Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Power of Suggestion

This weekend some friends and I went up to Luis' hotel to scrapbook - it was kind of a pre-birthday celebration. We checked in Friday night, and after 3 complimentary Margaritas, I thought that my creative juices would be flowing - but yah; not so much. I tortured myself for I don't know how long, trying to make one lay out; and when I couldn't pull that together I then attempted another and failed just as miserably. My Margaritas had worn off; I had cheated and eaten the bun with my burger at dinner; so I guess you could say I had lost my mojo. I went to sleep around 330 am and all I had accomplished the whole night was to mat 2 pictures. For all you non-scrapbookers, that translates to - I didn't do SQUAT!

Saturday morning we all went to breakfast; we made a Starbucks run, and headed out to Scrapbooks Etc - which is a FABULOUS scrapbooking store. I was thrilled when I walked in, because as part of my b'day gift Jackie had given me $20 to spend specifically at this store; but as soon as I started to look around, my creativity was drained. Nothing made sense to me. I actually walked around thinking to myself "Maybe I should just give scrapbooking up." (And teh crowd gasps) I know scrappers, it was DEFINITELY time for an intervention. Well then I heard Jackie say "Remember Paige; this is supposed to be fun." God, I knew she was right, but somehow I was just stressing myself to the max. I had set a goal for myself to create 4 layouts over the weekend. For me this would be HUGE; but I REALLY wanted to do that, if not more in order to feel that my weekend was a success.

Before we left the room to go to the complimentary cocktail reception, I actually started getting a layout together. I was feeling optimistic. I had a really strong Margarita and I had to go back and ask for a weaker one; (because yes, I'm a wuss and I barely drink;) then I just switched to Diet Coke.
Well, they called Last call and my friend Lori cajoled me into going up to get 2 more drinks. We were standing on line, looking at a TV, and all of a sudden this BIG guy tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around, and he pointed to his friend and said "He's been trying to say hello to you." Well, I was shocked. I looked at the guy, (who I immediately thought was a cutie - but of course that could have been the Margaritas talking) and I said "Hi;" and he couldn't have been cuter, blushing and everything. I then turned back and said to Lori "I think I'm old enough to be his mother; what's he doing saying Hello to me?" I went back to the table and told Luis that a guy had been flirting with me; and he gave me a high five.

Well, I'll tell ya, this guy (who was probably a gigolo, trying to make some money) boosted my ego like there was no tomorrow; and I went back to our suite dancing on air and yah baby, I knocked out those 4 layouts in record time. Let's hear it for the Queen - I STILL GOT IT!! Who would of thought that a little attention from a male stranger would bring my scrapbooking mojo back. I bet he's never done that for a woman before. LOL I swear if I would have seen him at breakfast, I would have given him a big ole thanks. (I bet that would have been EXACTLY what he was looking for.) But alas, my scrapbooking genie was not to be seen.
Maybe next time I need to hit a local bar before I scrapbook.... Who would have thought that ego and scrapbook production were so directly related? I bet Heidi Swapp doesn't use this technique. (sorry non-scrappers. I'll owe you one.)
Till next time...


Rachel said...

I'm literally falling off my chair - what an awesome story! I told you you needed to start drinking!

Miss vjay said...

Your way more outgoing than H.S. and she is always knocked up anyways. She would never get hit on,especially when there was a United Methodist Convention going on. You Never Lost it Hot Mama. I hit on you anyday. Drunk or not. Happy birthday.

nancy said...

Paige, this is SO a layout for this month! All about the confidence!