Wednesday, July 6, 2011

(43-344) Twenty Questions

It's been a while since I chose a writing prompt from Mari's "Memories and Thoughts" jar, so I went diving in looking for a topic.  It was getting late and I didn't want to choose something that I'd have to give too much thought to; but overachiever that I am, I found several that appealed to me.  I put my thinking cap on, let my creativity flow, and decided that tonight I'd answer Twenty Questions.  So, in no particular order:

1.  "Is there a brand of tortillas that you MUST buy?"  Funny thing about this question is that Kelsie read it to me, and I considered using it, but providing my answer for tortilla chips (Santitas) instead of tortillas, because I'm not as particular about the tortillas as I am the chips.  Anyway, I considered doing a whole post on this and telling you about Luis' Guacamole recipe, so I put that piece of paper aside.  A while later I decided to do the 20 questions thing and thought that this would be a perfect one to use, but I couldn't find the piece of paper.  Kelsie and I went through the pile that we'd put back in the jar, and I went through the pile that I'd put to the side; but we never found it.  A while later I realized that I'd seen a piece of paper that said "Is there a brand of TOILETRIES that you must buy?"  So, I'm thinking that Kelsie misread toiletries for tortillas; and that answer would be "No", so on to question #3.

3.  "What kinds of things are you working on right now?"  Well, of course there's my job, which entails both commission collection and high school reunion coordination.  I'm currently working on five reunions that will take place between Sept and March.  I'm the event coordinator for the CRAFT Beach Retreat by Scrapbooking from the Inside Out, I'm the secretary of my kids soccer league and tonight I had to revise a contest announcement, a camp announcement and a cleat swap announcement.  I'm trying to re-organize my house, prepare for my trip to New York, lose weight, write my daily blog, AND be the best wife, mom, cousin and friend that I can be.

4/5. "What is your favorite fantasy?  What have you done to make it happen?"  It's an oldie but a goodie! English announcer's voice "Now dancing the Samba, Observational humorist Paige Ramos and her partner Maksim chmerkovskiy"  Sadly, other than writing the  DAILY "Ride" I haven't done anything to make this happen.  Which leads me to #6.

6.  "In the next year you plan to..."  Work on getting my writing published!  Instead of writing my blog daily, I will write one to two times a week, and use at least two other days a week to submit articles or writing samples. 

7.  "Do you like taking naps?"  I'm sure that I would if I could, but I can't so I don't.  Unfortunately, unless I'm sick or totally exhausted, I can't seem to nap.

8.  "What was your first car?"  A 1984 White, Buick Skyhawk

9.  "When's the last time that you made a new friend?"  A couple of weeks ago at the pool.  My friend Kailene introduced me to her friend Kristen, and we're now part of the same swim team cheering squad, as well as Facebook friends. 

10.  "You're truly afraid of..."  Death

11/12. "Do you visit your local library?  Do you remember to have books back on time?  I LOVE to visit my local library and they have a very reliable reminder system, so I don't necessarily HAVE to remember to have the books back on time; BUT if they didn't have this system I feel confident that I would get the books back on time.

13.  "Is writing a form of Self therapy?"  Most definitely!

14 /15.  "Describe your yard as a child?  Did you help with the yard work?"  The yards at the condo were very small. 
Richie Howell prided himself on his as he had it decorated like a small Japanese garden, including a little pagoda in the center.  My mom tended to her Peonies and hydrangeas and Richie Howell took care of the rest, so I wasn't required to help with the yard work.

16.  "What needs cleaning in your house?"  EVERYTHING!

17.  "You feel ___ years old inside because..."  I'll say 26.  At 26 I met and married Luis.  It was the happiest time of my life, and things have only continued to get better with each addition to our family.  I may have previously said that I feel 16 but at 16 I didn't really know anything about life and by 26 I knew more.  I had experience, but I was youthful, and I still feel that way.

18.  "When you're over-stressed, you..."  Get a knot in my stomach and can't stop thinking.

19.  "What's the most adventurous thing you've ever done with your hair?  That's a toss up between dying a curl cotton candy pink, during my senior year of high school, and getting my hair cut really short, almost three years ago. 

20.  "You would call your autobiography _____________ because:"  "The Bumpy Ride" - Need I say more?
Till next time...

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