Monday, July 11, 2011

(43-349) On Second Thought...

I like to give credit where credit is due and I didn't include Kelsie as a member of our clumsy, clan when I wrote "An Accident Waiting To Happen."  Perhaps I didn't mention her because she's not prone to tripping over her own feet the way that Lyndzi and I are; but upon reflection, Kelsie has endured plenty of accidents.

There was the soccer tournament two years ago, to name one.  Lyndzi was playing goalie and she booted the ball outta the goal and it smacked Kelsie right in the face.  Even though Kelsie was the one who got hurt, Lyndzi felt terrible as well, she ran out of the goal paying no attention tot the fact that the game was still going on, because she was so upset that she had hurt her sister.  Then just last week when we were in California  Nicky accidentally kicked Kelsie in the face while they were in the pool, and Kelsie is still sporting that black eye.  Well tonight we had Michelle M, her son, Max and her niece, Lilly over for dinner, because Michelle graciously agreed to go shoe shopping with me,  so that I could look for a sandal to go with "The perfect black dress".  While I was getting out our condiments, Kelsie let out a cry that let me know something had gone terribly wrong.  We rushed into the playroom and Kelsie was holding her nose and wailing.  When I got her to calm down a bit, she told us that Max and Lilly had been throwing Hershey's ball at each other and Max missed Lilly and hit her in the nose.  My poor baby!  Between the remnants of her black eye and the bump that was coming up on her nose, you couldn't help but feel sorry for her.  I truly think her only consolation was the fact that I told her that she was gonna be the subject of tonight's "Bumpy Ride," and in more than one way, she sure is.
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