Monday, April 18, 2011

(43-265) Missing Movies

#10 on my "100 Random Things About Me" list was "I love going to the movies; but I rarely go."  Back in the day, if I REALLY liked a movie,  I would see it multiple times in the theater.  I think I saw "Grease" at least eight times, and I know I made more than one visit to "Porky's,"  I had to have seen "Dirty Dancing" no less than three times; I lost count on how many times I went to see "When Harry Met Sally,"  AND "Parenthood," not to mention my regular attendance at "The Rocky Horror Picture Show."

As movie prices have gone up  over the years, and my schedule has gotten so much busier, I hardly find the time to see a movie even once in the theater; but I did make an exception for "Sex and The City," and "The Hangover."  Neither of these were Academy award nominated films; but they were priceless to me.  Through the course of my movie watching life I've managed to miss several popular and or iconic films, that most other people have seen.  I touched on this when I told you in "Quite Contrary," that I had never seen the movie "The Godfather;" and I was OK with that.

My friend Hilary, sent me an email after reading "quite Contrary," and she  encouraged me to post a list of movies that I hadn't seen, as she thought that she'd be surprised by it.  I told her that I'd do so at some point; and so in honor of tonight being the first night of Passover, I'm going to tell you about twenty five movies that I Passed Over. 

Now I'm not proud that I've failed to see these flicks.  But I have previously mentioned that I am Queen of B RATE MOVIES, and I'm pretty shallow when it comes to my entertainment.  For the most part I don't like to have to think too hard when I'm watching a film.  I don't want to really have to concentrate in order to understand a plot; and I don't want to cry a lot.  I like to be entertained, I enjoy laughing and feeling  hopeful; so I guess for the most part I'm a chick flick lovin, romantic comedy kinda girl.  And with that being said; you may now understand why I've never seen:

1.   "Casablanca"
2.   "It's A Wonderful Life"
3.   "Stand By Me"
4.   "King Kong" (any of them)
5.   "Cleopatra"
6.   "Lord Of The Rings" (any of them)
7.   "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest"
8.   "American Beauty"
9.   "Fargo"
10. "No Country For Old Men"
11.  "Taxi Driver"
12.  "Jurassic Park"
13.  "Lawrence Of Arabia"
14.  "Avatar"  or as I like to call it "The Avatar"
15.  "Some Like It Hot"
16.  "The Bridges Of Madison County"
17.  "Terminator" (any of them)
18.  "Black Swan"
19.  "Harry Potter" (any of them)
20.  "Singin' In The Rain"
21.  "A Beautiful Mind"
22.  "Dances With Wolves"
23.  "Schindler's List"
24.  "Scarface"
25.  "The Matrix"

I didn't include anything in the horror genre, such as "Psycho" or "The Shining," because as I mentioned told you in "100 Random Things About Me,"   "I don't like scary movies because I have a VERY vivid imagination. AND "Silence of the Lambs" was the scariest movie that I've ever seen and I still check the backseat of my car before I get in; so I can make sure that no one is hiding in there to abduct me (proving #19 right there.)"  Since I don't like Horror movies at all, I didn't want to waste a spot by stating the obvious.  I also didn't include anything Sci-fi, because the only movies that I've ever seen that would even qualify under this category are the very first "star Wars"  (which I didn't like,) and "ET'."   As I wasn't sure if "The Matrix" qualified as Sci-fi, I included it; as I have no desire to see it, EVER.

So what does this list prove?  Absolutely nothing!  Perhaps it's just a testament to how unpredictable I can be.  Wishing a zisn Pesach,( [Have] a sweet Passover;) to all those who are celebrating.
Till next time...

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