Sunday, December 5, 2010

(43-131) Good Things Come...

If there is one thing that has been proven to me time and time again; it's that GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT.  This is a concept that seems to allude the instant gratification generations and I must say that I think that we're doing children a great injustice if we give them everything that they want, the minute that they want it; and if we don't teach them that sometimes waiting for something makes us appreciate it even more once we get it.  Ahh, and there's another quality that many of more recent generations seem to be short on... APPRECIATION.  I encounter a lot of people who have high expectations; but typically, of things that they are going to be given and not of things that they need or want to accomplish.  I believe that in raising children so that they may grow up to be hard working, responsible and appreciative. It's important to teach them that patience is a virtue and that it will serve them well; and to instill the notion that working for something makes it that much more gratifying once you get it.

In my own personal life experiences; I waited for the right man to come along; and then, once he did; I had to wait until I could be with him again since we lived in different countries.  I remember waking up each morning that we were apart, and announcing to my roommates how many days it would be until I went back to Puerto Vallarta. I'd get up and shout "45,"or "31" or "26," etc. etc. until FINALLY, the day came that I got to go back to see him.  I waited for our fiance visa to be approved, and then once it was; I had to wait for the actual paperwork to arrive so that Luis could go for an interview in Ciudad Juarez and physically collect the visa that would allow him to come to the U.S.  Once we were married; we waited to have children until we felt that we had a good, solid marriage.  We both wanted children sooner than we had them; but with the agreement that we were building a strong foundation for our family; WE WAITED.  Thankfully, once we agreed that the time was right to start our family, we barely waited at all. 
I can say that I'm waiting to fulfill my dream. I'm plugging away at becoming a professional writer, but it's certainly something that's not being handed to me; or happening over night.  I'm waiting for the results of the "Glamour"  essay contest; and I'll continue to do so ever so patiently, because that's all I can do for now.  SO, my point is, that I practice what I preach.  Being patient isn't fun; but it's often necessary.

"Ask Hershey," was a post I wrote about Nicky's desire to win a spot as a Student Council representative for his class.  During this post, I explained that Nicky was trying to memorize his speech and he was getting very frustrated; so much so, that he considered withdrawing from the election.  After talking with Nicky about his fear, and assuring him that quitters never win; our dog Hershey convinced him to give it a try.  (And if you've never read "The Bumpy Ride " before; YES, you read that last sentence right.) 
Nicky gave his speech and tied for third place, but sadly there were only 2 positions available.  Nicky was told that if either of the reps couldn't fulfill their obligation to Student Council, then he would be given the opportunity instead.  I told Nicky that I had a feeling that he would be on Student Council within a few months; and on Friday I was proven right.  Nicky informed me that his teacher told him that he was going to be the new Student Council rep as they were replacing one.  I congratulated Nicky and reminded him of our conversation.  I said see, "Quitters never?"  And he said "Win." And I explained that had he given up and not given his speech; this never would have been possible.  I reminded him that I had told him that I believed he's have a position if he was just patient; and indeed that's exactly what happened.  Nicky is the kind of kid who would have been thrilled to have won in the first place; and would have worked hard, because that's what's expected of him; but I think the fact that he had to wait even longer for it to happen, will make him value his position that much more.

Unbeknownst to me, Luis had also been speaking with Nicky about patience recently; but for something altogether different.  Nicky had wanted to use a gift card to buy a game for the Wii; but he found out that the game was twice as much as he had.  We both encouraged Nicky to wait to see if the game would go on sale or wait for the holidays, and  although it was difficult for him to wait for what he wanted; he really had no choice and so he did so.   Well, tonight Luis and I were driving to the market and as I looked through the Target circular; I found the game that Nicky wanted, on sale for $29.99 instead of the usual $50 price.  I called Nicky to make sure that this was the game that he'd been waiting for and in fact, it was.  Right after dinner I took Nicky to Target  and with a $10 assist from Luis and I; Nicky was able to purchase the game that he'd been waiting for.

Nicky and I discussed the fact that twice this weekend he'd experienced the reward of patience; and he said that he thinks that sometimes when you have to wait for something; you appreciate it more once you get it; and I couldn't agree more.
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Joni Parker said...

Beautiful post Paige!! and I couldn't agree more!! (although it is diffiult to be patient sometimes!!)