Monday, March 12, 2007

Shiny Nails

This weekend, I was the Queen of Pathetic. Although in retrospect, I'm not quite sure that I should limit it to just this weekend; you see I do stuff like this ALL THE TIME.

So, Michelle K and I went to go get pedicures at Shiny Nails. We had gone there once previously to get our pedicures etc. before Michelle's wedding in Vegas (Feb 10.)
Anyway, I say to Michelle "When you make the appointments, please request Lee for me because that is who I had last time, and she did a good enough job, and I would hate to go in there and have her put a hex on me if I was using someone else; or have her talk about me even more than they do." You guessed it, Shiny Nails is not operated by fully English speaking women; need I say more?

OK so Michelle and I get our pedicures. We got the exact same design (though different colors) because the lady sitting next to Michelle had gotten it and we thought it was super. Coincidentally, the color I picked was Lee's favorite. I know because she told me "Dat my favrit culah." Go figure. All the culahs in the store, and I pick Lee's favorite... Now because I opt to get the "special" heel reparation as Lee has advised me that I really need this, it will be good for me; Michelle finishes first.

By the time I was done, Michelle was already dry. Lee said "You can go if you will be very careful." To which I replied "Oh no, I need to dry a for a few minutes because after spending all this money on my toes, I don't wanna mess it up." So I sit to dry and Michelle runs over to the supermarket. She comes back, and well, we NEED coffee. So we walk to my car with the cart she has used from the supermarket. After we put the bags in the car. I take the cart to return it, (well, to the curb, ) and I announce "Our toes look GOOOOD!!" (Aha, just like that "Our toes look GOOOD!!;) and with that, I go to raise the cart to the curb using my foot, and you guessed it, RUINED my pedicure. Well it was SO pathetic that we had to laugh. And there I was in the street trying to retrieve one of the rhinestones that fell off my big toe. I felt like SUCH a MORON. I just cannot be trusted. I truly am my own worst enemy. Anyway, of course I had to go back in and they kindly fixed it for me; but you know they were talking about me, and heck , I deserved it - this time.
Again I say to you; who could make this stuff up?
Till next time...


Tran Nguyen, manicurist said...

What you want, permanent nails? Nothing like that in this life, Clumsy American Nail breaker! And My name not Lee!

Anonymous said...

Holy f"in shit, I give up, when I finally signed in, it erased my four page comment.I have had it with this stupid ass Monday. I'll write the real comment later. I'm going to go have a serious nervous breakdown now.