Sunday, December 26, 2010

(43-152) They Did It Again...

Today was another, absolutely, amazing day.  The weather was glorious; and since Luis had the day off, we were able to spend the day together and we got an extraordinary amount of errands done.  I wouldn't want to bore you by naming all of the stores that we visited, but I am So impressed with all that we accomplished; I feel compelled to share (OK, boast.)
We started at Old Navy, (though we made no purchases there today.)  We then went to Kohl's, where Nicky got a new pair of Adidas sneakers, ON SALE; and I used the last of a birthday gift card on 2 marvelous, necklaces.  We went to Ross, hoping to find a scrapbook for Lyndzi's drawings, but there were none to be had.; so we walked up to Payless, to get new school shoes for Kelsie.  I was psyched when I found a pair of shoes, on sale for $7, and ecstatic when I was informed at the register that the shoes had been marked down to $3.  The girls also got a 6 pack of slendiferous, neon socks for just $6.99.  Our next stop was Super Target, where we bought 2 stash cubes / ottomans that were on sale for $15 each.  Nicky used gift card money to buy a Club Penguin air hockey game that he's been looking for and Lyndzi used some of her gift card money for a Yoshi figurine.  The fam sat in the car as I ran into Lane Bryant; since they were having a buy 2 bras get 2 free sale; and this was an opportunity that I couldn't pass up.  Next stop, Super Wal-Mart, because they had been advertising Mario All-Stars and the kids wanted to buy it with their gift card.  Unfortunately the store was out of them, so we moved on to our next destination; Fry's.  We did some grocery shopping; (rather quickly I think;) and we were finally ready to head back home; after we stopped at our brand new Dunkin Donuts for some free Iced coffee; and a doughnut for each of the kids.  Not bad for five hours; I think.  We were out and about, we made some really good purchases; but most of all; we were together.

Luis and I cooked dinner; and once we'd finished eating;  the girls and I had to go to a different Target than the one we'd been to earlier;  because Luis had realized that the 2 stash box / ottomans that we'd purchased, were not the same.  Since I knew that an exchange was inevitable, it was something that I needed to take care of right away (that's just how I am;) and so as much as I didn't want to go back out; to Target we went.  While we went to Target, Luis and Nicky went to the .99 Store, because Nicky needed C batteries for his air hockey game.

Once I was finally back home; I called my friend Dawn, because we'd been playing phone tag for a number of days and I knew that she would be available this evening because she was snowed in.  Just a few minutes into our conversation, Lyndzi came to me to tell me that Kelsie had scratched Nicky's new game and he was very upset.  I called a teary eyed kelsie over and she explained, as always that she "didn't mean to."  But nonetheless, she had.  I told her that she and Nicky were going to have to figure out how to solve this.  I told her that if Nicky was upset with her, than she needed to speak to him about the situation.  Dawnie could hear my conversation with the girls and she told me that she thought I had handled the situation well.  I explained that if i would have gotten involved and solved the problem for them; they would never learn how to solve a problem for themselves; and I thought that this was something that they could handle on their own; and Dawnie wholeheartedly agreed.

I went on to enjoy my conversation with Dawn and shortly thereafter, Kelsie reappeared.  She informed me that Nicky had told her that since she had scratched his game seven times; she was not allowed to play the game for seven days.  I said "that sounds fair; "  and I asked if she thought that it was fair.  And she agreed.

In case I haven't mentioned it in like the past five minutes; I am SO incredibly proud of my kids!  I think that Nicky was wise and just, in determining Kelsie's punishment; and I think that the fact that Kelsie believes this as well, speaks volumes about both of them.

Sometimes kids will surprise you with how much they are capable of;  but in order for them and you, to see how adept they are; we have to offer them opportunities to show us what they can do.  Had they really not been able to resolve this on their own, of course I would have stepped in to help; but I think that they handled the situation beautifully and they all feel very successful, which is extremely important for them, in developing self confidence and knowing that they CAN solve problems.

As a mom, it was my privilege to see what proficient problem solvers they're becoming.  No one raised their voices, or their hands and they were able to peacefully reconcile the matter.  What can I say; they did it again... and I knew that they could!
Till next time...
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Joni Parker said...

Hi..few days behind. Busy w/ family & christmas. Good to teach kids how to resolve conflict. I hope Joseph learns that, although since he's an only child, we'll have to be sure to find ways to teach that lesson.