Monday, December 13, 2010

(43-139) Shabby Blossoms

You know when I like something, I promote the heck out of it.  I'm always happy to tell you about a great find, because I believe that it contributes to (say it with me) "The greater good;" so tonight, I'd like to tell you about Shabby Blossoms.

Last Sunday, I took my kids over to my friend Mari's house for a play date.  Yes, the Mari that was the subject of "There's Something About Mari."  My wonderfully, creative friend Mari, who made me that BEAUTIFUL "Memories and Thoughts" jar.  Mari had suggested that we could scrapbook while the kids played, and I welcomed the opportunity, but I had been so busy prior to going over to her house; I didn't check my tote to see what was in it; and ultimately; I didn't scrapbook at all; BUT, I did learn a new craft; which was even better.

Whenever I go over to Mari's house, I am always awestruck by the amazing projects that she has created.  Mari is a craft goddess; and I always want to make EVERYTHING that she shows me.  Well, Mari was working on some fabric flowers and they were just stunning.  It was a pleasure just to sit and chat with her while she crafted away and I filed some scrapbook magazine pages that I'd been carrying around forever.  Anyway, I asked the craft goddess to suggest a craft that I could do with my girls and their couple of friends that were going to come over for their birthday; and Mari offered to teach me how to make her fabulous flowers. Mari taught me how to make two, and I decided that I would do this craft with the girls; however, if I'm being completely honest (which I always am;) then I must admit that even though making the flowers wasn't difficult; Mari's were far better than mine.  Mari just has this special touch that turns EVERYTHING into magic.

I had previously asked Mari if I could showcase her and her crafts on "The Bumpy Ride;" but she was shy about letting me do so.  UNTIL, she informed me last week that she decided to try and sell some of her fabric flowers for the holidays.  I encouraged her to do so; and she told me that she'd already thought of a name for them; "Shabby Blossoms."  Mari told me that she was going to send an email to her friends, letting them know that she was selling the blooms; and when I received her email; I was blown away.  I don't know why I was surprised at how professional Mari's photos looked; after all, this IS Mari that we're talking about; but man oh man, I think she's ready for the big time!!

Mari's Shabby Blossoms are available in 3 sensational styles Matty, Taylor and Makayla.

Matty - available in two sizes small (3 in.) and large (4 in) and can have custom center of fabric, button/bling or pearl.  Priced at $ 2.25 sm and $ 3.25 lg

Taylor -available in two sizes small (3 in.) and large (4 in) with coordinating center. Priced at
$3.00 sm and $4.00 lg

Makayla - available in two sizes small (2 in.) and large (3in.) with coordinating tulle and center. Priced at $ 2.25 sm and $ 3.25 lg.$ 3.00 sm and $4.00 lg

Each Shabby Blossom can be used as a hair accessory/clip or a corsage. Mari can make any of the styles into a custom piece including the color, size, center and theme. The possibilities are endless!

If you're interested in purchasing any of Mari's original, Shabby Blossoms, just email me and I will be delighted to get you in touch with her; so that you can have some of her gorgeous creations for your very own.
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Joni Parker said...

Oh...those are really pretty!! Good Luck to Mari...