Thursday, July 14, 2011

(43-352) ALWAYS In Their Corner

If I had a nickel for every time I've said "time flies" during the course of writing "The Bumpy Ride"... BUT it's true, it does; and the fact that swim team is already concluding this week is just more proof of it.

It seems like just yesterday that my kids were starting swim team prep.  Remember I wrote "Love Gives You Courage" and I told you about that horrible, girl "Brenda"?  Then school ended and I was so looking forward to our summer and our swim meets.  I told you about sitting at the judges table, and how "awful, Brenda" was putting herself in races with slower swimmers so that she could come in "first place."  What I didn't tell you, was that this was not the best swim season, by a long shot - for either of my girls.

It's not that I didn't tell you because I was ashamed or embarrassed about how they were doing.  It's was just that there wasn't a whole lotta story there at the time.  I mean they each had a couple of good races; but something was different this summer, for the both of them, and ultimately neither was as successful as they had been in seasons past.  I kept telling them that it didn't matter what place they came in, as long as they were having fun; but what can  I say, they're their mother's daughters and hence they are competitive by nature. (Lyndzi more so than Kelsie.)

Ultimately it wasn't the best meet for Lyndzi or Kelsie, but they did have a couple of really good races.  Lyndzi got 2nd place for her Freestyle, 4th place for her Butterfly and 8th place for Backstroke.  Kelsie got 3rd place for Breaststroke, 6th place for Backstroke and 7th place for Freestyle.  Tomorrow it's Nicky's turn and interestingly enough, he's been having a phenomenal season, but I digress.

As a parent who is always looking for the lesson that can be learned, I wanted to reinforce the idea that as long as they tried their hardest and had a good time doing it; what place they came in was irrelevant to us.  I would rather have them come in last and have really tried, than to come in first because they were swimming against kids with less aptitude.  I told them that I would cheer them on whether they were come in second or seventh place because they're my kids and I'm ALWAYS in their corner.  Besides, if you usually come in first, I don't think that you appreciate it as much as if you've had a couple of eighth's and fifth's  throughout the season.  To truly appreciate the splendor of first place, you have to know what it's like to be in the other places as well.

I am very proud of my girls for the commitment that they made to swim team and for the effort that they put forth.  It is my pleasure to watch them swim and compete regardless of the outcome.  I am sad that swim team is over for the summer, but I look forward to the extra time it will give us together.
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