Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Scene in the Life:

Let me set the stage: It's about 545am and I am in my kitchen. I've been up working for a half hour (I overslept because I was having this delicious dream about Maks from Dancing with the Stars. G rated - but DELICIOUS!)

Scene 1: Paige is putting mini frozen pizzas in the toaster oven; (yes at 545 am - Nicky and Lyndzi want to take them for lunch.)

Camera pans to top of toaster oven with loaf of cinnamon bread on it.

Scene 2: Paige walks into kitchen and re-sets toaster oven for another 5 minutes.

Camera pans to top of toaster oven with loaf of cinnamon bread on it.

Scene 3. Paige removes mini pizzas from toaster oven and offers children cinnamon bread for breakfast.

Paige: "CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

You got it! I didn't remove the bread from the toaster oven while it was on and the plastic stuck to the top of the toaster oven; etc. Let's hope it didn't really get on the bread that I fed the kids for breakfast anyway. It was nice and warm - though.

Say it with me "Who could make this stuff up?" Honestly, does it help make me seem like less of an idiot if I tell you that I've only had the toaster oven for 2 weeks?? I am truly my own worst enemy. BUT, as I've proven time and time again, I can laugh at myself and I do recognize how incredibly pathetic this is. I just thought that yet again, it would be the PERFECT opportunity for my own reality show. I felt like I was channeling Ozzy Osbourne or something. Couldn't you just see him using the toaster oven, walking away and then the camera pans to the bread adhering and melting on the toaster oven - yeah, me too. Guess that's what I get for dreaming about Maks. I suppose I have to try and keep my dreams to my husband only in order not to damage any more appliances and poison the children - I get it, I get it.

Till next time...

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