Sunday, April 1, 2007


Disclaimer: Once again I cannot take credit for the clever title. If you are chuckling, you owe your laugh to Big V and her husband Joey; who not only left me a message requesting a blog with this title, but sent me a text with it as well. Good one guys!!

I have to say before I begin that I am flattered that people (well Big V) is making requests for blogs. At least I know I'm amusing someone. But now to request a blog AND request a title - Oh, the pressure... Since I am more than capable of being the Queen of INSECURITY; I can only hope that I don't disappoint.

Now, I'm sure that some of you saw the title, put two and two together, and laughed your heads off. The others of you don't watch the Amazing Race. I must say I think that I laughed out loud during this episode more than I can remember laughing at any show in a very long time; and once again all my laughter came at the expense of Charla and Mirna.

I am still finding it SO difficult to understand why these two morons feel the need to put on fake accents when talking to people in other countries. I'm beginning to think that they do it because they are hoping that they sound like these people, when they are trying to speak English. You know what I mean? Like they when they're in Poland, they tried to sound like what they thought Polish people would sound like if they were trying to speak English. Only problems with this are: 1. If they were native and really had this accent, they would just speak their native language and not English in Poland and 2. Every accent sounds the same. I mean the people of Poland don't know that this was the same way they sounded trying to talk to the people of Mozambique; but we do, and it CRACKS ME UP.

I also have to say it is absolutely ridiculous to me when Mirna insists on telling people or the camera that she and Charla are "young girls." Mirna and Charla are definitely under 40 but they are far from"Young girls." The beauty Queens are definitely younger than them, and Dani is definitely younger than them, but she says "no one wants to help us and we are two young girls," or "why are you doing this to us, we are young girls..." Well Mirna, you need to take a look in a mirror during your next pit stop baby, because you and Charla really ain't so young.

Now explain this one to me. Mirna tries to get some Polish taxi cab drivers to give her directions, they tell her they'll help her for $100, and she gets all Mirna on them (and by Mirna on them, I mean CRAZY;) and says (in her fake accent) "what do you think, I am made of money? You are trying to rob us and we are (say it with me) just 2 young girls." SO the taxi cab drivers get insulted (at the inference that they are trying to rob them) and start walking away; and Mirna says (in her fake accent) "my friend, where are you going?" OMG - I laughed so hard I thought I would pee. Now Mirna, you are an attorney honey, one would think that you would know that the word friend is not a word you use to a stranger that you just yelled at and accused of robbing you.

So as if all of this wasn't funny enough, In the middle of the night, Charla and Mirna get to the roadblock which entails one of the team members to put on a full suit of armor and walk a horse a 1/2 a mile. Mirna says to Charla "are you sure that you want to do this? Remember, we are facing getting kicked out of the race." Now keep in mind, not long before arriving at the roadblock Mirna had just yelled her head off at Charla and complained that she (Mirna) had to do everything; drive, do all the roadblocks etc. So what's Charla gonna say, "no, you do it?" But all I want to say is - See Mirna, you should have let Charla look for that stupid letter a few weeks ago, I think she was a lot more qualified to do that, then to put on a whole suit of armor and lead a horse (that is like the size of a dinosaur to her) for a half mile. Charla fell down twice (which was hysterical ) and Mirna yelled at her the entire time. Now I ask you; how could you not want these two to win? - NOT!!!

My money is on Danny and Oswald. I think they are fabulous!! They are gentlemen, they are kind, they are compassionate, they are funny and they are running a great race. My second choice would be Uchenna and Joyce because I just think they are good people. I like the way Uchenna talks and he is extremely reflective; he could actually make a good politician. Moving up for me to third place are the Beauty Queens. I hated them in their season, but they're acting a little nicer now, so I don't mind if they stick around a little longer; I just don't want them to win.
Honestly, the show might not be as funny once Mirna and Charla go - they have become the people you love to hate.
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Sir Jacksalot and Peesalot said...

The only differnce in the way you watched and described amazing race, which by the way you did to a tee, is that when Charla fell in the suit of armor I actually did pee my pants. Holy shit, that has to be the funnies thing ever. I wonder how long Mirna let her lie face down, motionless, before she helped her up, and I wonder if she was STILL yelling at her. I honestly think they gave her the biggest horse. And did you hear Mirna say, " It's not time to eat my little horsey, I have sausage for you", Again, I peed my pants. You know what they say, "Wheebles Wabble but they don't fall down". I can't wait to see clips of her on her catamaran. Priceless.