Thursday, July 17, 2008

FREE Movie Tickets

I LOVE going to the movies!! Not just any movie mind you. I'm pretty particular about what I see. Which is not to say that I am a movie snob by any means nor that I see all the epic films; because for the most part I DO NOT. I could run off a laundry list of classics and blockbusters that I've never seen, never will and yet I set Girl's day/night movies months in advance for such classics as "Connie and Carla" (ever heard of it; yah...) or more mainstream films like "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" or "Hairspray;" which some of you may recall I actually wrote" I cried the first time I saw the preview." Michelle (One of these days will become legally) K had a field day with that one. And then of course there was "Sex in the City" which although I NEVER saw on HBO, I've seen the G rated version on regular TV and I RAN opening night to see it and have since seen it again - MMMM; Mr. Big!! Now, on the "Scrapbooking from the Inside Out" message board, I mentioned that I got my first ticket for "Sex in the City" by buying the Season 1 DVD at Blockbuster. The DVD sold for $19.99 and actually came with a movie ticket. Well, you know that I just thought this was TOO good a deal to pass up; and I must say that I was awfully proud of myself for making such a wise purchase. So, if you have yet to see "Sex in the City," or you want to see it again and again; and you have any interest in owning any of the seasons of the show on DVD; take yourself over to Blockbuster and see if they still have any for sale - you can't lose.

Now, another must see film for me will be "Mamma Mia." It comes out tomorrow July 18, 2008 and I emailed my girls about seeing it a couple of months ago; after the first time I saw the preview on "American idol." In case I haven't mentioned it before; I am a HUGE ABBA fan. Just call me, that's right the "Dancing Queen." LOL Anyway, what could be better than seeing "Mamma Mia" Saturday morning with my girlfriends? How about seeing it for FREE?? Yep, you read that right and I'm gonna tell you how to do it. Why? Say it with me, "Because I'm all about the GREATER GOOD!!"

OK, so I wish that I could take full and total credit for this find; but credit actually has to go to my pal Patti. It seems that Ponds has a little postage stamp sized "coupon" (for lack of a better word) on their packages of moistened face towels. There are a few different kinds of face towels, varying from Microdermabrasion to age defying etc, etc. They're also great just for taking your make up off (got that guys?) Anyway, all you have to do is purchase a package of the towels but make sure it has this little "coupon" stamp on it. I happened to buy mine at Target and guess what? This gets EVEN better; they were on sale. I paid $5.49 plus tax, I got the towels (which I will definitely use;) and a FREE movie ticket for "Mamma Mia" or any Universal pictures release.
Here's what you do. Go to and you'll need to register; but big deal. Then I think you go to spotlight or something like that. It will ask for your reward code, and ALSO the UPC off the box. You'll need to type in the full UPC, but it will guide you. Then just follow the couple of simple steps, and Presto! you will have a free movie ticket to print. You can do up to 3 per household; so for instance I bought a second package so that I could get Luis a movie ticket too. No, not for "Mamma Mia;" he wouldn't be caught dead; but remember I said "ANY Universal pictures release." So now, Luis Ramos is registered on hahaha, well, he'll be taking his newly cleaned face and laughing all the way to his free movie; just like you can.

Now, for those skeptics out there; I printed this off of the Hollywood Movie Money website

Can't find a participating theater within 30 miles? No problem. Just go to the theater closest to you, pay to see the movie and send us your receipt and the original certificate. After verification we will reimburse you.

Did a theater mistakenly turn you away? No problem. Just send us your certificates along with the theater manager/employee name, the theater you attended, and the date and time it happened. After verification we will reimburse you.
Refunds/reimbursements MUST be postmarked within (1) week of the certificates expiration date in order for them to be honored. Please be advised that if you were turned away from the theater because your ticket was expired you will not be eligible for a refund.
I hope that some of you are able to take advantage of this little tip. The tickets are good until October; so get em while they're hot.
I know I'll be singing all the way to "Mamma Mia." and maybe I'll even provide you with a little review - MAYBE. I wouldn't want to put anyone in shock by posting more than 2 blogs a month. HAHAHA"

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Just call me The Dancing Sidekick said...

Well with the nifty new face cloths, there will be no NEED to find a camground with showers, now will there??? "I cried the first time I saw that you blogged again this month" THANKS FOR THE TIP I WILL BE RUNNING OUT TO GET MY PONDS CLOTHS NOW!!

Angel Gurl said...

well I saw this in NZ on Thursday night and I loved it!!! I did a post about my abba love on my blog about a week and a half ago. Enjoy the movie, I came our smiling after seeing that.

Anonymous said...

Look at this, I call for the first time in what feels like a decade and now im commenting on your blog, which i've never done before so i feel some presseure to be funny and/or witty but unfortunatly I'm going to let us both down.