Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You Know You Have A Problem When...#5

You Know You Have A Problem When you go to the pediatrician's office and one of (the many) receptionists tells you that she had been thinking about you, because you hadn't been in for a few days. (This was last Tuesday.) I responded by saying "You haven't seen me in a few days because my husband brought my younger daughter in on Friday."

So let me rewind. In my "Lyndzi's Advice" post, I regaled you with the details of Lyndzi's recent illnesses; but in light of the past few months I feel the need to offer a recap. For brevity's sake (yes, A new concept for me;) I'll only go as far back as January.

OK, so upon our return from beautiful, Puerto Vallarta both Lyndzi and Kelsie were suffering with their allergies and asthma, and ultimately Kelsie was diagnosed with pneumonia and Lyndzi with RSV. This stint brought us to the doctor's office every day for a week; and this one, kind, receptionist took notice of this fact, and just shook her head in dismay every time she saw me walk through the door. She shook her head again a few weeks ago, during spring break when I came in for Lyndzi who was diagnosed with Strep throat. She shook her head less than a week later when I came in for Nicky who had been running a high fever, and complained of a terrible sore throat. Because we were so convinced it was strep, I ran him in for the test but we didn't have an exam. Trust me when I tell you that this was not the exam to skip, because the culture was negative, but the next night we wound up in Urgent Care because Nicky had double pink eye. The doctor also gave him an antibiotic for Pharyngitis, and when all was said and done; Nicky had missed 4 days of school. 2 1/2 weeks later, Luis brought Kelsie in for fever, congestion and discharge from her eyes; and she was diagnosed with both a sinus and ear infections. AND then a couple of days after that; I returned to the pediatricians office, and this is when she shook her head at me and made the comment about thinking about me; when I brought Nicky in due to another high temp, headache and congestion; and he walked out with strep throat. On my way out the door, I reported to her that it was in fact strep this time and jokingly asked her NOT to think about me again. Nicky returned to school on Monday, after missing ANOTHER 4 days; but yesterday Kelsie started running a temp and she was really congested, and this morning it sounded like I had a seal take up residence in my house; so guess where I went today? Once again she shook her head and uttered the words "Oh come on; I just can't believe it." I asked her if she'd been thinking about me; but she swore that she hadn't.

Kelsie and I waited in the examining room and entertained ourselves with MANY games of Tic Tac Toe. While we were playing I noticed that Kelsie had really fat fingers below her knuckles. I LOVINGLY commented that I had never realized that she had such chubby fingers and she said "Everyone does." I said "No, not everyone ;"and I showed her my fingers which aside from my feet are the only thin thing on my body. When she realized that not everyone had chubby fingers, she said "I guess I'd better do some exercise;" and it was the cutest thing in the world. She followed that up with, "And you should probably do some exercise too Mommy." To which I replied "I would love to; if my children would stay healthy so that I could put them in the childcare at the gym or send them to school." The nurse practitioner then examined Kelsie an as I was leaving I stopped by the desk to tell "My friend" that Kelsie had Croup. Oh yes, it's not just for babies. My friend and I recapped that since January my household has now experienced allergies, asthma, Pneumonia, RSV, Sinus infections, ear infections, Strep throat, Pink eye and Croup. I said "What's next, pestilence?" And she kinda shrugged and said "well," like it wasn't an impossibility; so I swear I am totally considering scrubbing them all down with Lice shampoo, just as a precaution.

Now I honestly don't think it's enjoyable to read about all of my kids ailments and I have tried to spare you all the gory details; but of course I have a point and that is; now you know where the heck I've been. I have TONS of things that I have been thinking about writing about. I still want to share my Ass Burrito story, I have been dying to comment on American Idol and Dancing With the Stars; and I'm totally itching for someone to throw another Six Degrees challenge my way; however, instead I have been caring for my sick children and trying to balance my life.
I saw a book about Diablo Cody in Barnes & Noble the other day, and I looked at it longingly thinking, "now maybe if I become a stripper, someone will want to publish my writing." Then again, I'd really have to get back to the gym in order to make that happen, and given the health of my family, who knows how soon that will be. So instead, I am really going to commit myself to getting this blog out come Hell or high water or Strep, or Croup. I need to take a pledge like the mailmen; no rain or snow or sleet or hail ... will keep me from writing my blog; as God is my witness... Now there's gotta be some kind of recognition for combining the postmans pledge and a line from "Gone with the Wind;"... or not. But at least I feel like I'm getting my mojo back. Ya'know once I start rambling, "The Ride" is getting back to normal.
As for my kids, please send positive thoughts their way.
Till next time...


chksngr said...

Good golly flippin' mc-cheese, Paige! Maybe you're on the get-all-childhood-illnesses-done-in-a-single-year-plan! Now they'll be good until college!

Rachel said...

I love the photos you used! Those poor little hacking, coughing, sneezing babies! If you see locusts or frogs, watch out!