Sunday, July 17, 2011

(43-355) What I've Been Missing...

The other day I read an announcement that had me very conflicted.  It said that James Spader would be joining the cast of "The Office."  Since I've mentioned James Spader in a number of previous posts, it should come as no surprise that I'm super happy that he's returning to television, BUT as I've never seen an episode of "The Office" in my life, I fear that I'd be starting a lil late in the game.  I suppose that if I had a good deal of time on my hands, I could try and watch a couple of episodes, but we all know that time is not something that I have a lot of AND the truth is, I never really had any interest in watching it, which is why I've been content to miss it.  I KNOW that "The Office" is very popular, so some of you may find it difficult to believe that I've never watched it; but just as I've missed some classic movies  there have also been several shows that I have never tuned in to.

Since my "Missing Movies" got such a good response, this seems like an opportune time, to share some TV shows that I've never seen.  Since #53 of "100 Random Things About Me" was "I have NEVER watched an episode of Star Trek." I don't feel the need to put Star Trek or any other Sci-fi type show on this list.  If it's a show that's Sci-fi, or futuristic, you can pretty much assume that I've NEVER seen it.  Ironically enough, #52 on that same list was " I will miss James Spader and "Boston Legal" terribly." 

So what else haven't I seen?  There are probably TOO many to list; so far now, since I am the Queen of FAIRNESS, I'll just 25 like I did with the movie post.

1.    ANY "CSI" show
2.   "House"
3.   "Everybody Loves Raymond"  (OK, I saw an episode in syndication once,   but just once.)
4.   "Home Improvement"
5.   "Newhart"
6.   "Modern Family"
7.   "Frasier"  (OK, maybe once but that was it.)
8.   Any "Law and Order" show
9.   "In the Middle"
10.  "Malcolm In the Middle"
11.  "Dexter"
12.  "Talk Radio"
13.  "The New Adventures of Old Christine"
14.  "Baywatch"
15.  "America's Got Talent"
16.  "Parks and Recreation" (Though I would like to check this one out)
17.  "My Name is Earl"
18.  "30 Rock"
19.  "The Simpsons"
20.  "According to Jim"
21.  "Two and a Half Men"
22.  "How I Met Your Mother"
23.  "Scrubs"
24.  "LOST"
25.  "Mad Men"

I probably could have made two separate lists, one for dramas and one for comedies; but we'll just let this suffice for now.  If you'd like to weigh in, on if I should start watching "The Office," or if you have a favorite show that you'd like to recommend, feel free to leave me a comment here or on Facebook, or you can email me.
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Rachel said...

OMG, there are so many brilliant shows on this list, but I'll stick to the current ones...How I Met Your Mother (created by my friend Denise's talented hubby Carter Bays) and 30 Rock is just genius/slapstick crazi-goodness. But you MUST see Cougar Town, which is terribly named, so much so that they now make fun of the title in the title. "Regretfully, we give you Cougar Town" or "We've given up so it's still called Cougar Town". They figured out in episode 3 or so that the ensemble was so good that this show wasn;t about the Courtney Cox character chasing young guys; it's about a 'family' created by a group of friends living in a cul-de-sac. The running bits and callbacks are hilarious, the characters are very loveable and there's a sweetness that underlies the silliness of their idiosyncrasies that is wonderful to watch. Renewed for Season 3 starting this fall...and highly recommended (after Season 1 episode 4); 'Penny Can!'

Paige said...

Thanks Rachel! I've actually watched the first season of "Cougar Town" and enjoyed it. I would have come back for season two but could only schedule two things on the dvr at a time and gave that one up. Perhaps I was hasty. :) I'll try and catch some more.