Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lyndzi's Advice

No one has ever accused me of having a "Mary Sunshine" type personality - although I must say that I think I have become a much more positive person over the years. I enjoy thinking the best of a person or a situation (until proven wrong.) I like to believe that things will work out and that the World is a good place, where wonderful things can happen. Luis on the other hand, started out being one of the MOST positive people that I have ever met, and now; though I hate to say it, he is definitely prone towards negative thinking. Ironic, how we have reversed roles over the past 15 years; but lucky for us, the kids seem to take after me. Maybe it's because they're kids,(and they haven't learned not be optimistic,) or maybe it's because (not to pat ourselves on the back;) we're doing a good job with them - but I have to say in my humble opinion, that I have some AMAZING children who have fascinating views of the World around them and what they are going to contribute to it.
Each of my children is Very special in their own way.
Nicky is wise beyond his years. He's thoughtful, and kind and he is learning to be his own person, which is very difficult for him because he is excruciatingly shy.

Kelsie on the other hand is a pistol. She is challenging, and quick to share her point of view. She is profound, and though she can be arguing with you one minute; if you got hurt, she would trample anyone to get to you and provide assistance. (She's REALLY good with a Band Aid.)
And then there's Lyndzi.
Although Lyndzi is my middle child; I'm mentioning her last, because she is the one who inspired this post.
Lyndzi is now 7 years old, and given the tenuous degrees of positivity in our home; she is an extraordinary example of nature vs. nurture, because I think she came out of the womb smiling. Lyndzi is a VERY special girl, and from a very early age, strangers have even remarked about it. Oh, Lyndzi is a beauty with her big brown eyes and her perfect curls, but what really makes her beautiful, is her soul. Lyndzi is radiant, she emanates positivity and if you look at her you can't help but smile. Lyndzi ALWAYS has a kind word for everyone, and she's never had a teacher that hasn't simply adored her. As a matter of fact; I had a conference with her teacher yesterday, and she is doing so extremely well academically, that the teacher didn't really have much to say. So she said "What can I say, She's Lyndzi. She's just terrific. She has a ton of friends, but she never gets involved in any of the little cat fights." She went on to say "Lyndzi is just amazing. There's just SOMETHING about her. She's a very special little girl." And I'm sure that I don't have to tell you how proud I was to hear this.
Now really, I'm not just pulling a Carolyn Applebee here on you. ("I Love Lucy" reference, in case I lost you.) This post is intended to do more than just gloat about my daughter; so let's move on.
All 3 of my kids have Asthma to varying degrees. Nicky was diagnosed at 2 and takes a daily inhaler and medication, Lyndzi was diagnosed when she was 3 and she too takes a daily inhaler and medication; and Kelsie's is more situational; so when she gets sick we have to break out the nebulizer to give her a breathing treatment. Well, Lyndzi just hasn't been 100% since October. She frequently had a cough and frequently required breathing treatments. She even got sick when we were in Puerto Vallarta and had to go to the doctor. She was prescribed antibiotics,which she finished shortly after we got back home;and within 2 weeks she was sick again. I took both girls to the doctor because Kelsie had also started coughing; and if I was going for one, I might as well have both checked. They sent Lyndzi for a sinus and chest x-ray; both of which came back negative; and diagnosed Kelsie with an upper respiratory infection. Within 3 weeks of that, Kelsie was diagnosed with pneumonia, and Lyndzi's asthma continued to worsen. I was in the doctor's office every day last week between Sun and Thursday; and finally on Thursday, they diagnosed Lyndzi with RSV in addition to all of the Asthma problems that she had been experiencing. We finally got her on an antibiotic, in addition to a new inhaler, a new allergy medicine and some steroids. I was told to keep her out of school until Monday.
On Monday I sent both girls back to their schools. I told Lyndzi to go to the nurse to use her inhaler at lunchtime, and to have the teacher call if she wasn't feeling well. Lyndzi made it through the day; and when she got in the car, I asked as I always do "How was your day?" And she replied as she typically does, by saying "It was GREAT!" She then said "Guess what Mama?" And of course you know what I said; so she said "I signed up to volunteer to clean tables in the cafeteria." "Well that was very nice of you. Why did you do that?" I said. To which she replied "Because I think it's great to help." And of course, I was just touched, at how truly remarkable my daughter is. I mean her first day back at school, after being so sick, and there she is volunteering to clean tables because it's great to help. Well, let me not paint her as such a saint; I mean I have a table or two at home that she is MORE than welcome to clean, and yet she doesn't seem to think it's so great to help here. LOL Just kidding, She can help wherever her precious little heart desires. When Nicky got home from school; I told Lyndzi to tell him what she was going to do; and so a similar conversation ensued. "Hey Nick, guess what I signed up to do in the cafeteria." To which Nicky very dryly replied "clean tables." And Lyndz said "Yah, how'd you know?" And Nicky (again dryly) said "Because it's the only thing you can sign up for in the cafeteria." And then a VERY animated Lyndzi asked "Well have you ever done it?" And an appalled Nicky replied "NO!" And Lyndzi sounded as if she couldn't believe her ears, nor could she believe that her brother would deprive himself of such an experience. So she continued "Well Why not?" And he told her that it was becasue he didn't want to be late for class. She tried to assure him that this wouldn't be a problem, but he wasn't interested.
(OK, so maybe you had to be there; but it really was just too cute.)
So today, I went to Target while the kids were at school so that I could buy some sweets for my sweets; and as I was looking for a parking spot, I found one but there was a cart in the way. Someone was walking by, but I didn't ask them to move it, nor did it seem to cross their mind; so I took a spot a few spots away. As I was walking through the parking lot, I thought to myself "I'm going to be like Lyndzi; I'm going to help" and although it was not a huge action, I moved the shopping cart from the spot, so that the next person who came along would be able to pull right in. And you know what; Lyndzi was right; it did feel great to help. Just a little random act of kindness, and no one will even know that it occurred - but it does feel nice to be nice. The World could definitely use a little more nice these days. So to you I say, take Lyndzi's advice; go out of your way to help or do something nice; not because what goes around comes around, but just because you can.
Till next time...

Drawing by Lyndzi Alizette Ramos - Age 7


Rachel said...

She really does have the best heart.

Michelle said...

This made me cry!! And laugh, I can hear Nicky saying "NO!" in his appalled voice, with his beautiful grin waiting in the wings...your kids are amazing. Testament to the way you and Luis have provided them the opportunity to be themselves and flourish and spread their colorful little wings. I love your family. Oh and PS - my kitchen table hasnt been clean since Christmas!!! LOL

PC said...

Your children our beautiful both inside and out.