Friday, July 30, 2010

(43-3) Definitions

It has come to my attention that I may have SLLIIGGHHTTLLY  misrepresented the "Urban Dictionary" definition of Slendiferous; as it seems that the meaning, entered by Spork in February 2004, was actually entered as slendiferous craig; and not just slendiferous (a fact I chose to ignore at the time.) But when I went back and looked at it closely, I found that the sentence that's given as an example of the term is: "Dude! That 70 yard run was splendiferous craig!"  Now look carefully; he wrote sPlendiferous he didn't even use the word that he was defining; so I'm not sure what to think.  I'm REALLY baffled about this term and how to use it now, because even though I like to think that I'm down; I have no flippin idea who "Craig" is and in my opinion; the fact that Spork used THAT example is just nullifying HIS definition.
Now, based on what I told you yesterday, a couple of you (myself included) have already committed to adding slendiferous to your vernacular and to you I say JUST DO IT!  Why shouldn't you say slendiferous to mean "coolest of the cool" if that's what you want it to mean?  These things have to start somewhere.  Remember the movie "Never Been Kissed" with Drew Barrymore??  I loved that movie; and in it, the popular boy  "Guy Perkins" would make up words and pass them off as the cool new word of the day.  So OK, just think of me as your own personal Guy Perkins... Slendiferous??
I should also add, that while I was trying to find out who this illusive Craig is, I found several definitions of MY name in the Urban dictionary;" meanings ranging from "very outgoing but shy girl"(which is actually true for me;) to "always makes you laugh" (I sure hope so;)  to "Sometimes thinks too low of herself, but has no reason to at all."  (Which definitely is me but I don't think it's exclusive to MY name;) to "An awesome girl. generally athletic and always looking to loose weight. May not be the average sized but is deffinitly a good girlfriend to have, so cute!  (And no, that wasn't MY typo, I copied and pasted but I just couldn't resist it...)  But THIS is my favorite: Paige  - sweet, fearless woman that doesn't let anything stand in her way. Prepare to be inspired by Paige, never let down by Paige, and always understood by Paige.
With that said,  I think it's only fair to conclude that if I can CHOOSE the definition of my name; or clearly make one up for myself (as it seems;) then YOU can certainly choose the meaning that you LIKE for slendiferous.  Go for it, use it up, spread it around...Keep on truckin.
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