Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Let me get this straight"

As much as I complain about my job; I know that I am very fortunate to make my own schedule. Because I AM the Queen of COLLECTIONS; my boss doesn't seem to care if I work at 4AM or 9PM as long as I work 40 hours a week and the money keeps coming in. During the school year I try not to stray far from the schedule that I've made for myself. I start work at 430AM, stop at 7 to get Nicky and Lyndzi ready for school; work again by 8 and on Monday and Wednesday I stop at 830 to get Kelsie ready for school and resume work by 930 (Tues & Thurs I can work form 8 on.) Throw in a trip to the gym and / or store; pick up Kelsie at 1:15, Lyndzi at 2, Nicky at 3; and I'm usually done working for the day by 430PM.

Enter - Spring Break, and my schedule goes out the window. So, last Monday I thought "if the kids sleep in, I can just work from 5-12 and be done for the day." I wanted to go to the gym, the library, Sam's Club, Fry's, Walmart and/or Target; and YES, I know that's a lot for one day; but that's how I roll. Queen of PACKING AS MUCH IN AS POSSIBLE; that's me!

As the morning started to pass by, I decided to re-evaluate my plan and make some slight modifications. I was going to postpone the gym till later in the day (which by the way, NEVER proves to be a good idea;) give the kids lunch and then go to the library. Since we had to be out and about, I told the kids that we could have lunch out. Nicky and Lyndzi both wanted Del Taco but Kelsie wanted a grilled cheese from Sonic, and as both are near the library (and by both are near the library I mean, I'm a sucker;) I agreed to go to 2 different places.

As we pulled in to the Del Taco shopping center, Kelsie noticed that there was a Subway and asked if she could have that instead. I explained that I wasn't getting Subway today because I had coupons for there but I didn't have them with me; and as Kelsie is the Queen of NOT TAKING NO FOR AN ANSWER; she did her best to try to change my mind; but I stood my coupon loving ground; and pulled up to the Del Taco drive thru. As I was approaching the menu, I made the mistake of remembering, OUT LOUD; that I also had coupons for Del Taco, which of course, I'd forgotten; and Kelsie wasted no time before she said "So let me get this straight;" (and when a 5 year old starts off with "so let me get this straight; you KNOW you're in for some trouble.) "You don't have coupons for Subway; so I can't have Subway; but you don't have coupons for Del Taco and Nicky and Lyndzi can still have Del Taco?" Precocious little thing; isn't she? So what could I say but "well, you've got a point there; but that's just how it's got to be today." (But what I really wanted to say was "Yes, you've got that straight so just go ahead and add that to the list of complaints that you're going to be giving your therapist about in 20 years or so;" but she probably already made a mental note of it.) See what I mean; Kelsie's mind is like a steel trap; so half day kindergarten ~ I don't think so.
Anyway, I explained that even without a coupon Del Taco is still a lot less expensive than Subway; and then I bribed her by telling her that she could have a pretzel at Sam's Club.

We went to the library and discovered that Lyndzi had a sore throat. We ran a few errands but she just wasn't up for the big shopping fest that I'd had in mind; so we cut our day short, and I'm sure that I don't have to tell you, Kelsie reminded me about her pretzel quite emphatically. Again I had to let her down and explain that I wasn't going to Sam's because Lyndzi wasn't feeling well. I offered to ask Luis to stop at Sam's on his way home and she was appeased. OK; so why should this day have gone any way I planned? Although Luis always calls me on his way home; on this day he didn't and so he arrived home sans pretzel. I had plans to get a pedicure with my friend Arlene, so I didn't give Sam's another thought until my cell phone rang at 9pm and it was Kelsie asking if I'd gotten her pretzel. I gently told her no and promised that we could get it on Tuesday; which we did ~ OY!
Kelsie believes that she wants to be a "Dentist - girl" and a rock star which in and of itself is hysterical considering how I fear the dentist; but I think she'll have a real future as a litigator or an actress - the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree ya know.
Till next time...


Michelle said...

Please start filling out her apps for Harvard Law now; you have the next F. Lee Bailey on your hands!!

Stefanie said...

OMG! Your shares are hysterical! and Kelsie sounds just like my Joey: the little smart asses! hahahah.