Tuesday, March 31, 2009

#5 - I Don't Think That I'm A Very Good Driver...

My 100 random things about me list is actually proving to be most useful. I realized that if I'm in need of an idea for a post, I can always go back to my list and write about any of my random things. Ironically, and sadly; shortly after that post, I proved #5 - I don't think that I'm a very good driver ...in full effect.

Now luckily I haven't endured that many accidents; unless you consider 5 in 24 years many. Of the 5 only 2 were my fault (one weather induced, and the other ~ well you'll see;) and the other 3 people hit me. Now it's not like you have to fear driving near me when I'm on the road, or even be afraid to drive with me; I mean I have kids for god's sake; I'm a SAFE driver, but maybe just a little overly cautious and like most things; I KNOW THIS ABOUT MYSELF.

Anyway, I was driving to my office on a Friday morning, a few weeks ago. it was just after 6am, I was on the highway and it was still dark out. I was in the most right hand lane and ALL OF A SUDDEN out of nowhere there was a VERY big object in my way. I had no idea what it was, but it was like the size of a roll of carpet. I couldn't tell if it was hard or soft; all I knew was that I was going to have to hit it, because if I swerved to get around it, I would have gone in someone else's lane and possibly hit them or got hit myself. I hit the object (whatever it was) and I think it went under the car; but again; it was dark. I immediately got off at the next exit and pulled into the shopping center that was there. I got out to inspect my vehicle and much too my surprise I saw no damage. I couldn't believe it. I felt blessed; and confused - so I bought a bagel and went to work.

Several hours later, I went out to my car at lunch time and was shocked by what I saw. I called Luis and tried to explain what happened. I told him that I hadn't mentioned it earlier in the day, because I hadn't seen any damage. (Remember, it was still dark at the time.) I really expected that Luis would be mad at me; but instead he just said "well that's why we have insurance;" and boy was I relieved.
When I got home I showed him the damage and called the insurance company. Allstate assured me that I did the right thing by hitting the object and I felt a little better, but not entirely.
The car was repaired in record time, and luckily nothing was hurt except my ego.
Till next time...


Rachel said...

Maybe you ran over the remains of Jimmy Hoffa?

Anonymous said...

or quite possibly what was left of geraldo's career after his vault special.