Wednesday, July 13, 2011

(43-351) Addicted To Words

When I went to Michelle M's on Sunday she was raving about her iPad.  Considering that I barely know the difference between and iPad and iPod, a demonstration was definitely in order and let's just say - ME LIKEY! 

Although I'm a big (yes) HUGE fan of playing games, I've never been a video game player; but the games available on the iPad, are SO much more than that.  Michelle peaked my interest by showing me "Words with Friends" (which is basically SCRABBLE) which techie girl that she is, she also plays on her Droid phone.  I myself have a rather antiquated phone, sans Internet connection; but I digress.  She sang a round of  "glee" karaoke, we tried our hands at Family Feud , and interestingly enough, the topic was "things associated with the devil."  I should have given MICHELLE M as an answer, considering  I would just about sell my soul for an iPad now.   Ya know, I'm taking literary license there.  Truth is, in a million years, I never woulda thought that I would want an iPad, or anything like it, but the fact that it comes with a Kindle, AND a Nook just made it all the more desirable to me.  

Knowing that an iPad is NOT in my immediate future (and by immediate, I mean like several years), I decided to check on Facebook to see if they had a SCRABBLE game, and sure enough they did.  NOT  Queen of FACEBOOK, The INTERNET or THINGS THAT REQUIRE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS, I was pretty proud of myself when I figured out how to invite friends to play SCRABBLE with me, and actually got some games going.  Now this may sound silly to some I'm sure.  But in all of the years that I've been on Facebook, I've never played Bejeweled Blitz, or built a city or a farm or had a Mafia War.  The ONLY game I've ever played is word challenge.  Do we sense a trend here or what?  I am addicted to words.   One of the things that I like best about SCRABBLE on Facebook is that you and your playmate don't need to be online at the same time and don't have to play a full game at once.  I started by requesting a game with the devil herself on Monday night.  We each made a few words, and then tabled the game till Tuesday.  I like the fact that when I log onto Facebook, I can check to see if it's my turn in any of the games I'm participating in.  Make a word, and go about my b'ness.  Another feature that I like, is the chat.  Go figure.  Instead of the usual Facebook instant messaging, you can actually chat with your opponent and leave a message that they'll see when they make their next word.  

OK I'll admit it, my name is Paige and I'm a Facebook SCRABBLE addict.  It just took one play and I was hooked.  And then, to seal my fate I made a word using ALL of my tiles.  I got 72 points for ANOREXIA.  It was the most points that I've ever earned on one word, and now I know that there is no turning back.  I don't want to stop!   Now let me make this clear, I'm not the best player by far, and I don't care if I win or lose, I just like to play.  Dare I ask you to enable me and send me a SCRABBLE invitation on Facebook?    You know you want to.  Just one little word?  One small game?  
Till next time...
Queen of EVERYTHING   

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