Monday, September 1, 2008

"Comfort" - Sept Kit from Scrapbooking From The Inside Out

For all of you scrapbookers, who read "The Bumpy Ride," I just wanted to share the brand new kit that has come out from Scrapbooking from the Inside Out - THE inspirational source, kit club, and online community for scrapbookers who want to explore their inner lives and deepest thoughts and dreams.. The theme for September is Comfort; and I myself cannot wait to get started. Michelle (...)K took this wonderful picture of Kelsie and I last night, while we were at our friend Lori's house. Our families went over to Lori's along with our friend Jessica's family and we had apps, dessert and played karaoke Revolution. A great time was had by all, and since I'm ALL ABOUT THE GREATER GOOD, which is why I'm posting the pic of this kit; I should give you the recipe for the ice cream cake that I made. That's right I said I MADE an ice cream cake. So here it is:
Layer a pan with ice cream sandwiches, it will be 8 whole ice cream sandwiches, and then 2 more cut in half. Then put hot fudge on top of the ice cream sandwiches (Yes, I'm STILL going to the gym;) then put cool whip on top of the hot fudge, then the recipe calls for crushed up Snickers, but I put Crunch since Nicky is allergic to peanuts, and I'm sure that you can put any candy of your choice. Then you repeat, layer of ice cream sandwiches, layer of hot fudge, layer of Cool Whip, Candy and freeze for at least a few hours. EVERYONE loved this dessert and my kids are already requesting it for their birthdays. It's a far cry from Diet Coke chocolate cake - but hey, we all gotta live a little. Here's the pic of Kelsie and I that I plan to use on my first "Comfort" layout.Till Next Time..


Rachel said...

That is such a sweet picture - and as I know Kelsie, as we'd say in Yiddish, "an angel while she's sleeping!"

Can't wait to see what you do with this pic - very beautiful.

Angel Gurl said...

gorgeous photo Paige. Wow at that ice cream cake.

Not Yet Legal!! said...

GORGEOUS. Both of you!!!!