Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shame on GOOGLE Adsense

This is not the blog that I intended to write today. Believe it or not, I have had SEVERAL blogs brewing; oh, and if only for the time,I would have gotten out one or two in the past week; but alas no. And then, it happened. I was checking on "TBR" as I often do, and what did I see in those little freakin boxes; (you know the ones that I mentioned before) well, now I can go on and say exactly what they were - GOOGLE Adsense. Yah, I got this smart idea that if I let GOOGLE place ads on my blog, that maybe just maybe I might make some money. As I previously explained, the conditions were that I couldn't ask or tell you to click on the ads or make reference to the ads; but basically I was SUPPOSED to get paid per click and yah, I haven't made a penny yet - and that is TOTALLY OK, because I write my blog to write, not to make some pennies.

Now,the way it works, (I'm sure that I really don't need to explain this part - but ya, you know me; I Will.) is that they skim my blogs for labels and try to put up relative ads; which is why I was so shocked that I had to live with those fungus ads for so long. (Had I written nothing more sellable than foot fungus ? LOL) Well, the other day when I wrote about that disgrace - Sarah Palin and how she charged sexual abuse victims for the swab kits etc; GOOGLE Adsense had the audacity to post ads for attorneys for people accused of sex crimes. I wanted to VOMIT. (I'm hoping that most of you didn't even see these ads; but you know me, Queen of WORRYING I had to make sure this matter was taken care of.) I was so outraged that I wrote them a complaint letter and I immediately removed all of the boxes / ads from my blog. My integrity is worth a lot more than any of the money that I might have ever made with them. I did say in my letter that I thought they owed my reader (ha, no I said readers) an apology. I am EXTREMELY doubtful that you will ever get one from them; but you are certainly getting one from me. I am so sorry that those ridiculous ads appeared on my blog and rest assured we will NEVER see anything of its kind again.

I am hoping to have at least 3 more blogs come out within the next few days -(Gasps of shock were just heard- I'm sure) so be on the look out. There are definitely a lot more Bumpy Rides that need to be taken.

OHHHH, yah, while we're cleaning up let me mention one more thing. If you recently received a previous blog from the RSS feed thingy, it's because they are back in business; HOWEVER I'm not using them. You won't get another email form them since I didn't re-sign with them and I do apologize for any confusion or inconvenience. Now, if you aren't receiving a feed on this blog and just check it at random, go up to the top and sign up real quick for the Feed Burner, and you will get an email each time I post a new blog, and you'll only have to go to the blog to leave a comment (which you know I live for.)
Again, my sincerest apologies.
Till next time...

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Mrs K said...

You again are QUEEN OF FUNNY!!! (have I written about nothing more sellable than Foot fungus?) You slay me. Get those blogs outta your head and onto the page!! Dying for the next installment....waiting for my apology letter.....