Friday, October 3, 2008


This morning, Jackie and I were emailing each other about the debate. I was almost done with my email when I realized "I just wrote my next blog." I even mentioned that to Jackie as I signed off, and when she replied she said "funny after reading about 2 lines, I thought this should be your blog." So here it is. I feel compelled to share my impressions of Thursday's debate. We only have a month to go till election day and then my political blogs should disappear for the most part; so please just indulge me. You know I'm Queen of_____________ Right, THE GREATER GOOD; so I HAVE to write about this...

In my honest opinion, Sarah Palin did well for HER in as much as she didn’t screw up. So if that that was all that SHE had to do to be viewed as doing well - her bar was set REALLY low. And of course that begs the question: Is our only expectation of a VP, that they DON'T SCREW UP? LOL That CERTAINLY was NOT the only expectation for Joe Biden last night and aren't both candidates supposed to be held to the same standards?
Although all politicians have their own agenda none have ever made this is clear as does Sarah Palin. She didn’t answer most of the questions as they were asked and when Joe Biden tried to point that out, she VERY arrogantly made a point of saying that she "might not answer his questions or the moderators questions;" she just wants to speak to the American people and let them know who she really is and what she's about. OK, well she had the chance to do that before; it was called the Republican convention. Last night it was called a DEBATE. I mean isn’t that the point of a debate; to answer questions? Otherwise if you're just talking about what you want to talk about, it's called a speech and this was not supposed to be a speech! She was supposed to answer the questions. One of the questions that she avoided answering was about the Achilles heel. She averted the question and again talked about what she wanted to talk about. Biden; however, made SURE to answer the question and I thought he did so very well.

Here’s her game as I see it. She wants Ma & Pa America to think that she relates to them, she’s one of them, she get down and dirty with them; oh she’s gonna help them, she’s gonna fight for them, and all her stories about soccer moms, and her down home speak is supposed to make you relate to her; BUT the truth of the matter is, that once she’s in office, she’s not going to be talking to us. Excuse me, but how often does the VP give a speech to the people or have any thing to do with THE PEOPLE? She’s going to be talking to Washington; and people in Washington DON’T talk like that. Nor do the world leaders that she’ll have to meet with to discuss foreign policy. All, she did was memorize some facts and numbers, but they were the same #’s and false facts that McCain tried to use in his debate and Obama disputed them when he tried to use them, and proclaimed them to be false.

Sarah Palin does not have relevant experience for THIS job and Joe Biden does. How can she oversee the Senate when she has never even been to the Senate? Biden on the other hand has been IN THE SENATE for 25 years. She is also looking for more power in the Senate (just like Cheney) and that is EXACTLY what SHE said. "Just like Cheney." Anyone who likens themselves to Cheney – well, there’s another red flag right there. Biden explained that the only job the VP has in the Seante is to breaka tie vote if their is one. But Sarah Palin sees the Senate as a way for her to have MORE influence. She will not just be a tie breaking vote if she has he way; she'll be in control.

Gov. Palin is a narrow minded, puppet. She rehearsed the lines they fed her at Camp McCain in Sedona, and then when she got to the Debate (NOT speech) she was unable to answer any questions that she hadn't rehearsed; which is exactly why she can't get through an interview without showing the world what a moron she is. Is this what we want, a Vice President who can't think on her feet? Let's face it, she may be the Greatest Mayor that meth filled Wasilla has ever seen; heck, she may even be a good Governor if you don't mind a self-righteous, right to lifer who blames sexual abuse victims for their attacks and forces her knocked up 17 year old daughter to marry the self proclaimed Red Neck, Hockey player who got her that way AFTER he listed on his MySpace page that he DIDN'T WANT CHILDREN. (Guess he didn't until the Republican party told him that he did...)

Bottom line - Sarah Palin is a DANGEROUS woman; because ignorance and intolerance are DANGEROUS.
I urge you to vote Obama / Biden on November 4th and do all that you can do to encourage others; just like I am trying to encourage you. Our future depends on it.
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nancy said...

I read this out loud to Dan and we both very much enjoyed it. We thought you made an excellent point about speech vs. debate... and it DOES scare me that she can't answer anything she hasn't rehearsed.

Great blog, Paige!

Tina Fey-Palin said...

I still love that little skunk, do you mind if I call it "joe", I rehearsed some jokes about the skunk and I'd like to name the skunk, "joe"....... lol..I crack myself up. pew pew. (that was my guns uh firing.)

Anonymous said...

agree. amen to that, paige.

but I must say she was such a sport to shake the hands of the gang who's spoofing her off back at SNL :)