Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Guilty Pleasure

Disclaimer: Rest assured, this is not becoming an all scrapbooking blog; nor is it becoming an all Maks loving blog and while I'm at it - it's not becoming an all anti-Palin blog - yet all will be mentioned here and now...

This months theme for The "Scrapbooking from the Inside Out" kit club is JOY. Now, since it's "Inside Out," you're encouraged to explore your feelings. Everyone knows my kids bring me joy, and my husband brings me joy; so we try to delve a little deeper and for me I didn't have to dig too far to be able to say "Maks brings me JOY!!" OH BOY, does he bring me joy. As soon as I decided to scrapbook the picture of me and Maks; I knew what the title would have to be; so I now present to you;
my "Guilty Pleasure."
When I made this lay out, it took a lot of thought before I finally came up with my Garden of Eden theme.

The journalling reads:
I've had a shameless crush on Maks from "Dancing with the Stars" for a few years now. I know it's beyond ridiculous; but what can I say - looking at him is like looking at a piece of art. To me, he is PERFECTION; and undeniably MY GUILTY PLEASURE.
As much as I LOVE to admire Maks; seeing this picture of us together DELIGHTS me NO END. I smile from Ear to Ear every time I look at it because he brings me JOY.

I know - I've said it before, "I just can't help myself." Hello, my name is Paige and I'm a Maks addict.  I JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH. In fact; you know you have a problem when you rewind the intro of "Dancing with the Stars" just so you can see Maks on the screen one more time. Yep - a PROBLEM; I know. BUT, I do have a new goal, OK, fantasy - whatever. It goes something like this (English accent - Announcer's voice) "And now dancing the samba (and you have to say it like him; Sam - like the name; Samba,) "AND now dancing the Samba, Observational Humorist, Paige Ramos and her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy." Ahhh! I can hear it now. Maybe if we all visualize it enough; it will come true. What? Weirder things have happened.
I could make a breakthrough; just picture me in that Samba costume - LOL

Now, while I'm on the topic of guilty pleasures; I'd be remiss if I did not mention Facebook (again). OK I admit it; I'm LOVIN me some Facebook. In just a couple of weeks I have reconnected with several people from "The Condo," (The development where I grew up. Hey, I was even invited to join the alumni of the New City Condo ASSOCIATION; and ya, know I did.) Then there's my pals from Elementary school, High School x 2 (The school I should have gone to because of my address & the school that I went to because I LOVED IT!) College, The Pines (And ya know that if Speedy Garfin wants to be my "friend," I'm DEFINITELY sayin YES.) LOL

Facebook has helped me reconnect with people who were REALLY important and special to me. Yes me; Queen of MAINTAINING FRIENDSHIPS OVER LONG PERIODS OF TIME (not to mention Queen of LONG ASS TITLES) it has even helped me. So I highly recommend that you join up; and then add me as your friend (if you haven't already.)
And so we move on...

Oh what would my blog be these days if I didn't take a jab or sixteen at Sarah Palin. So under the category of "Let me state the obvious" - Just because Sarah Palin went on "Saturday Night Live" (under the guise of) showing what a good sport she is - it still does not and I mean DOES NOT qualify her to be the Vice President of the United States. Sorry Sarah but the last time I checked; being a good sport wasn't a criteria that people looked for in a VP - sorry, not gonna buy it. Now, I thought that would be the only comment that I was going to make about her - but wait... there's more. How fortuitous that I've taken to writing my blog on Wednesday's (have ya noticed?) Because now, I have more fuel for my fire. Like the fact that Gov. Palin doesn't even know what the job of the VP is; and if she does, she got REALLY confused when she tried to explain it to a class of third graders. I'm SURE that you've already heard that she told them that the Vice President is in charge of the Senate... Um, NO Governor, the VP is NOT in charge of the Senate. You need to get that nasty little idea out of your head. UNLIKE me &; my " DWTS" fantasy, no mater how many times YOU say that - it's not going to come true. God forbid you were to win, you are not and yes; I REPEAT; NOT going to be in charge of the Senate. You'll only break a tie vote if and when you have to. Deja vu - haven't I explained this before. And of course, I must mention the $150,000 that the Republican National Committee spent to make over Hockey Mom; Gov. Sarah Palin. Oh, she was EXACTLY what they were looking for. EXACTLY the person that America was going to relate to. But I guess Ma and Pa sittin around the table just couldn't realte to her unless she had a new $150,000 wardrobe; so the RNC went on a spree at Neiman Marcus for a mere $150,000 and bought her one. Yup - you read me. Oh and she wasn't the only one who got outfitted. Baby Trig got (The EVERY Baby needs one) pacifier from Neiman's now ain't that real down home?? What do ya think of that Joe Six pack?? OY!
Till next time...

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Anonymous said...

Love the layout, love the guilty pleasure. And since you are his biggest fan, who knows someday, you might be lovin you some samba.