Monday, March 12, 2007

How the Ride Began Part 2

Disclaimer: This blog was previously published in the form of an email. To those readers who were in my Oscar pool or test market, I apologize for the re-run, and assure you that this will be the last one. My next blog will be brand spankin new; so please indulge me this one more time.

Fasten your seat belts; it's gonna be a bumpy ride...
SO back in the day; (the day being HS, college and basically pre-marriage,) I had a lot of male friends. Yes, some friends with benefits some others just friends; (I know what you're thinking; and you're probably right - LOL) I had plenty of female friends too of course (though not with benefits; haha) but anyway, A lot of male friends.
So once upon a time I was engaged to this former Chippendales dancer. In my opinion he was HOT, and obviously many would agree (though probably not my older friends b/c they hated him; and with good reason.) You see, HOT yes but good, NO. He couldn't keep a job while we were together, he stole from me and my friends, he had anger mgmt issues, and maybe a drinking problem and basically he was self-admittedly obsessed with me. I bring this up because I remember that when we were together , sometimes while I was at work, I would talk to this male friend on the phone; and though he was not as HOT as my then fiancé , I would get off the phone and I would feel so exhilarated. A little mind f_ck if you will; AND that Mind f_ck was AMAZING!! Anyway, I realized that the way I felt after some of these conversations was alot more important than how hot my man was or how much he loved me. I had a cerebral need and it wasn't being met. So I dumped him.
Now you may ask why I share this with you, and believe me, you know me; though it may take me long to get there; I always have a point. So when I wrote, James Spader, James Spader, James Spader when praising Boston Legal; one of my dear friends came back with James Spader vs. McDreamy (Grey's Anatomy) NO WAY!! So to this I reply - it's not always about the looks. I'm not saying that James Spader is hotter than McDreamy in a physical sense; (though he's not uneasy on the eyes;) but the way he delivers his monologues on BL - What a MIND F_CK!! I mean if you saw it last night - Gail O'Grady's character (the judge on JS's case;) was TOTALLY into him for his conduct, his repartee, his mind F_CK, if you will. Think about it people, the brain is as much a sexual organ as any other that we have. If you have a partner that challenges you intellectually and stimulates your awareness, this will go much farther then having a partner who is just downright good looking; cause - looks have been known to fade (just in some people's cases.) So yes; again I praise James Spader for giving me that delicious feeling after he's pushed the envelope for the umteenth time. Bravo James, Bravo, keep it coming. And Kudos to David Kelly, I mean SSAD - Same Sex Attraction Disorder; how friggin funny was that... For those of you who don't watch I'm sorry, you don't know what you're missing; and hopefully next time I'll blog about something that has some more meaning to you. As for McDreamy I don't think he brings as much to the table in the brains department, but if y'all enjoy looking at him; have at it. I still look at him and see him doing the African Ant Eater ritual in "Can't buy me love;" remember that 80's B Rate film ?? Don't get me wrong, amongst other things that I consider myself the Queen of; I am the queen of 80's B rate films. About Last Night; I could recite word for word, same with St. Elm's Fire, Sixteen Candles, Grease 2 (as previously mentioned,) and too many more too numerous to name. I enjoyed Can't buy me love; I'd watch it right now if it was on and I had the time; but McDreamy?? I don't know.
I on the other hand am fortunate enough to have a husband who is a total cutie, pretty funny and definitely smart - but for my mind F_CK; i'll tune in to BL.
Till next time...


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