Monday, July 4, 2011

(43-342) The Pizza Incident

Before we came out to Jackie's we all agreed that we were gonna just go with the flow, take it very easy and that's exactly what we've done.  We all slept in, got up leisurely, had breakfast and just enjoyed each other's company.  We've gone to the pool, we went to the rehab center to visit Jackie's dad; and meal times have kinda been delayed - not that anyone went hungry.

I don't think we ate lunch yesterday until 230 and just before 7pm Jackie, Kelsie and I took Hershey and Molly for a walk that lasted well over an hour.  We had been planning to order pizza and salad from Amici's, to go along with our keep it simple plan; but around 830 when we got our order together and Jackie called, she was told that they weren't taking any more orders because they couldn't handle the business and they were going to close.  Jackie couldn't believe what she was told, so she called back to inquire more.  She asked why they were closing and the person who answered the phone said that they were just TOO busy and couldn't handle the business, so they were going to close for the night.  Now from a business standpoint, I think they should have capitalized on this opportunity by telling everyone that there was a two hour wait for pizza because they were so busy.  Of course people wouldn't have ordered, but they would have had the impression that Amici's pizza was a commodity, and that they should call earlier from now on. But instead, by closing they just ruined people's plans (namely ours) and made themselves appear unprofessional.

Unable to order from Amici's we had to come up with a plan B.  Given the choice of fast food or Pizza Hut, we opted for the latter because everyone had been looking forward to Pizza.  Big mistake (yes) HUGE!  We ordered three pies, but Luis and Gene only came home with two, and to say they were slightly burnt would be generous.  Jackie called about our third pizza (which she'd already paid for) and they agreed to deliver it within 40 minutes.  Luis, Jackie and I waited to eat until the last pizza arrived, and suffice it to say that it wasn't burnt, but the dough was a tad (OK a lot) undercooked.  Nicky had made the comment that the pizza "was better than nothing"; and we really appreciated that.  Nicky seemed to get that this weekend wasn't about what we ate, just that we ate it together.

When we all remember this weekend, the pizza incident will give us a good laugh, but it wasn't important in the least.  Besides, at least it gave me a story to tell.
Till next time...

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