Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"I Don't Know"

DISCLAIMER A: You must have read (Or READ) the Blog entitled "Stitch Strikes Again," before reading this.

DISCLAIMER B: No children were injured in the making of this blog. (Well, not that we're aware of now anyway - I'm sure I'll be getting a big ole therapy bill in years to come.)

OK, so I got the keys out of the car just about a half hour before I had to pick Lyndzi up from school. Kelsie seemed to think that just because I had gotten the keys out of the car; that she was no longer being punished; but this was not the case. Kelsie mulled around trying to find something to do (since I wouldn't let her watch TV;) and she was thrilled when she found out that it was time to pick up Lyndzi.
We came back home and I was in the kitchen with the girls. I was watering a plant, and I gently squirted Kelsie's dress with the sink sprayer. She started to cry and overreact; in inimitable Kelsie style (God, I love my daughter.) She was crying and saying "That's not nice Mama." And so I said; in my most June Cleaverish voice; "Ask me why I did it;" and she said "No," (sob, sob) and so I repeated (again Cleaverish) "Ask me why I did it." And then she said (sob, sob) "Why did you do that Mama?" And I said (in my most whiny Kelsie-esque voice,) "I don't know!" LOL Well Kelsie definitely didn't think this was funny; but oh boy, I sure did. OK, so June Cleaver I'm not ; Roseanne - MAYBE.
Till next time...


Mrs. K said...

HAHAH!! OMG I shoulda voted for YOU for President!! You are my hero. I am tucking this one away and will use it on my own unruly offspring at some point. Maybe they can share a couch later! LOL

nancy said...

Hee hee hee... you gave me my first laugh of the day. Bless you.

Anonymous said...

I could picture it like I was there. Perfect. I only hope that one day I have as great parenting skill are you do. They are so lucky.