Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Congratulations America!

This was not the blog that I was planning on writing today. Not because I thought Obama would lose but because I thought that I had said all that I had to say (as if that's ever possible...)
To quote John McCain (yes, you read that right;) "America has spoken and spoken clearly." And I thank god for that.
Senator McCain delivered a humble and respectful concession speech that gave me hope that he will serve our President Elect and this country well. In return President Elect Obama spoke very highly and admirably of Senator McCain and his service to our country and it was refreshing to feel that the glaring separation between Democrats and Republicans may now be put to rest as EVERYONE comes together to repair OUR UNITED States of America.
I fully agree with Lori's comment (on my election day post) as I am hopeful that now that a President has been chosen, everyone will lend their support and stand together (say it with me) "FOR THE GREATER GOOD!"
This is a monumental victory for Barack Obama and I have every faith that it will be a monumental victory for the Unites States of America.
I am so thankful for everyone who voted yesterday and for the first time in a very, long time I am optimistic about our future and I believe that we should expect change for the better. YES WE CAN - and WE DID!!
Congratulations President Elect Obama and Vice President Elect Biden. Congratulations America!!
Till next time...


A Proud Kalkan-American said...

HURRAH!!! Join and be one UNITED states!!

Rachel said...

Great news for America and the world...

now if only CA and AZ voters had not voted to enshrine bigotry against gays and lesbians in their state constitutions...very sad...

PS: I love the funny Paige and the serious one - you go, observational humorist!