Tuesday, December 21, 2010

(43-147) Life Is Short

I learned all too young; that life is short. And truth be told; even if you lived to be 100; I don't know that you'd ever believe that you'd been here long enough. But when someone young passes away, it's always a reminder that life is short, and you should never take anything for granted.
Of course this has been the theme of my blog since I began the 43 series; but try as I may, I'm not perfect; (that's right, I admit it;) and even though I'm trying to savor every moment, make the most of each day and appreciate the beauty that surrounds me; I am frequently derailed by the human, petty concerns that fill our daily lives.

Well, today I found out that a girl that I'd worked with a few years ago, had just passed away and she was only 24. I can't say that Christy and I were friends, but she was friends with the daughter-in-law of my co-worker, and so I would ask about her from time to time, because I knew that she'd been ill. This poor, young woman had always had a difficult life.  Her mother had been a drug abuser, and Christy paid the price for it in more ways than one.  As a teen she'd had her spleen removed, and this made her very susceptible to illness, so she was sick often. She was delighted to become pregnant, but if memory serves, it was the birth of her daughter that proved too much for her heart; and so she spent the better part of her daughter's first year, in the hospital awaiting a heart transplant. She had the transplant and but her health continued to fail. She was just 24 years old; and she passed away; and I'm very saddened by her departure.

Christy's passing has really put things into perspective for me. So, I'm re-dedicating myself to my mission to value every minute, and every day; with the understanding that if my mind is focusing on negative thoughts; then I am wasting precious time.

If you knew the day that you were going to leave this world; I don't think that any of us would chose to spend that day being angry, or resentful, disappointed, or frustrated.  I would imagine that you would want to be surrounded by positivity and LOVE. And so, since we NEVER know which day may be our last, I have to remember that those negative emotions have no place in my life. Think about it. It's not typically easy to be happy, ALL THE TIME and always see the silver lining; but, it is what you deserve.
Till next time...
Queen of EVERYTHING                                              


Joni Parker said...

I had a pretty bad day yesterday and have been lamenting over it...(torturing myself basically)... thanks for the perfectly timed reminder. Prayers for Christy & her family.

Pearl Maple said...

So very well said, thank you for sharing the story and your sweet little creation.