Thursday, March 22, 2007

Enough Already

OK, I AM MAD!! I AM MAD because we have to put up with Sangria for another week, I AM MAD because of the morons at, I AM MAD at Howard Stern, I AM MAD because I don't just wanna be the American Idol Blog Queen - I have so much more to write about than American Idol; yet I'm so infuriated by all that's going on with AI right now, and everyone wants to talk about it, so I feel I must blog on...

So here's the deal: There are a bunch of killjoys out there that follow a website called AND as if the website wasn't enough on its own; Howard Stern has been encouraging his disciples to vote for Sangria in order to keep the worst in the competition.
Obviously these 2 forces are very successful because last night, Sangria wasn't even in his rightful place in the bottom 3. Or I guess I should say bottom 2 because they didn't mention a bottom 3. So now 2 people who can sing circles around Sangria were in the bottom 2 and one of them went home. This is just CRAP!!
OK - I'll admit that for the past 2 shows Stephanie Edwards (the girl who left last night;) had not brought her A game - but truth be told, her E game was better than Sangria ANY DAY; and don't even get me started on Chris Robinson. Chris is AWESOME, he's got a great sound and I even put him in my top 3; so this is just BULL.

Sangria is now in the top 10 which is a frikkin joke. Any person with an ounce of self respect would just remove themselves from the competition at this point. I mean basically they are voting William Hung into the top 10. Remember that guy? Yah, well Sangria is getting recognition for being bad; just like William Hung. Now William, he didn't care; he had his 15 plus minutes of fame and even made a record, BUT doesn't Sangria realize that people are only voting for him because he is "the worst," how awful. I actually feel a little bad for the guy, girl?, guy - whatever he/she is. BUT I feel worse for us, having to endure him.

AND while I'm on the subject - I think Chris Sligh should be removed from the competition for giving a shout out to Dave - The guy who runs What the heck is he doing? In case you don't know what I'm talking about; during his few minutes w/ Ryan -( yes the same few minutes where Ryan made the hand job sign,) Chris said "Hey Dave" twice and he WAS referring to Dave from I am positive of this because I checked out this travesty of a website and sure enough "Dave" mentions Chris Sligh and his shout out and goes on to say that since Chris is such a big fan of VFTW, once Sangria is gone; he's going to tell people to vote for Chris - and here's some food for thought: on the VFTW website there is a picture of one of the idol's holding a VFTW t-shirt. Guess which one? Can you say Soul patrol? That's right - Taylor Hicks. I'm just disgusted!!
So I say, kick off Sligh and bring back AJ (Yes, I'm still hoping for that;) and of course get rid of Sangria once and for all. I say, if you don't like the show, don't watch the show, but don't ruin it for everyone else by keeping in this guy/girl who has no right to be there - enough is enough already.
I think it may just be time for the Queen of EVERYTHNG to take a road trip over to VFTW and express my dissatisfaction all over their page. I'll let you know if I go.
Till next time...

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Anonymous said...

Here's what needs to happen, we need to kick Sanva-ja-ja, off the island, bring on Charla from Amazing Race and have her sing "Short People", and give Chris Sigh and spot on Dancing with the Stars, he can do the " Hand Jive". God, why hasn't Mark Burnett thought of this by now, duh.