Wednesday, December 22, 2010

(43-148) My Smart Shopper

In case I haven't mentioned it in like the past five minutes; I have the BEST, most GENEROUS friends EVER!!!!!!!!!  Truly, generosity of spirit is more than enough for me; but I am very blessed to have friends who are magnanimous with gifts as well.  December brings EVERYONE increased expenses; so it means more than I can say, when my friends send birthday gifts to my daughters or holiday gifts to my children; when I know that they have their own responsibilities to tend to.

All three of my kids were fortunate to receive a couple of gift cards as well as some money, from our very altruistic friends.  As always, I encouraged them to think carefully about what they might buy.  Luis had to go to Target this past Sunday night, and the kids wanted to go along. They all brought their money with them, but Lyndzi was the only one who bought anything. Lyndzi spent $5 on a Luigi (from Mario Bros) key chain; as she'd bought Mario the last time that she had money.  Then last night, we went to the Disney store, because I needed to buy a gift card; and Lyndzi found a comic strip Mickey, plush toy that she wanted to  purchase.  Lyndzi is a big fan, OK you got me, I couldn't resist, (say it with me) yes, "HUGE," fan of vintage Mickey; and the plush was only $12.50, so we both agreed that this would be money well spent. Then later that night Lyndzi was looking at the Michaels flyer and she found an art set with markers,colored pencils,crayons,oil pastels,paint,a paint brush,a pad of paper and a pencil sharpener,for only $3.69; my smart shopper.  Lyndzi asked me if she could buy it; and I told her that I would take her to Michaels when I was done working on Wednesday. 
Lyndzi asked me multiple times today if I was still going to take her to Michaels; because she was SO excited about buying the art set.  I assured her that we would go as soon as I was done working; and then I made her a couple of propositions.  FIRST, I reminded her of the time that I had asked her to draw a picture for "The Bumpy Ride," and she wasn't able to do ("What A Mom's Gotta Do...")  Lyndzi did remember and so I suggested that once she purchased the art set, she could draw me a picture for me to use in today's post; and Lyndzi LOVED that idea.  My next proposition was that she come up with her own character, and draw me some pictures to go along with my "A Blueprint For A B.F.F" post; so that together we could try and get it made into an article of some sort, or a children's book; and Lyndzi was delighted that I'd asked her.

As soon as I finished work, we promptly went to Michael's and Lyndzi found the only set that the store had left.  As soon as we got home, Lyndzi got right to work; and this was her finished product...
Mario & Luigi race to save Princess Peach
In case I haven't mentioned it in like the past five minutes; I am SO incredibly proud of my children; and when it comes to spending money, I have to say that they are all incredibly responsible and conscientious. I don't think that I could have made better choices for Lyndzi, than she had made for herself; and as a parent, that is really gratifying. 
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