Saturday, December 18, 2010

(43-144) Lyndzi's 9th Birthday

I can't believe that Lyndzi turned 9 today.  You'd think that I'd be used to the wacky, ageing thing, since I have a son who's 11 1/2; but I'm not.  It's just unbelievable how quickly the time goes and it's so interesting to see the changes in how the kids relate to their friends. 

Since the girls agreed to go out to dinner last Saturday night, on Kelsie's birthday; tonight was the night that they were going to have friends over.  I told each of the girls that they could invite 3 friends.  Kelsie invited 3 girls from her class but no one had RSVP'd.  I saw one of the mom's on campus one day, (a couple of weeks ago) and I asked if her daughter was going to be able to come over for Kelsie's birthday.  The mom told me that her anniversary was around that time; and she asked if the invitation was just for a play date.  When I explained that it was actually for Kelsie's birthday, the mom said that her daughter could definitely come.  Well, on Thursday I went on campus in the morning because Nicky had too much to carry and he needed some help.  As we were waiting for the morning bell; Kelsie buried her head in my stomach and told me that her friend was not going to be able to come over.  The friend's sister explained that her mom had decided to go out to dinner that night instead.  Kelsie grew increasingly distressed and wouldn't remove her head from my stomach.  The sister asked if she was OK, but I explained that she was sad.  I told her that no one else had RSVP'd, and now two days before the get together Kelsie has no friends coming over.

I was very upset for Kelsie, and I tired to think of a way to make the situation better for her; so I emailed the moms of her two pre-school buddies, to see if by any chance they were free; but they weren't.  I picked Kelsie up from school and she seemed to be fine; until we were safely inside our house and she asked what to do about her party.  I suggested that she call her friend Natalia, and let her know that she didn't need to bring a present;  because Natalia had told her that the reason that she couldn't come was because she didn't have a present.  Natalia accepted Keslie's offer and I confirmed with her dad; but then I had to laugh, because in order to insure that there were no mishaps with Natalia coming over; Kelsie asked me to pick her up, and I HAPPILY agreed.

Lyndzi had two friends over; even though the mom of the third friend had confirmed with me on Wednesday; after asking if she could send her 10 year old daughter as well.  I gladly, agreed BUT on Friday the friend informed Lyndzi that her dad was not willing to bring her; so she wasn't going to be able to attend.  And just like I didn't put my two sense in regarding Kelsie's let down; I'm not going to say what I really think about this situation either; because if you know me; then you already know.

We woke Lyndzi up at 615 this morning with a loud rendition of "Happy Birthday."  We then went to Nicky's soccer game, Kelsie's 1st of her double-header, Lyndzi's game, and Kelsie's 2nd game of her double header.  Good games; all 4!

As soon as we got home from soccer; I made the Ice cream cake, and went to Jo-Ann for some additional supplies that were going to be needed for tonight's craft. I picked Natalia up at 445 and by 530 the rest of the guests had arrived.  We let each of the girls make their own pizza, with dough that we'd bought at Trader Joes; we each made 2 Shabby Blossoms, and they had ice cream cake.  Then before I knew it; the evening was over.

Despite the difficulties in confirming with their friends; I think the girls had a wonderful time celebrating their birthdays for the past week.  I'm so sorry that the girls had to be let down; however, I know from experience that each disappointment helps you appreciate all that you have.
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Joni Parker said...

Point well taken. Glad they had fun!!