Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Observational Humorist

This weekend we have been enjoying a long overdue visit from Rachel. So Friday night after shopping for food, making dinner, playing Bingo with the kids, and generally catching up; Rach and I sat down to watch the first episode of the new series "The Starter Wife" with Debra Messing, (that I had DVR'd the week before.)

Rach and I were really enjoying the show (and if you have yet to see it, I totally recommend it; but the point is, Debra Messing's character is a writer.) Anyway, she had gone to a writing workshop and the teacher told her that he thought he knew of the perfect job for her, as there was a magazine that was looking for an "Observational Humorist." Well, I immediately looked at Rachel, and said "THAT'S Me." To which she replied "Yes it is." So there we have it. I now have a direction; so all of you potential publishers out there - look no further, here I am ... YOUR Observational HUMORIST.

Now what would a weekend be for Rachel and I if we didn't scrapbook at some point? So of course we went to a crop (scrapbooking get together for all of you non-scrappers) at Michelle (I heard her husband giving her a hard time the other day because she still hadn't become legally) K's house. We were having a fabulous time, enjoying the DELICIOUS chili that she had made, as well as the Cheese "crack;" (don't even ask) and the yummy pumpkin muffins with cream cheese frosting (Yes, I'm still friggin going to the gym - don't let the menu fool you;) and somebody brought up the show "17 Kids and Counting." OK, now for those of you who have NO IDEA what I'm talking about, let me explain. Michelle & Jim Bob (Yes, I said Jim Bob) Duggar reside in Arkansas with their 17 natural born children, and she is pregnant AGAIN.

This family has had several specials on PBS which is how I knew about them to begin with. I think I actually saw them first on "13 and Pregnant again," (which I thought was going to be something altogether different than what it was;) but out of sheer curiosity you just HAVE to watch it; and NOW they have their own show on TLC. OK, so if having 17 kids and one on the way, doesn't make you DIFFERENT enough. Let me tell you that ALL of their kids names start with the letter "J" not that there's anything wrong with that; it's just one of their little endearing quirks. They are all home schooled, they watch one hour of TV a month and they have minimal (supervised) use of the Internet. They travel in a tour bus with 15 beds; and they're basically your modern day freak show. I say this because Michelle and Jim Bob seem to have capitalized on the oddity of their family and you can now see them all over the place. The Today show, The Arkansas Peabody Hotel for the duck parade, Branson, TLC etc. etc. OK, so while we were discussing the Duggar's I felt compelled to share something that I had "OBSERVED" when I was watching their show the other night. So get this. As I told you, they point out in the opening of their show, that they watch VERY LITTLE TV; and in the episode the other night, they had another family (16 kids with one on the way) visiting them for 2 weeks. So Pa Duggar decides it would be fun for them to all go play paintball. They divide into two humongous teams, and run off, and all of a sudden I hear one of the little boys say (in a pretty authentic "Tony Montana" accent) "Say hello to my little friend." "Say hello to my little friend..." Did I just hear that right? I couldn't believe it. I waited, and watched with baited breath to find out if it was ACTUALLY one of the little Duggar boys who said it, or one of the visitor kids, but NO, low and behold, it was said by a Duggar. Hmm, 1 hour of TV a month my ass. How in the world would this kid (who could not have been more than 10) think to say that, and with that accent, if he had never seen "Scarface?" (one of the most violent movies of our time.) Hmm, something smells rotten in Arkansas. This is just about as suspicious as Sarah Palin. Well, after sharing my little Duggar tale, I KNEW that this was the PERFECT blog for an OBSERVATIONAL HUMORIST. I just don't think I can let this go. So Duggars; AND THE REST OF THE WORLD - I'm puitting you on notice. You've now been warned - Paige Ramos (Queen of EVERYTHING) Observational Humorist; is ON THE JOB!
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Not Yet Legal!! said...

"Say Hello to my Wet Pants!"
I think I just peed!! You are hysterical and my favorite OBSERVATIONAL HUMORIST!! I waited forever for your latest blog and it was OH SO worth the wait!!!! Keep 'em coming!

LORI said...

guess what?! i fixed it! i had my blog name wrong in my settings, oops...clearly not enough coffee that day. try it again and let me know! as for the duggers, the jury's still out. i still give the woman a crown for not offing someone by now. really.

nancy said...

You keep an eye on the duggars for us... they probably watch their own show every week!!