Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Stitch Strikes Again

Once again this was NOT the blog that I was planning on writing today; so you know what that means - BONUS!
When Kelsie got up this morning, I asked her if she was going to be a good girl today (she is prone to the naughty you know;) but she said "yes."
Our day was going along just fine. I was busy at work at my desk, and she was pretending to be a kitty and crawled under my desk and proceeded to meow incessantly. I got her out from under my desk with the promise of a snack and while she was enjoying it, Luis called. His question was typical "How's Ball Ball doing?" Ball Ball is Kelsie's alter ego, (or at least one of them.) It's what Luis has called her ever since she was a baby; when she is NOT in Stitch mode. Anyway, I replied "she's fine." and I told him that she claimed that she was going to be a good girl today. Luis recommended that I speak to her on a DAILY basis, and encourage her good behavior (as if I don't already do that? Thanks Dr. De Spock.)
Next, Kelsie came in and wowed me with her rendition of "When I Grow Up" A La the Pussy Cat Dolls, but in her version, when she grows up she's "gonna be a dentist, gonna be a jet pilot, gonna be a doctor; when she grows up she's gonna be a dentist, gonna be a nurse, gonna be a rock star." And of course, each thing was repeated about 50 times. (Well, at least she has high ambitions; but doesn't it figure that she'd wanna be a dentist - the thing that I'm afraid of most; and she wants to be one - HAHA) Anyway, it was at this point that I thought some lunch was in order. I was dying for a fountain, diet soda, so I suggested that we go out quick. We decided on a place to go, and Kelsie went to get in the car; while I went to the rest room. Next thing I know, Kelsie came back in and said," I can't get in; the door is locked." Now, at first I didn't worry because I've had this happen before. The back door is locked but the front doors are unlocked (OH, did I forget to mention that it is my usual practice to leave the keys in the UNLOCKED car?) Anyway, I told Kelsie not to worry because my door was probably unlocked, but she said that it wasn't. Now I was concerned; so I went into the garage, and sure enough; SHE had locked the keys in the car. I asked her WHY she locked the keys in the car and I got the standard Kelsie response "I don't know." Best I can understand, she tried pressing the buttons to open her door; because God forbid she should have waited 30 seconds for me; and next thing ya know, the doors are ALL locked.
I had hoped that I could somehow reach my hand in to unlock the door; but the windows were not open nearly enough for me to get my hand in; (like the time that I had locked the keys in the car with the car running.) Anyway, Wife of McGyver that I am; I looked around my garage to try and find something that I could fashion into a rescue device. I found part of a fishing pole and attempted to slide the keys onto it but there was nothing to keep it on the pole. I gave up for a while and went back inside to rethink this (and beat Kelsie - ha; just kidding. I didn't lay a finger on her.)
After speaking to Luis, I decided to take another stab at it. This time I found a golf club. I attempted to unlock the car by pressing on the button with the club but that didn't work. I tried the fishing pole with a piece of masking tape, but the tape wasn't strong enough. Then I went inside to see what else I could come up with. I got a hanger and asked Kelsie to find a jump rope. She didn't know where one was, but suggested (of all things) the rope from her "Angel" costume from her Christmas play last year. Ironic that her angel costume would rescue her inner devil; but alas, it worked. I got the keys out; and of course Kelsie took the credit for the idea since she got the "angel belt." Oy!, Stich what am I going to do with you?
Till next time...


Rachel said...

Another priceless moment, brought to you by the whirling dervish known as Miss Kelsie!

Anonymous said...

Oh Luuuuuuucy, I'm Home!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna pee my pants.... I haven't laughed that hard since the bees.... Remember why I told you, you had her....to laugh! That is my favorite picture ever. So so funny.