Thursday, March 20, 2008

Moved to Tears

There are several reasons why my blog is much longer than typical blogs. 1. I'm an overachiever - haha No, just kidding. 1. I don't post everyday or even on a regular basis, reasons being A) I don't have the luxury of time and B) and much more importantly; I won't/can't write about just anything. Believe it or not, I want my blog to matter in as much as I am giving you a good laugh, or provoking thought or sharing information and ideas that I your Queen of EVERYTHING, deem worthwhile for you. 2. I've got the gift of gab - OK, now you've probably forgotten why I'm listing reasons (I almost did - LOL) It was reasons my blog is typically so long. Right OK, so gift of gab. I write like I speak and no one has ever accused me of being short on words. OK I admit, I'm verbose. I am prone to the excess, hence, wordy blogs; however, I don't try to be wordy intentionally; I'm just trying to get my point across, and ya'know; this is how I roll. 3. HAHA - yes, of course I'm gonna keep going... Because I don't blog on a regular basis, I tend to combine multiple stories or experiences into one blog and surely this makes the blogs longer and exemplifies the whole theory of "The Bumpy Ride." For instance; if I cared less and didn't really have valuable information to share; this in and of itself could have been a blog; BUT you know me; I've only just begun AND I do have more to say - so let's round the curve and start going down the hill (well, not DOWNHILL I hope, but you know what I mean - hopefully. It's Bumpy Ride speak. My intro twisted and turned and climbed the hill and now i'm ready to head back down.)Gee, why are my blogs so long?? HMMMM...

OK, so as I previously stated, sometimes I HAVE to wait to blog until I know I have the PERFECT story for you. Just call me Queen of Anal Retentive; (but it's all for the greater good.) So, last night I experienced something that was so extraordinary, so profound; I knew that I had to share it with you. I would have typed the blog right then and there, but I had to get to bed so I could be up to work at 415; but I went to bed thinking about what I was going to write; and almost counted the minutes until I could sit down and tell this story.

Now I'm sad to say that my favorite hottie; Maks, is not on the new season of "Dancing with the Stars" yet I am watching it anyway. This season is actually full of "stars" that I enjoy. First, there's Steve Guttenberg. I've liked him forever. I LOVED him in "Diner," and he's always reminded me of this semi-boyfriend that I had in high school and college. Moving on, there's Marrissa Jaret Winokur - She's the original Tracy from the Broadway version of "Hairspray" for which she won a Tony. She's less than 5 feet tall and admittedly chubby and I love, love, love that she's out there in all her glory, doing her thing. She's got a ton of pep and energy and a real zest for life. She's a cancer survivor and just a little firecracker - Go Marissa GO!! Now, Penn Gillette and Adam Corolla are both contestants (though probably not for long;) and they both crack me up. Priscilla Presley looked a little scary to me at first but I think that's just her face. I was prepared not to like her; but I've got to give her props because she did great; as did Kristie Yamaguchi who was just amazing - SO graceful. Now last but CERTAINLY not least, was Marlee Matlin. Let me just say that I LOVE Marlee Matlin. She is sassy (which I'm a huge proponent of) classy, funny, fearless and inspiring. If any of you don't know - Marlee Matlin is a "profoundly deaf" actress who won an Oscar many moons ago for her performance in "Children of a Lesser God." She's been on "The West Wing," and more recently "The L Word," and now lucky us; she is on DWTS. She has said that she can't hear the music though sometimes if it's strong enough, she can hear the beat. She just follows her partner and watches his facial expressions and she says that is her music. She reads lips very well, but says that it's tiring, so she has an interpreter with her at all times and he signs the instructions after her partner gives them - OMG - SO much work!!
Well, let me tell you; I watched her dance and I was literally moved to tears. There was something about knowing that she couldn't hear the music that was just so powerful, so life affirming, so humbling, so compelling, and beautiful and motivating and brave. I'm not now, but I sure was then - SPEECHLESS! YES, me, Word Queen - SPEECHLESS!

Marlee Matlin's performance was the most brilliant and thought / emotion provoking performance that I have seen since Roberto Benigni in "Life is beautiful." It had the same exact effect on me. It taught me to take nothing for granted, see the beauty, that the only way to fail is not to try, to set an example for your children of all of the above AND that it's not what you say, but what you do. I KNOW that I SAY A LOT- but I'm hoping that in doing so, I am also DOING something.
Marlee's performance made me want to be a better person. To try harder - at EVERYTHING. To jump hurdles and seek challenges - because I CAN.
I can't encourage you enough to tune in to "Dancing with the Stars" and watch Marlee Matlin - I really believe that you will be glad you did.
If you did see her performance, or do watch next week, please leave a comment on this blog.

I know this wasn't my typical blog; but like I said earlier, I'm all for your greater good; and seriously, it just doesn't get better than this.
Till next time...


Mrs, Kalka said...

I too cried when I watched Marlee dance. She is so amazing, and positive. You are right, 100%. On the other hand, Priscilla Presley scared me as well - I think we can chalk it up to her and Lovey Borenstein having the same plastic surgeon. I also loved Marissa and Kristi. And I like the new guy with Marlee, he seems so nice.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah and could Cristian De La Fuente BE any hotter? Panty-changing alert!

Anonymous said...

You are the one that is beautiful with the "upspoken" and spoken word. And don't worry about the example that you are setting for your children, that blog says it all......LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, You made it that way.(Especially for your children).