performance is absolutely the BEST thing about the show and  I can't count how many times I've mentioned (while watching); that he was a sure thing for an Emmy nomination.  I guess I shouldn't have been that confident OR the Emmy voters LOST the samples of his performances.  Shame on them!

So why today?  Well the answer my faithful riders is simple of course... (Say it with me) "For the Greater Good!"  See, you know I still care about you!  For the greater good, I HAVE to make sure that you are tuning in to "The Blacklist" because it is intelligent entertainment.  For the greater good, I have to point out that James Spader deserves an Emmy for this performance even if the Academy doesn't acknowledge it; and for the greater good (at least mine) I HAVE to start writing again and this was the PERFECT opportunity to get started.

Till next time...

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