Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Act 2

Alert: Make Sure to read "A Scene in the Life" entered earlier today, FIRST.

Let me set the stage: It's about 1225pm and I'm at the stove making macaroni and cheese for me and Kelsie. I'm talking to Rachel on the phone, because she's just read "A Scene in the Life", and I was explaining that bread hadn't been a problem on top of the microwave before and I've only had the toaster oven for 2 weeks. We agree that I need to add that little tidbit into my last blog, because when she read it, that wasn't stated and now it makes slightly a little more sense (as if there really can be any sense to it;) anyway; I get a work related call beeping in. I hang up with Rachel, take my work call, leave the room to email this work caller a statement; then return to the kitchen to call Rachel back and continue making lunch.

Scene 1: Paige is stirring the macaroni and speaking to Rachel.

Scene 2: Paige turns to dump macaroni into the collander and there stands 4 year old Kelsie, looking like the cat who ate the canary and appearing to hide something behind her back.

Paige: "Bye Rachel."
Kelsie: "Hi Mama."
Paige: "What's going on Kels, what have you got behind your back?
Kelsie: "Nothing."

This exchange repeats about 3 times

Finally, Kelsie chuckles

Paige: "OK, Kelsie, I think I know you pretty well..."
Kelsie: (smiles and interjects) "My hair.'
Paige: "Why, what did you do?
Kelsie: (crying) "I'm sorry Mama."

Pan to the floor with a HUGE chunk of hair that Kelsie has just cut off her head.

Paige: "Why, Why did you do this?"
Kelsie: (crying) "I don't know"

OK - How's that for a day for you. Anyone know any Reality producers?? Either I'd better start staying out of the kitchen, or God really is trying to pay me back for that dream. Personally I thought he was too busy worrying about the douchies to care about my dream - but I guess not.
I don't know why I'm so surprised that Kelsie cut about 5 inches of her hair off; I mean this is the same child of mine who shaved off part of her right eyebrow a few months ago. I know; right about now I'm sounding like mother of the year. You must think that I never watch this child, but let me just say in my defense; that #1 - she's fast, I mean really fast, I mean we don't call her "Stitch" for nothing; and so she can just do these things in the blink of an eye (or eyebrow - hahaha) and #2, I'm raising 2 other complacent children who don't shave or cut their hair or anybody elses for that matter; so I must be doing something right...
Ya' know how they say bad things happen in threes? I'm just hoping that I'm not going for a record and you don't see a third blog from me today.

Till next time...

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Lisa QuestAuthor said...

Oh man! That reminds me of when Trey cut off a huge hunk of his hair and we had to buzz cut it down to the scalp (he really did a number on it). Marley started crying when we told him it was going to have to all come off... found out that it was because she'd snipped a little teeny tiny part of her hair off and thought she'd have to get a shaved head too!

Bottom line, I feel your pain, darlin. I feel it, I share it, and I can laugh with you about it!