Thursday, March 8, 2007

American Idol?

Tonight I am the Queen of Discontentment... I mean, what the heck is going on with American Idol? How many times do Randy, Paula and Simon need to remind everyone that it's a singing competition? I think my friend Lesa summed it up the best, (when I called her right after the show and she answered the phone with) "Are you freakin kidding me?" My sentiments exactly. OK, so let me be more clear...

First of all, Antonella and Jared definitely needed to go; and they did - but Hayley over Sabrina, and Sangria over Sundance? C'mon - who is voting for these jokers? (I know his name isn't really Sangria, but I couldn't even begin to spell it and I'm hoping that he's not gonna be around long enough for me to have to learn.) Once again, I think my friend Lesa put it best, when Sangria and Antonella got to stay on last week; she said "Plllease, my cat sings better than them." Well I say - next year Lesa, bring your cat to the auditions, and when Simon asks you why in the world you've brought your cat? (Now you have to have read that to yourself with an English accent. LOL) You can just tell him, "well, last year you put Sangria and Antonella through and my cat sings better than them; so I thought... why not?"
And while I'm on the subject of Antonella - Why was it OK to kick Frenchie (a real contender) out of season 2 for posing in some lingerie on the Internet and this girl gets to stay in? Hmm, maybe if Frenchie wasn't a big girl, things would have been different. I say No fair!!

Hayley seems like a nice girl but her voice just doesn't compare to Melinda, Lakeisha, Stephanie and yes, Sabrina. Gina is good for a white girl, but she really can't compete with the likes of the aforementioned. Now Jordin; I like me some Jordin, and she deserves to be right where she is, I just don't think she'll be in it for the long haul.

Now let's get back to the guys. Blake, Chris and Chris - I like em' but I don't think any of the em are the next Idol. I think Brandon needs to go back to being a back up singer and I even would have put Sundance in before him.
I guess I shouldn't complain, because I didn't vote on Tuesday night- but that was because I felt scorned from last week when America let AJ go. I LIKED AJ!! I thought he was GREAT.
He was FUN, he was Different, he was GAY. (Oops, did I say that?) Well, what the heck, like Sangria's not? To quote Seinfeld, "Not that there's anything wrong with that." Hell, some of my VERY best friends are gay - so we know I'm not being um, what's the word - well, you know what I mean. (Oh, maybe I shouldn't have said that. LOL) But some of our most dynamic, exciting, incredible performers are gay. Look at Elton, and Melissa, and Boy George; OK maybe not Boy George, but back in the day, boy? was GOOD.
Anyway, AJ rocked and I really enjoyed him. I kept hoping that someone would get arrested or turn up naked on a website so that Idol could bring AJ back; but so far that just hasn't happened. =0( OK - so to the point, I didn't vote; so I guess I have no right to complain that Sangria and Hayley are in and Sundance and Sabrina are out.

Now, I did vote for a girl- and it was Jordin. Mostly because I was watching it on tape and she was the first one and I like her; so I voted like 8 times; but when you're talking about millions of votes - what's 8 really? Not enough to keep AJ; I'll tell ya that.

OK, so the judges cautioned you America; "singing contest, singing contest." What does everyone want to see Sangria do so badly, that they keep putting him through? Now Hayley, yeah, she can sing. I'll just say it though - not like the sistahs!! It is Lakeisha and Melinda's contest to lose. And furthermore; I want to say that this nonsense about putting in 6 guys and 6 girls is rubbish. I say go back to season 1 and put in whoever is THE BEST; and if it's all girls, so be it, or just 3 guys, well OK. I just don't think it's fair that someone would lose their shot because of a quota, when this is supposed to be a "singing competition."

Now of the 3 judges Simon is my favorite - probably because he tells it like it is (hmm, now who does that sound like? No wonder I like him. =0) Anyway, Simon made a good point a few weeks ago when Antonella brought up the fact that he didn't like Jennifer Hudson. Simon said "we put her through, but America didn't pick her;" and he was right. I was not a Jen fan when she was on idol. In fact, I couldn't wait for her to leave; but as Effie, she was on the money (though she's lucky Lakeisha didn't audition for that part.) Will she ever act again, (Jen) my money says not likely, and if so, it's definitely not gonna be Oscar worthy. I could be wrong, but I think she is a one trick pony. But back to the original point - it's America's choice.

Now the judges want to get all down on us for putting these numnuts through; but they are the ones who put them in the top 24 to begin with. C'mon, they had to have had some hint before the live shows, that some of them weren't gonna cut it- but huh, there you go, maybe some of them were there to make the others look better, make better TV and who would have thought that America would have put the wrong ones through? No, not America... Anyone remember the Bush/Gore election? Need I say more?

OK, I have probably spent way too much time ranting about this. I've got kids to put to sleep and laundry to fold; not to mention I have to be up at 415 for work. So right about now I'm just the Queen of Wishful thinking, and hopefully America will get on the ball and listen to Simon. C'mon America - Just say NO...To Sangria!!
Till next time...


Denise Richards, "actress" said...

I couldnt agree more! I am so glad Antonella got voted off - she was like a white trash version of ME!!!If I wasnt so busy doing several kilos of cocaine a week with Richie "Old balls" Sambora, I would probably have kicked her ass back to Jersey!!

Navin R. Johnson said...

Sangria can bank on his mad hula skills to keep him in the game. I guess that doesn't say much for Antonella's mouth skills, er, I mean, mad skills?!