Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Top 10

Oh where oh where have I been? I'm hoping that's the question on a lot of peoples minds; or well at least ya, know, the 10 people or so who read my blog. Well, you know me, busy, busy, busy and although I have WANTED to write like it is nobody's business; till recently I was void on time and hadn't really found a compelling topic; but now, man the floodgates are open and I'm full of ideas, which I PROMISE, will not all be crammed into one blog - BELIEVE IT or not.
Anyway, I was thinking that I'd try to be clever and come up with a top ten list of reasons that I hadn't written "The Bumpy Ride" in so long; but thought better of it and recruited Michelle (May finally become legally K at some point this year) to do my funny work for me. Michelle (......K) is a Master at creating Top Ten lists; I mean she gives Dave a run for his money (not to build her up too much) but I have seen some that almost make me pee my pants, (not as if that's so uncommon; although I must say that going to the gym has greatly helped this ailment.) So, you get the point, she's friggin, fantastically, talented and unbelievably funny and yes, this time it is at my expense, but I had to share. So without further ado, I give you our top 10 reasons that I haven't writen my blog in so long:

1. Spent last six weeks poring over Bazzil cardstock to find the perfect color match to a layout she is doing over.
2. Is on her 4,999th visit to the gym - one more and she gets to appear in a commercial!
3. Is still trying to wake up Luis.
4. Is busy trying to coordinate 14 crops, six couples Nights, three kids' parties and a Memorial Day barbecue.
5. She's working on new cheers and her cartwheel for next soccer season.
6. She is trying to watch the 64 hours of General Hospital she has DVR'd.
7. She's trying to get Kelsie to do something she doesn't want to do.
8. She is busy stalking the bobble head woman in hopes of getting a picture of her from the front.
9. She's down 19 pounds - her fingers are too skinny and keep slipping between the keys on the keyboard tray, making typing bothersome
10. Let's face it - blogging does not burn enough calories!!!

She kills me!! So basically this is my first blog back in a while and most of it was written by Michelle (......K) NICE!! If you want to check out more of Michelle (......K 's) writing, you can read her blog at and as promised; I do have irons in the fire, tales to tell, and pleanty of news and opinions to share. I just wanted to wet your appetite. I promise to be back soon.
Till Next time....

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Rachel said...

Soon, you guys will be known as Michaige or should pick before TMZ does.