Monday, January 21, 2008

A Blessing In Disguise...

OK, it's official; I am a soccer mom!!
Beyond the fact that my family goes to soccer practice for an hour and a 1/2 on Tues, an hour on Wed and an hour and a 1/2 on Thursday; games on Saturday that last an hour plus a 1/2 hour of practice prior too; besides for the time that I'm putting in with that - I'm a soccer mom because I LOVE IT!!

I'll admit it; I'm TOTALLY addicted. During soccer season I live for Saturdays; and if there's a double header I am in my glory. I actually considered postponing my vacation for a day so that my kids could play their soccer games, but Luis put the kaboosh on that big time. Yeah, I'm totally one of those loud, embarrassing moms that tries to encourage their kid as well as the team. I cheer for all the kids and the team as a whole. Go Ethen, Yeah Andrew, Go SHOCKERS! Go Dragons!

This is Nicky's second year playing soccer and he was lucky enough to get on a wonderful team; with a fabulous coach (of course he got on that team AFTER there was an incident over his placement; because hey you know me - I'm the Queen of INCIDENTS, and nothing ever runs as smoothly as it should. Yes, the registrar in her infinite wisdom put my 3 kids on teams that practiced at the same time in 2 different places. Well, ya know I wasn't having that; and after I let them know that this just wouldn't be possible; they moved Nicky onto the Shockers and now all is right with the world. Other than WT (see previous blog "Here We Go Again - Oct. 11, 2007) I love everyone on the team and all of their parents. Oh yeah, and by the way, after my little conversation with WT, coincidentally she and her child didn't come to practice for 6 weeks and they've only come 2 1/2 times beyond that. HMMMM - was it something I said; like "I'm Jewish" - I wonder. Ironically enough Coach Russell is Jewish too and get this; he comes from the same county in NY that I come from; but he moved here when he was 5. I love Coach Russell, he's like another brother for me; in fact he could be Mine and Schmooley's long lost brother.

OK so let's round the bend here. So the Shockers are having a fabulous season and it has been really exciting to watch. Even Michelle (Not yet legally) K came to oneof the Shockers games last weekend after her son' soccer game. Nicky scored his first goal about a month ago and he was over the moon. Lyndzi on the other hand averages about 4 goals a game, but then again their field is about the size of a twister board - haha just kidding - but it is small. Lyndzi can pretty much score a goal with one kick from the center of the field, and I heard her coach (coach Bob) say, "we're going to have to make this field bigger just for Lyndzi. Coach Bob is a sweetie. Lyndzi played on his team last year and he came back to coach again, even though he hasn't had a kid in the league for 2 years. Get your minds outta the gutter - he's a nice guy and he's still on the board which is why he'd coach a little kids team when they aren't his kids; but the point is - because he knew Lyndzi he had kicked the ball around with Kelsie last year and he agreed to let her play this year even though she wasn't old enough. Kelsie looks really cute in her uniform and she's good at chasing the ball, she's just not so interested in kicking it. Anyway, Dragons or Shockers, I am always LOUD and PROUD!!

So I've been sick for almost 6 weeks now. I've come to find out it's a sinus infection which is no big surprise because I pretty much always have a sinus infection. Really I think about now I am Queen of SINUS INFECTIONS - not something that one should aspire to be, but I feel well qualified for the position now, so I'll accept the title. Anyway, this sinus infection has given me a lovely cough that will not go away, no matter what I've tried and believe me I've tried just about everything. I had laryngitis on Christmas eve day due to all the coughing, and cured that with a little homeopathic remedy of my mother in laws. I was actually willing to wait to try it because I know me having laryngitis is Luis' favorite Christmas present (it happened 2 years ago and I've never seen the man happier.) But his mom was anxious ot help so by Christmas night my voice was back - fast forward a few weeks and this past Friday night I start losing my voice. Perhaps having to shout in a restaurant/dance place contributed to my illness but come Sat morning, yup - no voice.

As we rode to soccer I whispered to Luis; in my best pouty whisper, "This just isn't fair. How am I gonna cheer for our team if I don't have a voice?" I was very dejected. I even told my friend Monica that she would have to cheer for Nicky or tell him to move his butt or whatever I felt the need to say to him. Now you have to keep in mind that Monica is from Venezuela and though she speaks perfect English, she has a pretty thick accent; so it went something like this "Ahh, Come on Nick; MOVE!! Your Mama said so!" - trailed off by "don't hate Monica." Now as luck would have it, we were losing, we were losing bad, and Nicky was putting in NO EFFORT what so ever which pissed me off because I had to get up at 615 to get them all to the field by 730 because both the Shockers & the Dragons had 8 o'clock games this week. So if I had to get up, being sick, get them all ready and freeze my butt off; hell ya - he'd better be moving his.
So maybe my laryngitis was a blessing in disguise. It spared my child from his mom behaving badly, and spared me from another journal entry in his Mommie Dearest Diary, and it's just one less thing for him to have to discuss in his therapy (No, not now, - years from now when he's convinced that I've ruined his life - yup, I'm aiming high.) Every time I do something questionable where my children are concerned I just think to myself - yup, that's another therapy session right there.
Till Next time...
Queen of the Soccer Mom's

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Mrs. Kalka (reluctant soccer mom) said...

I pray to GOD that you never enroll the kids in Roller Derby.....