Tuesday, August 26, 2008

You Know You Have a Problem When...

So under the heading of "It seemed like a good idea at the time;" I give you... my last blog. What can I say? I basically measure the success of a post by the comments that I receive; and considering that thus far I have only garnered one comment and it was from the ever faithful, Michelle (...) K; I take it to mean that my last post tanked. Now, I know, I know; with the whole feed burner thing, not to mention people's busy lives; I definitely allow for the possibility that not many people have read that post yet; but as I am the Queen of BEING CRITICAL of MYSELF; it is obviously easier for me to believe that I just missed the mark last time. Now, let me remind you - that last post was not meant to bring about World Peace. I mean we all know that I am about the Greater Good; but sometimes I just need to share my thoughts; and hey when I asked Michelle (...) K for a suggestion; she happily gave me one and I was delighted to oblige her. Now since her other request was also movie related; I figure I'll give everyone a little breather from my cinematic commentary; however, I did want to get another post out within 48 hours since AFTER ALL that was the whole purpose of the taking requests idea.

(Breathe) Now, while we're on the subject of requests. Jackie pointed out to me that I do not post many pictures on my blog. I hadn't really thought about it; but I guess it's true. And how Ironic. I mean I definitely hold my own in a Lucy Vs. Carolyn Applebee bragging mom's competition. Yes, I admit it; I KNOW that I brag about my children (may be too much;) but heck, they are wonderful!! So... The point is; how funny that I never post pix of them, yet I; Queen of The TECHNOLOGICALLY CHALLENGED feel compelled to run home and do my darnedest to figure out how to post pictures of the Bobble Head Woman. Yes, I think my blog definitely calls for more pictures and I can't believe that I hadn't thought of it before; and I'm pretty sure that those of you who only receive my kids semi-annual school photos will be happy for the updates. Let's round a curve.
So, while we're on the topic of photos, I would like to take a chance and introduce yet another new segment of my blog that I am going to call "You know You have a Problem When..."
I believe that I have told you before that I have no illusions about who I am. I know myself VERY well; and I DEFINITELY am my own biggest critic. Yes it seems to me that I am the Queen of Self Criticism; and I am certainly prone to recognizing my weaknesses before my strengths. Don't get me wrong; I know that there are things that I am very good at (I like to think blogging is one of them - but then again; maybe it's not.) Can you say Queen of Self Doubt? I am also the Queen of Talking Myself Out of Stuff. Anywho; for a long time (and I think a lot of people do this;) I have enjoyed pointing out my quirkiness or faults by saying "You know you have a problem when..." (Boy I hope this is reading the same way that I am saying it in my head) and so, I have decided that in the interest of humor (yes, it's meant to be funny;) when I have one of these experiences; I am going to blog them. They should be really quick little blips (SHOULD being the operative word) but we'll see how it goes.
So, without further ado... You know You Have a problem when; Your kids pick out outfits to wear for their school pictures and you actually consider asking them both to wear something else; because they have already worn those outfits to some event or occasion that you already have pictures of and were planning to scrapbook.
Let me explain a little further. After a whole one week of school (yes, for all you non- Arizona dwellers, my kids actually went back to school on Aug 11 -) my kids were going to have their fall pictures taken (FALL - haha) Well, Lyndzi picked out the dress that she had worn on the first day of school; and Nicky picked out the polo that he'd worn to his birthday party. Both outfits were EXCELLENT choices; however, I already have great pix of the kids in these outfits so of course they are future scrapbooking layouts. School pix, also future scrapbooking layouts - so now you see my dilemma. (Or you don't because YOU are sane and I AM NOT.) Anyway, as with anything the first step is admitting that you have a problem, right? Hi, my name is Paige and I am an anal ,compulsive, scrapbooker - there, I feel better already. And yes to answer the question that I'm sure is just burning in all of your minds; YES, I let them where the outfits. I decided to try and rise above and I will just challenge myself to make 2 separate layouts with the kids in the very same outfits. It will take some good self talk (and maybe a Xanax or 2) but I'll get past it.
You know; I have often asked myself why I am so willing to share the moments that make me sound like an utter ass; but you all know the answer to that; "I'm all about World Peace - oops, I mean the GREATER GOOD;" and god knows we ALL need more laughter in our lives; so if I can bring you even just one chuckle at my expense; I am most gratified. And since I have mentioned my beautiful children in their outfits of choice; I will share the pix of them as well. Enjoy!
Till next time...

This is Nicky at his 9th Birthday party, just after he bowled a strike; and Lyndzi on her first day of First grade.
How could I leave out Kelsie... (First day of Pre-School this year;) and while I'm at it; here are
Nicky and Lyndzi ready for CRAZY HAIR DAY at school.


RHAHN said...

I think I am more in the loop now that I am getting your blog - as before I wasn't seing the feedburner messages. But I am catching-up and want to encourage you that you are being read - despite the lack of response. Anyhoo - I have some news - I accepted a job - believe it or not at - National Urban Fellows. Kids look beautiful!!!! I'll talk to you soon!

Michelle NYL K. said...

PRECIOUS precious babies!!!XOXOXXO

Love the nubs on Lyndzi. And could my goddaughter look more gorgeous????? She's SOMETHING ELSE!

Anonymous said...

hey, paige! what's up, girlie? I hope you have a change of heart. hugs to ya!

Rachel said...

I am loving those pics of the kids. DEFINITELY post more of those! Now I gotta come visit...and Bobbie's right - we're all reading even if we don't always have time to comment! I got the feedburner email today at 4AM. That helped! Mwah!

Anonymous said...

You are way too hard on yourself, but of course you know that already, and I would be happy to help you with that scrapbook challenge, it will be fun. (breathe). Keep up with the pics, your so lucky to have such photographic kids.