Sunday, December 19, 2010

(43-145) Popo's Fiesta Del Sol

Over the summer my friend Kailene had mentioned Popo's restaurant to me.  It's not on our side of town; but something that she thought was worth going out of your way for.  I heard of the restaurant a second time, from my friend Brooke; who was of the same opinion; and thought that it was well worth the drive.  Well although I never acted on the recommendation; I never forgot it.  So imagine my surprise when I was driving down 59th avenue last week and there I saw Popo's Fiesta Del Sol, where Garcia's used to be.  I excitedly told Luis that I'd heard good things about Popo's and that we had to make plans to go there, SOON.
The kids got out of school at 11 this past Friday, and since Luis and I had a number of errands to run and a house to clean, I told him that I didn't want to cook dinner that night; and I suggested that we go to Popo's.  I texted Kailene and asked what she usually ate at Popo's and what their prices were like; but when I didn't hear back from her after awhile, I looked them up online.  I found a menu (which you can check out through the link I provided; now that I'm Queen of PROVIDING LINKS,) but the menu didn't include prices.  We decided to take our chances, since the food was supposed to be so good; and we headed out to Popo's.

The parking lot was packed when we arrived, so the kids and I went in while Luis parked.  We were told that there would be a 20-25 minute wait; and we sat down and perused the menu.  I had read some reviews online, and in additon to the advisement that on Tuesdays and Saturdays they offer .99 Margaritas; they raved about everything from the queso dips, to the tamales,  the carne asada, the fajitas; and even the rice; so I had a feeling that I couldn't go wrong with anything that I'd choose.  As we were waiting for our table, in walked my friend Kailene.  I told her that I'd texted her about Popo's earlier and she explained that she'd been having a lot of problems with her phone.  She told me that they'd come out for her husband's birthday, and I asked what she usually orders.  Kailene recommended the Machaca (shredded beef) enchiladas with rice and beans; and said that no one in her family had ever had anything that they didn't enjoy.

I had to excuse myself from Kailene as our table was ready.  We were immediately brought warm chips and salsa.  Lyndzi ordered a quesadilla from the kid's menu, because she also wanted rice and beans.  Nicky had the appetizer size Quesadilla, which was enough for a dinner for one person.  Kelsie had the kid's chicken strips with rice instead of french fries and the portion was very generous.  Not so much so on Lyndzi's quesadilla, ironically enough.  Luis had a steak fajita burrito with a side of beans; and I had the VERY dietetic, chimichanga with guacamole and jalapeno cream cheese.  I DIDN'T eat the whole thing though; so there's that; AND, it was well worth EVERY calorie that I didn't need.

Before we got up from the table, we all agreed that we would definitely go back to Popo's again; and Luis and I added it to our list of lunch date restaurants.  And then tonight when we were trying to decide what to do for dinner (in between, YES, more errands;) Luis asked if we could go back to Popo's.  YUP; it was just THAT YUMMY!!! 

What more need I say?  I would highly recommend Popo's and I would love to hear from you if you give it a try.  If you're not in the Phoenix area, but plan to visit; I would definitely add it to your list of restaurants to check out.
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Joni Parker said...

You know you're in my neck of the woods there, right?...We saw Popo's go in a few months ago, but have not yet eaten there... although we have talked about it several times. (even last Friday, ironically!!).. So, we'll be sure to hit it soon!! (Joseph goes to school right behind their parking lot, just to the N on 59th)