Wednesday, December 15, 2010

(43-141) No Fail Pot Roast Recipe

Granted; my schedule is usually PRETTY busy; but today was one for the record books; at least mine.  Having two daughters with birthday's this time of year, in addition to the holiday parties at school, and the holidays themselves; makes for quite a lot to do; so I thought I would take a couple of hours off from work today, to try and accomplish some of the many errands that I had on my to do list.

I worked from 5am to 7am and then again from 8 to 10.  I went to Payless, Old Navy, Target AND Super Wal-mart, all within an hour and a half.  One of the items that I needed was on sale at Target, but it wasn't in stock at the location that I went to; so I headed to Wal-mart since they price match.  I was able to get what I needed for the price that I wanted; as well as cookies for Nicky's class, donut holes for Lyndzi's and cookies for Saturday, for Lyndzi's soccer team; however, the Wal-mart item that I needed, wasn't available at the store I was at.  I was off to the mall, because I needed to go to the Disney store and Claire's, but Mari called and she had to meet up with me to give me some fabric that she had cut for the girls craft project; so we went for a quick bite.

I left Mari, then stopped at my house to pick up the cupcakes that I needed to bring to Lyndzi's class to celebrate her birthday (which is not until Saturday.)  I had a few minutes to spare, so I returned a call to the man that I'd been trying to coordinate our end of season, soccer tournament with.  I headed out the door, cupcakes in hand; and arrived at Lyndzi's class, exactly as scheduled.  After saying goodbye, I went back home, and resumed my soccer tournament negotiations.

I picked the kids up from school at 3, and took Lyndzi to the Orthodontist.  I called Luis and asked him if he could put up the pot roast that I'd defrosted; if I gave him directions.  Luis agreed, and so I talked him through my no fail pot roast recipe.

Disclaimer:  You can find this EXACT recipe IN the Reynold's oven bag box; but for the sake of (say it with me;) "The greater good;" I wanted to bring it to your intention in case you weren't aware of it.

You'll need: Reynold's large oven bags, 13x9x2 inch or larger baking pan, at least two inches deep.  3 to 3 1/2lb boneless beef chuck roast, Lipton onion soup mix, 1/4 cup flour, 2/3 cup water, potatoes, onion, carrots, mushrooms, celery and parsnips are all OPTIONAL; but highly recommended (by me;) except maybe the celery.

Preheat the oven to 325

Shake the flour into the bag, and then add the water and soup mix to the bag.  Squeeze the bag to blend the flour.  Add the roast to the bag.  Turn the bag to coat the roast with sauce.  Place any veggies in bag, around the roast.

Close oven bag with the nylon tie that's provided.  Cut six 1/2 inch slits in top.  Tuck end of bag under roast in pan.

Bake 2 1/2 to 3 hours or until the roast is tender; and I promise you that this will be absolutely perfect.

Immediately after Lyndzi's Orthodontist appointment, I ran home and exchanged Lyndzi for Nicky as WE had some errands to run.  I took Nicky to Quick Trip to get a gift card for the Student Council advisor that he'd drawn for their secret Santa.  Went to Kohl's to pay my bill, and the dollar store to buy elf hats for the kids spirit week at school; as well as a white elephant gift that Nicky could bring to class.  I was driving in the direction of the Super Wal-mart near my house; (as opposed to the one that I'd been to earlier,) but decided that I didn't really have time to go in, because I had to make it home and feed the kids before my 7pm soccer board meeting.

I stopped at Wendy's and picked up three baked potatoes for the kids; to accompany the No fail pot roast that Luis was cooking.  The roast had about 40 minutes to go, so I prepared Nicky's white elephant gift, wrote out cards for all three of the kids teachers and the secret Santa recipient.  I fed the kids and managed to take a couple of bites of Pot roast myself; before my friend Jenny arrived to go to our meeting.

I attended our soccer board meeting for about an hour or so, and once I arrived home, I FINALLY got to sit down for a few minutes, before writing my blog.  Now don't get me wrong; I am NOT complaining.  As crazy busy as I am right now; I am so grateful for the reasons that I'm busy and I'd gladly do all of this and more; for those that I love.  It is my pleasure to make things special for them in every way that I can.
Till next time...

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Yikes...but could only be properly handled by an organized woman!!! You go, girl!!