Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I am Queen of PLAYING BY THE RULES; so I have never dared to direct your attention to the little boxes that appear to the right of my blog or below the Scrapchicas, Zazzle ad; since part of my agreement with the company who supplies the little boxes with information, is that I will not solicit people to "check them out" so to speak.

Well you're smart; so I'm sure that you know that I have absolutely no control over what appears in those little boxes, other than to try and prompt key words in labels and blog titles and BOY did I make a big mistake. You see somehow or other (Remember, NOT the Queen of Technology,) my blogs get scanned and then they post "offerings" that seem relevant to the blog. You know, they think if you're reading about such and such then you might be interested in such and such hence the "offering" in the little box.

OK, so I'm sure that you've noticed that for some time now all 3 little boxes have been filled with information about toenail fungus removal etc. I know, I know, I have no one else to blame but myself, but I mean my god; that was SO many blogs ago. I was beginning to wonder if I hadn't written about anything more compelling since then; and/or what in the world I would have to write about in order to get them to change. I mean seriously, had nothing I'd written warranted a change? I'd post a new blog, I'd list as many labels as possible, yet the boxes would continue to contain toe nail fungus... It really was on my mind.

Well, I just happened to check my blog a little while ago; and there it was; not just 1 box had changed, but ALL 3. YAY!!! My prayers have been answered. Be gone toenail fungus info and don't come back! (I'm hearing the tune of "Hit the road Jack" in my head as I type this.)

I do have to laugh though. I was perusing the new little boxes; and there was one for bread boxes. It took me a few seconds to realize why it was there. It must have been because of that whole incident when I left the loaf of bread on top of the toaster oven when it was on; but gosh, that really was a while ago. Maybe the blog scanner, box filler person was on vacation or something. I dunno and I don't care; I just say Hallelujah! and thank you. Bet you'll be keeping your eye on the little boxes now...
Till next time...

PS - Let's hope I was clever enough to avoid any trouble with the box fillers; you know I'm the Queen of OBSESSING over the Ridiculous


Randy said...

I don't see the little boxes you're talking about... I see the pic of your HEAD and your nice smile, but toe nail fungus ad's in boxes... I did not see.
I'm sortta disappointed now, I read your blog and felt no pain in my stomach?!? From laughter and or being grossed out by toe nail fungus!!
I wonder if I keep typing the words TOE NAIL FUNGUS if they (the ads for TOE NAIL FUNGUS) will come back?? I also wonder if we all see different ads and the ads YOU see are for toe nail fungus? I did see an ad on there for weight loss... hmmm wrong target with this audience.
Ok... toe nail fungus or not, have a great day!

Rachel said...

They're back!!!!!!Aaagh!!!!!!