Monday, March 12, 2007

How the Ride Began Part 1

Disclaimer: This blog is has been previously published in the form of an email. So to any readers who participated in my Oscar pool or were in my test market, I apologize for the re-run; but wanted everyone to have a clear understanding of how the ride began...

OK, so with that said; When I announced that I was going to be writing a blog, many people asked WHAT I was going to be blogging about, and this was my reply:
Now you may be wondering what I plan to blog about and believe me; so do I. I certainly have comments still left to be made about the Oscar's; before, during and after. Everything from red carpet to acceptance speeches, etc. etc.
Where will I go from there? Well, I enjoy Reality TV so I thought I might write a bit about that. For instance I'm a "big musical girl" in case you haven't guessed that one already; here's the tip off - Jennifer Hudson - WOOHOO! Anywhoo, being the "big musical girl" that I am; of course I wanted to watch "Grease - you're the one that I want," I mean what could be better? Grease, one of the all time classic movies of the 70's; that I think I saw IN the theater at least 10 times (b/c god knows movie prices weren't what they are now, and one could reasonably see a movie 10 times - like there's anything reasonable about seeing a movie 10 times, but I digress.) Anyway, Grease, A reality show, Broadway bound performers or wannabe's whatever you wanna call em'. This just sounds too good to be true; and pretty much last weeks show proved that truer words were never spoken. I started calling the show "Grease - you're the one I don't want." I mean why the heck would you have people who are auditioning for a Broadway show, sing songs like "summer of 69 and Mony Mony." I might have understood if MAYBE those songs had been done to a Broadway style arrangement; but no, this was just pathetic w/ a capital P.
I must admit that one of the parts that annoyed me the most, wound up giving me such a laugh. I thought it was moronic that they gave a nickname to each Danny and Sandy. So one was Slacker Danny or Boy band Danny or Baby Sandy or Serious Sandy etc. But my absolute favorite, was "Spiritual Sandy," yes the girl who sings w/ church groups professionally chose to sing "suddenly I see" by KT Tunstall. I thought that this was a very peculiar choice for her but it tickled me silly every time she sang "why the HELL it means so much to me." I mean that line must be in the song at least 5-10 times and "Spiritual Sandy," sang on "Why the Hell, it means so much to me." Teehee. It was just awful. I'm thoroughly disappointed, though there are a couple of real hottie Danny guys. Truth be told, I'm just gonna watch in hopes that my boy John Travolta comes out one night to reprise his role - yum, yum, I love me some John Travolta. So I'll continue watching and waiting or maybe I'll just watch my Grease DVD and put myself out of my misery. Heck, even Grease 2 would be better than this. Can you say Adrian Zmed?? (Whatever happened to that joker?? ) For those of you - who have not seen this spectacle, you're probably lucky; however, the few minutes it took you to just read that tirade was a complete waste of your time. SORRY!! And for you I offer that I'm also considering writing about regular TV shows, like the genius I believe to be "Boston Legal."
What can I say - James Spader, James Spader, James Spader. No longer playing a spoiled, rich boy in 80's teen movies; all grown up and at his very best, Candace Bergen, I loved her as Murphy Brown and I say as Shirley Schmidt she's JUST as good - and even Shat. I for one have NEVER seen an episode of Star Trek or TJ Hooker and I didn't even care for his Priceline commercials, but this man was definitely born to be Denny Crane. Gosh, what a brilliant show. I think it kicks Ally McBeal's butt. Yes I know Ally isn't on anymore, but it's all David Kelly and this is much, much, better and smarter; though I must say I don't know who in their right mind would buy Delta Burke as a Jew?? Bella Horowitz my big toe. I see her and I just think Suzanne Sugarbaker (Designing Women;) another smartly written, awesome show, but not a Jewish girl amongst them; which is ironic since most everyone knows how us Jewish girls like to decorate - sometimes a little TOO much; and if you don't have any clue what I'm talking about with these shows either - again I say "Sorry," a few more minutes of your time wasted. My bad!!
Now, if none of this appeals to you; I think I'll also blog about everyday stuff. Thoughts, opinions, incidents. Because, let me just tell you that I am an incident waiting to happen. Rarely does anything go off without a hitch for me, so pretty much it's ALWAYS something. I've ALWAYS got a story to tell and now I finally have a forum to tell it. Not to mention that I'm married to Ricky Ricardo personified so what more could you ask for. My home is akin to an "I Love Lucy" episode on a daily basis; I just have interchangeable Mertzes.
Till next time...

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