Tuesday, July 12, 2011

(43-350) No Easy Feat

Check out the number folks, I'm ALMOST there!!  Just fifteen posts to go after tonight. I can hardly believe it.  But with that being said I feel compelled to take you on some of the best Bumpy Rides EVER, so now the pressure is really on.

In last night's post I mentioned that Michelle M and I went shopping for a pair of sandals to go with "the perfect black dress."  Now if you've taken this ride before then you know that shoe shopping is no easy feat for me ( OK, pun intended), given my ridiculously long, narrow, flat, feet.  On a good day I can purchase a size twelve, but there haven't been that many "good days' for shoe shopping for me in the past couple of years; which is why I've resorted to living in flip flops.  With my New York trip impending, I KNOW that I need to purchase a sandal to go with the dress that I bought to wear to "Mamma Mia", as well as a pair of something other than plastic flip flops, for the rest of my trip.

When I was in college I could squeeze my foot into a size ten shoe if it ran big or was a little wide, because although my feet are a quadruple A, the width kinda made up for the length.  When I wore a ten, most other women wore an eight; but that's not the case anymore.  Size ten is a much more popular size in women's shoes, and girls are growing taller than they previously did; which leads me to believe that the shoe companies should be producing more styles in larger sizes; but apparently they haven't gotten that memo yet.  Without many shopping options, I typically resort to looking for footwear at Payless; but this summer their selection has been less than satisfactory (in my opinion.)  With this in mind, Michelle accompanied me to Nordstrom Rack, but alas the only thing that would have fit me there, was their boxes.  We then strolled over to DSW and they had a couple more pairs than Nordstrom's did, but not many to speak of.  The selection was meager and I left empty handed.

Desperate and dejected, we decided to hit Payless "just in case".  As I suspected, there was nothing of interest to me and I joked that I might need to find a shoe store for drag queens; until I had the sad realization that drag queens wear heels, and I don't. 

It seems that I have no choice but to start looking online, which is a real challenge for me, since Internet shopping frustrates me.  BUT, unless I plan on wearing those Nordstrom boxes to "Mamma Mia", I'll have to put my best foot forward (so to speak) and find me the perfect pair of sandals.  Wish me luck!
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Bernice said...

Have you looked at these: http://www.aerosoles.com/ They do a size 12 and they are really comfortable. If you can find an Outlet Store the prices are amazing.

Kai said...

Zappos.com darlin'. You can quickly search by women's shoe size to see all of your options. A little on the pricey side (IMO) but worth it to get a shoe that FITS!