Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Why Scrapbooking Matters

Disclaimer: The Bumpy Ride is NOT becoming a Scrapbooking only blog - Not by a long shot; so for those of you non-scrappers who like to take the ride; please indulge me one more time. This is actually a tale of yet another twist and turn in the Queen's journey...

Well, that sounded a little ominous, but you know me, I don't want to scare away any of the few readers that I have. LOL Now, last I wrote I alluded to a piece that I had written that was almost published and BOY am I glad that I had held off in telling you all about this (even though everyone who personally knows me, already knows) because in the long run; I would have had to have written a blog explaining why my publication NEVER happened. How's that for a Bumpy Ride - It almost doesn't even make sense to me; so I guess instead of talking in circles; I'll just start from the beginning.

On February 5, 2008 Rachel forwarded me a "call for writers." Basically, this new craft magazine that was being published in the UK was looking for writers and they asked for a submission of 50 words or more, entitled "Why Scrapbooking Matters." Well, I wasted no time, because this just seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to submit a writing sample AND on Feb 22 I received the following email from the editor:

Hi Paige,
I would LOVE to use your words below in our first issue – and wondered if you had a picture of yourself that can go along with it?

Becks x

OK, well I don't think I have to tell you how EXTRAORDINARILY excited I was to receive this email; but I will. I was ESTATIC, I cried tears of joy, I just was so overrun with emotion and I thought that I had finally arrived and that I had a shot at actually getting paid to do what I REALLY want to do - WRITE. Hence the picture that I put up on my blog a few months ago was the one that I emailed to Becks per her request. Well, I won't bore you with all the details, but suffice it to say that my picture is being put to good use on "The Bumpy Ride" and now on "Scrapbooking from the Inside Out;" but it shall never grace the pages of "Creativity Life," ( that's the name of Becks magazine.)

I'm sure that you're all as confused about this situation as I am because it was absolutely shocking to me to go from her asking me for a picture and asking my thoughts on how she might compensate me (since I reside in the US) to her COMPLETELY blowing me off. Had I not (ultimately) been persistent, in contacting this SOB (that's S.O.B - not sob, sob as in crying) I would never have found out that "yah, things changed and ultimately they just decided not to use it." I think this Brit needs a little lesson in courtesy and etiquette because she showed NEITHER to me. Nothing like a bitter Queen I tell ya.

Well, I am trying to move on and trying not to let this discourage me; and as I believe that what I wrote REALLY is worth sharing (not to mention that I want to see these words in print one bloody way or another) I present you with my submission of "Why Scrapbooking Matters."

Scrapbooking matters because it gives me the opportunity to teach my children who we are through art. By scrapbooking I am able to recreate our holiday and vacation memories as well as capture all of the nuances of their personalities; their triumphs and joys, their worries and quirks. Scrapbooking enables me to portray who we are as individuals as well as a family; and to illustrate all of the dynamics that go with each. Scrapbooking matters because it is a way for me to give my children road maps to themselves. Scrapbooking provides me the opportunity to pass down pictures, stories, emotions and wishes all wrapped up in a canvas of my own design.
Scrapbooking matters because it is my time to reflect, embrace, create. It is my outlet, my passion, my time with girlfriends and dessert; my gift to myself and my family. I scrapbook because it is a way to satisfy the artist in my heart, and the writer in my soul. Scrapbooking matters because it is my legacy; my work of heart.

And there you have it; my first ALMOST published piece of work. Oh there will be more to come, I promise you. If Diablo Cody can do it, SO CAN I. So for now just think of me as the Queen of DETERMINATION. There are stories in me just begging to be written and well, as soon as I can find the time, they will be written, so help me they will be written!! Maybe sleep is overrated??

Till next time...


A Faithful Friend said...

Scrapbooking matters. Your amazing blog matters. Creativity Life....doesn't matter. You are too good for the drivel that is sure to litter the pages of that rag!!!

Miss snootie said...

You scrapbook for you and your family and your scrapbooking is probably the most beautiful I've ever seen. So what does it matter what one English snoot say, I'm an Engligh snoot and it only matters what I say. So there.

a REAL scrapper from the good ole US of A said...

Ya can't let your self worth be diminished by one eejit with a name like "Becks Fagg" - NUFF SAID!!

nancy said...

What a beautiful piece you wrote! I enjoyed it. Can't wait for more, no matter where it's published!

lori said...