Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Admittedly, of all the things I am NOT the Queen of; NOT the Queen of Exercising has got to be on the top of the list. For those of you who know me; I'm sure you are just colored surprised right now. For those of you who don't know me, I refer you to my picture with Maks from "Dancing with the Stars" in the blog entitled the Queen's Big Coup (June 8, 2007.)

Typically my exercise regime is limited to transporting my scrapbooking necessities to my monthly crop (non-scrappers; a crop is when people get together and scrapbook.) Now, don't make light of this as far as exercise goes, because my NECESSITIES consist of: A huge roll on suitcase that's packed to the brim, a tackle box, a shoulder tote, a hand held tote, a shopping bag, a die cut machine, usually several 12x12 plastic drawers of paper and a partridge in a pear tree. HAHAHA, Just kidding, no paper, ahh, there I go again, HAHA No - No partridge in a pear tree of course. Now, to most of my scrapbooking chums this sounds like a drop in the bucket; however, for all of you non-scrappers, feel free to make fun of this being my form of exercise and don't leave out poking fun at how often I do it.
Now the point is (YES, there's a point; there's ALWAYS a point.) Michelle (Not yet legally) K - (Yes it's been a year now and it's still not yet legally K; although sometimes she's K in my comments; but I digress...)has joined a gym and she has inspired me to consider joining as well. (OK pick your jaws up off the floor now.)
Anyway, she has gotten me a buddy pass so that I can try it out with her on Thursday. She claims that this should give her enough time to familiarize herself with the equipment so that she can show me how to use it; which is a good thing because I can barely figure out a treadmill; hence my stupendous figure.

To say the least i'm sure that this experience will provide me with a couple good blogs or two and you know me; anything for the cause. Once again I say "where are the cameras when you need em?" You just have to know that this is an accident waiting to happen - me and Michelle (not yet legally) K at the gym together. All I can say is hopefully, I will bruise nothing more than my ego... Stay tuned.

Till next time...


Mrs. Kalka said...

I would love to say something saracastic but I got my tobgue caught in the treadmill tonight at the gym.....

Gym Rat Im Not said...

My TONGUE!!!! Cant type properly either bwcause myn hand got stick in the elliptical machine too.